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Placed – Marie & James

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for considering adoption. We try to imagine what you must feel as you weigh the decision to place your child for adoption. We hope this letter might help you picture what it might be like for your child to grow up as part of our family. Our son, Terry, is adopted, and we are excited to continue building our family through adoption. We will continue to make sure our children know they were placed out of love and courage.

We are very pleased to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and hope that you will find this information helpful in choosing the most fitting adoptive parents for your child. We appreciate your considering us for the gift—the many joys and exciting challenges—of becoming the parents of your child.

About Us

We are a married couple, living in the suburbs of an East Coast city. We enjoy the outdoors, cultural and sporting events, as well as the simple pleasures of spending time with family and friends. We also love the nearby beaches and traveling to distant places. Most recently, we have started to enjoy the local toddler scene with Terry.

Our Story

James and Marie met in college. Going back to visit our alma mater always feels like going home and is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends. Marie’s father, brother, and several other relatives went to the same school, so a trip there often turns into a family reunion. We hope our children get as much out of their education as we did!

We were engaged by a lake on the campus and got married in the church in Marie’s hometown where she was baptized as a baby (Terry was baptized there, too!). We’ve been married over 15 years and are each other’s best friends.

We both value our spiritual lives and our strong religious faith. Our faith informs our values, which we will teach our children, such as the importance of serving others and helping those in need.


Marie, a native of the area where we live, enjoys being surrounded by her immediate and extended family. She is quiet, hard-working, thoughtful, and very compassionate. She always jumps at the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments and milestones of her family and friends, or to uplift them when times are tough.

Marie attended college on an ROTC scholarship and worked her way through law school at night while serving in the U.S. Navy. She enjoys her career with a local court because she has interesting, stimulating work and feels she is serving the community. Marie is the breadwinner in the family and cherishes her special time putting Terry to bed every night. Marie likes cooking, gardening, and making our home a welcoming place for friends and family.


James has a special appreciation of adoption, as his father adopted him shortly after marrying his mother. He is outgoing and funny. James grew up in the South, where his parents and many friends still live. We have fun visiting with his friends and relatives in his home town.

James chose to go into teaching because he loves working with kids, which works well with his current job—the best job of all—taking care of Terry! James has musical talents and likes to sing. He recently performed in a community theater production of Cinderella and likes to help direct school musicals and plays. James enjoys playing golf, especially with his dad and brother-in-law.

Our Family

Terry is a sweet, affectionate toddler. He likes books, cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, blocks, balls, bubbles, music, running, and dancing. He plays with the other children at his part-time pre-school, where James volunteers.

Terry loves meeting his baby cousins—even taught one how to fist-bump—and enjoys visiting with his playmate’s baby sister, so we think he’ll be an excellent big brother. Terry has already brought us so much joy, and we look forward to multiplying that joy with the new baby.

What does Family mean to us?

• Love, support, caring, laughter

• Lots of jolly people: grandparents, 22 first cousins and plenty of aunts, uncles, babies, and toddlers

• Fun–at the beach, family reunions, cook-outs, football tailgates, visits to everyone

• Celebrations

• Hugs and reading stories

• Eagerness to welcome our new child!

Home, Sweet Home!

We live in a nice neighborhood with lots of families, playgrounds, parks, and (for later) really good schools. We are ten minutes away from Marie’s parents, so we have grandparent visits almost daily.

Our backyard has lots of trees, so we enjoy visits from deer, rabbits, raccoons, birds, and other creatures.

Our Family Getaway: the Beach House

Our home-away-from-home is at the beach, where Marie has enjoyed vacations and family time her entire life. She has happy memories of playing in the sand, swimming, and taking long walks with her siblings, parents, grandmothers, aunts, and friends.

Fortunately, James has acquired a love of the seashore and appreciates how it refreshes the body and spirit, and Terry likes playing in the sand and splashing in the water. He is looking forward to chasing seagulls with his little brother or sister!

Just for Fun

We love to have fun with our friends and family! We are quite blessed that our area has so many wonderful family activities. Terry can’t wait for his new sibling to join him for parades, trips to the zoo, and walks in the park or down by the beautiful cherry blossoms.

We like to make birthdays and holidays very special. We love to decorate and gather with friends and family for Easter, Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, and anniversaries.

We also like to travel to distant places where we can encounter art, history, nature, and other cultures, and we are excited to share these adventures with our children.

Looking to the Future

As we envision the future raising this child, we can imagine that you might want to have updates on the child’s development to be reassured of the wisdom of your decision to place your child. We also imagine that, as the child grows up, he or she will want to know something about you. We hope to work with you to provide this kind of information in the way that is best for the child.

We want you to know how enthusiastically we are looking forward to sharing our lives and our values with this child! We want to introduce our families to the child and share our family traditions. We want to show him or her the wonders of nature—from the majestic seashore and the great mountains to the tiny deer and rabbits that visit our yard. We want to teach the child about our noble nation and our wonderful world. We look forward to baking his or her first birthday cake, helping carve a jack-o’-lantern, going to the first day of school. . .

Thank you again,

Marie and James

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