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Peter & Brittany

Dear Birth Parent,
The love that you are showing your baby, by deciding what is best for her and giving her the life you want her to have is amazing. We know that your decision must have been hard to make and we admire your courage so much! We are grateful for your decision and know that despite not raising your baby, you love her and will always love her very much. We always considered adopting a baby, and the time feels right for us now to bring that little girl into our family. We recently had a baby boy named Theodore (Teddy), and hope that he and this little baby girl that comes to us will be close in age and be the best of friends as they grow up together!

Peter and I felt that we started out our relationship right, because we were friends before dating. We have now been married for 5 years and our love has grown even deeper and stronger with time. Peter and I enjoy playing with baby Teddy, hiking, walking our dog, traveling, spending time at the beach, hosting friends for dinner, reading books, and hanging out with our families. Peter is a kind, quiet guy who loves to read and lift weights, and makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies ever!! I am more chatty and love shopping, decorating the house, and playing with our Dalmatian puppy, Daphne. Ever since we met, we have always wanted to spend as much time together as we can, and we still feel that way after 5 years of marriage. While Peter has attended law school to become a patent attorney, I worked as a therapist at a private practice doing therapy with adults and couples. However, I recently quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom. I will stay at home to take care our children, so I can give them all of the love and care that they need. Both of us were raised in families that value education very much and we have both received advanced graduate degrees. We want the same opportunities for our children that we have had and look forward to helping our children receive the best education possible.

Peter and I also share a strong faith in Jesus Christ. We attend church every Sunday and pray together in the morning and at night. We are so happy in our marriage and feel so blessed to have each other. We want to bring children into our home and give them the gift of growing up in a safe, happy, and fun home with parents who deeply love each other. We promise to treasure your baby girl and give her all the love and happiness that she deserves. We are excited to meet you and go through this adoption journey with you!

Peter & Brittany

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