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Ted & Jen

Dear Birth Parent,
We wish to begin by expressing to you our admiration and appreciation for your strength in considering adoption. We truly believe it is a courageous act born out of love for your child. We are honored to be considered as the family for your child and hope this letter provides you with a glimpse into our lives and all that we will offer. Thank you for the opportunity to let you into our lives.

We met through a mutual friend in September of 2009 and began dating right away. We clicked right off the bat and went on about two dates every week for the first couple of months. We were married in December of 2011 in a beautiful wedding with all of our family and friends around us. Our daughter, Lucy, was born in April 2013. We always planned on adopting to continue to grow our family and when we experienced infertility issues after having Lucy, we thought why not now?!

(By Jen) Ted is a patient, loving and hard-working man. He is an in-house attorney for a company that provides a family-friendly lifestyle with great vacation time and benefits. Ted enjoys running (and has run 6 half marathons), reading sci-fi novels, doing house projects (most recent was putting Lucy’s “Big Girl Room” together) and just being goofy. Ted would do anything for his family and will put my needs and Lucy’s needs before his own. He is very sentimental and has a very difficult time getting rid of a picture- even if we have it in an album, saved on the computer and on a disc!

(By Ted) Jen is a caring and fun-loving wife and mother. She has worked many years as a social worker helping troubled adolescents whom are struggling with mental illness and substance abuse issues – a profession that perfectly suits her compassionate nature. Jen has an adventurous side and loves traveling to new places and experiencing new things. She is intelligent and enjoys a good book or movie. She also is an excellent cook and enjoys trying new recipes — which I am lucky to benefit from! Jen is most in her element, however, as a mother to our three-year old daughter, Lucy. She is patient, nurturing and loving.

(By Ted & Jen) Lucy is a fun-loving, goofy, rowdy, sweet and cuddly three-year old. She loves playing outside on our swing set, riding her bike up and down our driveway or just plain old running! She enjoys arts and crafts and reading her many books. Lucy also just started gymnastics class and loves it! Lucy is so excited for us to grow our family and will often pretend that she is playing with her brother or sister. At three years old, she does not quite understand yet the idea of adoption, but she does know that there is a baby coming! She has told us that she wants to help us shop for new baby clothes and toys and help paint the baby’s room (just like she helped to paint her own). She is going to be a great big sister.

(Jen’s family by Jen) My family lives a couple hours south of us and we all visit for weekends at least once a month- especially in the summer because they live about 10 minutes from the beach! I have a close relationship with my parents and talk to my mom on the phone almost every day. My mom is a retired primary school art teacher and my dad is a retired union electrician who still does handy-man work (because he can’t sit still!) My brother and his wife just bought a house about 5 minutes from my parents. My brother is a police detective and his wife is a stay at home mom. They have two daughters, Madeleine (2 ½) and Evelyn (4 months). Lucy and Madeleine are best friends! All are very excited about the soon-to-be new addition to the family.

(Ted’s family by Ted) My dad lives a half-hour away in the house I grew up in. Lucy lovingly calls him “Banka”- we think that she was unable to pronounce “Grandpa” and got it backwards! He loves his grandkids very much and never hesitates to get on his hands and knees on the floor in order to play! I am the middle child of three brothers. My older brother, John, is an eye doctor who happens to live on the other side of our same town with his wife, Michelle (teacher) and three kids, Andrew (10), Matthew (8) and Abby (4). We see them often and when the kids get together it’s fun-filled anarchy! My younger brother, Billy, lives in an assisted living for adults with disabilities. He was born with a neurological impairment that was not genetic in nature. He is a kind, loving, giving uncle who loves his family. He is extremely social and a productive member of society who works five-days a week at a local restaurant. We are all very proud of him. I loved coaching his Special Olympics basketball team for 9 years before Lucy was born.

We live in a three-bedroom home located just down the street from the elementary school that our kids will attend. We have a huge back yard with plenty of room for running and a swing set – we have already scouted spots for a future treehouse as well! We have a friendly yellow Labrador, Tilly, who failed to make it through the training to be a Seeing Eye Dog due to the fact that she doesn’t like loud construction noises. This was lucky for us! Tilly, absolutely loves kids and lets Lucy climb all over her and gets soooo excited when her friends come over! We also have a tabby cat, Thatcher, that we got from the local animal shelter as a kitten. Thatcher is not as fond of all the activity and tends to hide all day long until Lucy is asleep!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family and consider us for your child. Please know that we plan to discuss openly from day one how we expanded our family through adoption and that your child will always know the amazing and difficult decision you made and how much you love them.

Jen, Ted & Lucy Hilke

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