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Jen & Wes

Dear Friend,
We are thrilled you are taking the time to get to know us! We hope to give you a feel for what a fun, active family we are, our home, interests and values. We hope to introduce you to the people in our lives that love us very much and will love you and your child with equal devotion.

We are Jen, Wes and Ben. After almost 10 years of marriage and surviving a VERY LONG four-year long distance courtship beforehand, we continue to strengthen our relationship and grow closer together. We are partners in marriage, parenting and our family business as we have grown Wes’s mastering engineering office into our dream. We are best friends and know we are blessed with a relationship that has always been based on love, laughter, mutual respect and our desire to enjoy life to the fullest as a family. Spending time together is the number one thing we enjoy in life, whether it be traveling, experiencing the many things our hometown has to offer, or even just exploring in our own backyard. We are excited about the opportunity to expand our family through adoption and think the world of the courage you have. We hope you will find that our home will be a place that will offer a nurturing, loving and encouraging environment for your child.

Jen (through Wes’s eyes): What can I say about Jen— to know her is to love her. Jen is so gentle and puts people at ease with her non-judgmental acceptance and loving nature. The best decision of my life will always be that I married her. Jen is very responsible; she is definitely the one that makes the ‘trains run on time’ around our house and at our business. She is very thoughtful and kind, her kindness being one of the things that my son and I love most about her. People sense this loving nature and sweetness about her, it is a quality that makes her great at her profession (she works as needed as a dietitian and diabetes educator) and a source of joy to me, our son Ben and our family and friends. I always knew Jen would be a wonderful mother; she is a natural. Our son absolutely adores her. She is able to comfort him when he is sad or scared, teach him valuable lessons in ways he can comprehend, and encourage him even when he is doubting himself. Our home is so happy, which is due to her nature and thoughtful direction for our family. Most importantly she is guided by love and a strong moral compass under which our son, and our family flourish.

Wes (through Jen’s eyes):
Wes is my rock. I am always impressed at the calm, easy-going approach he takes to life. He is quick to laugh, and even quicker to play a prank! This is not to say he doesn’t have a serious side. He is who I go to when I have a worry or problem to solve as he excels at listening, and coming up with sensible solutions, or a big hug when one is needed. He brings this levelheadedness to his profession as well. I get to witness (as his business partner) the intelligence, thoughtfulness and integrity with which he conducts his business. I am daily amazed at the strength of his loyalty and his love for me, our son, our family and friends. Kids (most, especially Ben) LOVE Wes! I think they sense one of their own kind in him! He definitely knows how to have fun and it is a joy to watch and participate as he and Ben have water fights, nightly dance parties, build massive pillow forts, explode volcanoes, etc. Wes is a very talented musician and painter and he loves to share these interests with Ben. It is so touching to see how patient and protective Wes is with our son. He has an innate kindness that I am so happy our son and future child will learn from. Wes is a fantastic father, I knew he would be but it makes me fall in love with him all over again, on a daily basis, when I see how whole heartedly and tenderly he devotes himself to providing for and caring for our family.

Ben (through Jen & Wes’s eyes):
Ben is one of the funniest people we have ever met. He would watch people’s reactions even before he was talking and figure out how to be silly to make people laugh. Now that he is talking (cutest chatterbox ever) he is always coming up with ‘Bennyisms.’ From “You can do it mom, you are a big boy now!” to “Hi dad, how was work darling” he is always cracking us up. Then he will say things that completely stop you in your tracks and remind you how big your role as his parent is, like “Dad, I’m glad you teach me how to be big.” Or “Mom, you and I are the good cookers, we help each other, we are nice.” Lately it has been all about what he will teach a sibling, such as ‘climb chairs backwards’, ‘drink milk out of a straw’, ‘color with crayons’, etc. Ben loves his parents, cousins, teachers, friends but nothing as much as he loves TRAINS!! He can spend hours setting up new tracks, naming his trains and making up jobs and stories for them. We love this creativity and take him to the train museum regularly and play trains nightly. Besides trains Ben loves soccer, baseball, riding his bike, and playing with his friends in his backyard. We couldn’t possibly love him more. Benny, we hate to see him grow up in many ways, but can’t wait to share his dreams, thoughts and experiences and ultimately see what kind of man he will become.

About a year ago Ben started to become infatuated with the idea of being a big brother. While shopping, he found his ‘Baby Sam’ and insisted we buy it. Ever since he pretends to feed it, change the diapers, and ‘keep baby Sam safe.’ Wes and I have always wanted a second child. We want Ben to have a sibling so that they can grow up together, have shared memories, and expand the love we already have as a family. Ben’s desire to be a big brother has definitely helped us to move forward on this path!

It is difficult to know exactly how to express our gratitude and sincere admiration for you. We realize you may be going through many trials and emotional struggles while making such important decisions for you and your baby. It would be an absolute honor if you find something in us that may bring you peace and hope. Thank you for taking this time to learn more about us.

Jen & Wes

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