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Jared & Amy

Hello There!
There have been so many crazy and beautiful things going on in our minds and
hearts lately about expanding our family! We have talked about adoption on and
off over the years because of our struggle with infertility, and the past couple of
months we’ve had some sweet, tender experiences that have clearly helped us to
know that now is the right time for us to pursue adoption. We believe there is
a missing piece in our family and this empty spot will be filled though our adoption
journey. We have 5 amazing children that are our world!! They came to our family
through lots prayer, hard work and fertility treatments. We’ve never had an easy
time getting our babies here and this has made us love and appreciate our
sweet family even more! Along the way we’ve been thrown many curve balls but
it’s so amazing how things have shifted and how God can turn pain into
purpose. We DO know that God has lead us down this path of adoption and are
anxious and excited to see what’s in store.


We been married 15 years and through the ups and downs, a unified, loving
marriage is something that is extremely important to us! We are not perfect by any
means, but as parents we believe that a successful marriage and family is based on
faith, prayer, forgiveness, respect, love, and compassion! We want to provide the
most loving and accepting environment possible for our children!


Our home is nestled in a small town and is what we like to call our little slice of
heaven! Our property consists of a lot of open space, a garden, chicken coop,
horses, a riding arena, and a pond where we spend most summer days at—
swimming, canoeing and fishing with the kids. With 4 boys, sports is a big part of
our lives! We love having a place where our kids can run around and explore
without limitations. We feel passionate about providing an environment that is
safe, secure and full of love for our kids!


Our family loves adventures!! Some are as simple as walking around our property
and enjoying nature, to traveling around the world. We enjoy new places, learning
about different cultures, and enjoying different foods! We believe there is so much
to be seen, to be learned and to experience, so we make it a priority for our family.


Whatever spiritual beliefs you have, whether it be a loving God in Heaven, an
energy that guides us, or guardian angels that light the way—We want you to know
that our hearts have been touched. We would love to be considered as a possible
family. We are 100% dedicated to our family and everything we do is to make life
as wonderful as it could possibly be for our children, and it would be no different
for yours! We’d love to know what your hopes and dreams are for them and would
be fully dedicated to helping them have the most wonderful life we can possibly
provide! We are praying for you.

Much Love-
Jared, Amy, Mack, Will, Sam, Clark, Jane

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