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Matt & Mindy

Dear Birth Parent,
Hello! We are Matt and Mindy and we are excited to share a bit of our story with you. We realize this is a time of crossroads in your life, as it is for us, and we are so grateful that you are reading this. We have been praying for this very thing, and for you, as we trust that God is working right now conducting His perfect plan.

The two of us met roughly 5 years ago at our church and spent considerable time as friends, learning each other’s characters, before marrying in the spring of 2014. Matt brought two wonderful children into the marriage from a prior marriage. The children are at home with us nearly half of the time, and we take every opportunity possible to spend time with them during the other half. Matt is a devoted and loving father, never missing a game, a concert, or a ride home. Both kids are extremely excited to have a new baby join our family, and ask regularly on whether we have any news to report.

We live in a quiet suburban community located in the Mountain West. Matt grew up about 20 minutes from where we currently live, and has all of his extended family in the area. Meanwhile, Mindy grew up in the Great Lakes states and moved west about ten years ago for law school. Living at the base of a mountain affords us great opportunities for mountain sports, hiking, fishing, and camping, with Matt’s daughter even joining a ski club at her school.

Mindy works as an attorney for a national corporation, and Matt works in IT compliance for a locally-owned business. We have a great work-life balance, with very flexible jobs, allowing us to attend school events and regularly take vacations as a family. We are praying that Matt’s job may give us the flexibility for him to stay home with the new baby and are working toward that goal.

Meanwhile, our everyday lives are filled with our house, family, friends, and church. We are non-denominational Christians and live Christ-centered lives, with God being the most important focus in our house-hold. Because of this focus, we both serve in multiple areas of ministry in our church, including children’s ministry. We love to host at our home and regularly have a living room filled with our parents, or the kid’s friends, or our church family. Both of our parents live in the area. They are regular fixtures in our lives, and our parents have become close friends over the years, which has been great for planning vacations with both sets of grandparents and holidays together.
In our free time, we really love to try new things and visit new places. On rainy days, we love to find new museums or tourist attractions near us, and we are always keeping our ears open for a new restaurant or hiking trail to try out. Mindy is more artsy, while Matt is very sporty, so together we create a good balance. For afternoons with the kids, Matt is the one playing basketball and throwing around the football, while Mindy plans arts and crafts projects and surrounds the kids with books.

We also love to travel. In Mindy’s 20s, she traveled the world with friends and with school, and had the chance to study in Germany and Greece, backpack through Europe, volunteer at a leper colony in India, work with a human rights organization in Thailand, and honeymoon in Ireland. As we fell in love, Matt also developed a love for discovering these new world views and perspectives, and this is an important value in our lives.

Matt’s childhood consisted of lots of camping, fishing and hunting with his dad, and road trips to lots of places in the Western US with his family. His favorite childhood pastime is all the time he spent on the basketball court. He has an overwhelming love for children, especially babies and feels like one of the greatest things he will ever accomplish in life is a successful adoption experience.

When we got married, we understood at that time that a natural pregnancy was unlikely, so from the start, we were open to adopting to grow our family. While we met with fertility doctors and considered medical intervention, we both felt in our hearts that adoption is the right choice. Mindy grew up as the youngest of four, where her oldest brother and sister were adopted. In her family, the fact that they were adopted was entirely known, accepted, and made no difference in the relationships. We both feel strongly that we want our adopted baby to know about his/her background and birth parents. We are happy to provide annual updates, including pictures, to the birth parents to provide peace of mind that the baby is safe, loved, and protected.

Matt & Mindy

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