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Brett & Kari

Dear Birthparents,
We acknowledge the tremendously difficult decision you have made to place your child for adoption, a decision we know you haven’t made lightly. Please take comfort in knowing that your sacrifice is an answer to years of prayers and preparation. Although we don’t know or fully comprehend all of the emotions and feelings you are experiencing, we hope you are able to receive the peace and comfort you need. We are a family that will love, care and raise your child as one of our own.

We want this to be the beginning of a cherished friendship. We hope to meet you prior to placement in order to get to know one another better and confirm the decision we have all made. While we recognize you may need time for healing after placement, we want to ensure that you feel included in your child’s life and hope you desire an open adoption.

Who knew true love could begin while watching Scooby Doo? We sure didn’t, but it’s how we met! Our friendship grew throughout middle and high school. We played night games often, attended football games, dipped fries in our Wendy’s Frosty (it’s delicious if you haven’t tried it!), hung out, and went to school dances. At the heart of our relationship is the fact that before we ever fell in love, we were—and remain—good friends.

Our friendship continued into the college years, and we eventually decided to date exclusively. Later, at the same place where we had our first kiss, we got engaged. It was a truly special time for us and our families, whose first response was “Finally!” We can’t believe it’s already been seven years! After we got married we wanted to start a family but had no idea the tremendous difficulties we would experience. After many tears and doctors’ visits, we did four IVF cycles and become pregnant six times. As a result, our three-year-old twins Peyton and Daxton finally joined our family.

Kari: I am 28 and the youngest child in my large family (three sisters and three brothers). I loved growing up with so many siblings since there was always someone around to do stuff with. I especially loved hanging out with my brother who is two years older than me. He let me tag along with his friends frequently, and we even worked together at our first job. What a great brother! Growing up we enjoyed going camping often. Those fun memories have continued, as you will still find many of us camping together as siblings with our children. I also played softball for many years on a competitive team that traveled to tournaments almost every weekend during the summer months.

Now, some of my favorite hobbies include exploring the outdoors, reading, watching movies, and spending time with my family. I have always loved kids and learning, so when it was time to decide on a profession, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. In pursuit of this goal, I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and spent three years teaching first grade. I loved every minute of it! The only thing better than teaching has been becoming a mom. I am a stay-at-home mom and enjoy every day with the twins. We read, play games, watch movies, cook, do preschool, and go on outings together. I am shy at times, but value my friends. I cherish my family more than I could ever describe and strive to make everyone feel included.

Brett: I am 29 and grew up as the middle child in a large family (five sisters and one brother). I enjoyed every minute of growing up in a large family, and we always had fun together! One of my favorite hobbies growing up was running. I ended up being pretty good at both cross country and track and participated at both the high school and collegiate levels—a major goal of mine that I am proud of! Running and being healthy are still an important part of my life: I take the twins running in our stroller as often as time permits, and they always enjoy going.

I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and, for my profession, I decided to become a software engineer. I have certainly enjoyed creating some pretty awesome software solutions for the companies I have worked for. Although I love my work, I have decided that when I am at home, it is family time, and I don’t do any work. Instead, at home you will find me jumping outside on the trampoline with the kids, reading them stories, giving them airplane rides, and basically finding any excuse possible to be a kid right along with them (anyone who knows me will agree with this statement!). As a family, we love to vacation whenever possible, and one of our favorite vacation spots is Disneyland! The twins absolutely love every minute of magic that Disneyland has to offer, and they can’t wait to go again after we adopt a child. Being a good example and role model for my kids and a loving husband to my wife Kari are my highest priorities.

Peyton: I am three years old and love to spend time with my family. I love to learn new things. You will often find me sitting on my bed surrounded by books just reading. I am a very sweet, shy little girl. It takes me a little while to warm up to people, but once I do, I will talk your ear off.

I love anything that is pink and sparkly, particularly my sparkly princess dresses. I also love Minnie Mouse. I really enjoy playing trains and cars with my twin brother. I love to play games, go to the park, fly kites, jump on the trampoline, and be silly. Camping with my family has become one of my favorite vacations, where we go on hikes, play in the dirt, ride the side-by-side, and sleep in a tent. In fact, I like camping so much I constantly ask when I can go again. I can’t wait to adopt a baby so that I can hold them and take care of them like mommy and daddy. I am so excited to be a big sister!

Daxton: I am three years old and love my family! Everyone in the family knows that I get to pray at breakfast and bedtime. During playtime, you will find me playing with my cars, my remote-controlled car, or my train table. I have lots and lots of matchbox cars and line all my cars up in a row and then drive them to a new place and line all of my cars up again. I also love playing with my sister and sharing my toys. Together, we play with our train table and kitchen, and especially love playing board games. My favorite game is definitely Candyland.

I always ask mommy and daddy to go and see movies at the movie theater. I love getting popcorn and snuggling with daddy in the big huge, comfy chair. I always eat as much popcorn as mommy and daddy let me. I can’t wait to adopt a baby brother or sister so that I can give them hugs and kisses and play with them.

Like many hopeful adoptive families, our journey to adopt started a long time ago; prior to us even getting married. We discussed our future family and knew that adoption was right for us. Please know we made the decision to adopt very carefully and at the appropriate time. Although we probably have many of the same concerns as you do about the challenges inherent in adoption, we know it’s right for us because we deeply feel that our family isn’t complete.

We pray that you will be guided to the family that is right for you and your child and sincerely hope you find happiness in your decision. We are truly impressed with your courage in placing your child for adoption and deeply appreciate you considering our family for your child’s home.

Brett, Kari, Peyton, & Daxton

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