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Montana Unplanned Pregnancy Help and Resources

Many women visit our website from Montana, on a regular basis, for answers to their questions pertaining to their unplanned pregnancy.

When facing an unplanned pregnancy you may find it reassuring to talk with a counselor. We can help with your questions and concerns . We may also be able to provide you with some resources to answer your unplanned pregnancy questions, counseling and resources in Montana.

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Updated Adoption Situation for December 2016 Baby

The situation for the South Asian baby boy that was born in December 2016 has been matched. The matching process is such a beautiful occurrence to be a part of;To witness the true peace and comfort the birth parents find when they know they have found the family that will love, nurture and give the very best to their child. The pure joy and happiness that an adoptive family feels because they now have a child to hold, love and give the world too.

During this Holiday Season, we hope that you find joy, peace and comfort in your lives. If you are considering adoption, please contact A Act of Love Adoptions. We can help adoptive families and birth parents at many different stages of their adoption process. We help many birth parents after their babies are born with the opportunity to make an adoption plan. A Act of Love Adoptions assists adoptive families through our full-service and outreach programs.

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Choosing an Adoption Agency

When choosing an adoption agency it is best to ask all the questions you may have. Seek to understand and acknowledge the key components within the agency and their practices which benefits both the birth parents and the adoptive parents to achieve the best interest of the child.

Birth Parents (Birth Mom and/or Birth Father)

Birth Parents who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy need to get the support and resources that they need to carry a pregnancy to term. Once these needs are met they are able to select adoptive parents of their choice that they feel comfortable giving their child to. How the birth parents are taken care of and treated, is one of the key components when choosing an adoption agency. Providing counseling to birth parents throughout the pregnancy as well as after delivery is one of those key components. Counseling will enable the birth parents to have a placement plan for their child and a plan for their future. Find out more information concerning help for unplanned pregnancy options.

Adoptive Parents
Supporting adoptive parents through the preapproval process and paperwork is of great importance. Once the process is complete adoptive parent profiles are ready to be shown to birth parents. Finding the right family early on in the pregnancy can really bring comfort to a birth parent and relieve a lot of the stress that surrounds an unplanned pregnancy. The adoption agency then can help the adoptive parents and the birth parents to feel comfortable with their adoption decisions. Find out more information concerning the adoption process.

A Act of Love Adoptions

A Act of Love Adoptions support team goes above and beyond in providing services for our birth parents and adoptive parents. We will go out of our way and make it our priority to ensure that a birth mother is happy and at peace with her choices. The staff knows that this decision will affect the rest of the birth parent’s life; and therefore, it will be one of the most important decisions she will make in her life. Having the right support and encouragement to make the right decision for one’s life will make all the difference to an unexpectedly pregnant woman. We believe that adoption is really an act of love for all parties involved. Contact A Act of Love Adoptions for more information.

Adoption Situation: Born Baby Boy – Placed

A Act of Love Adoptions is currently matching an adoption situation for a baby that was born in Utah, December 2016. Birth parents are seeking adoptive families for immediate placement that would be interested in providing a forever, loving home to their baby boy.

Approved AOL profiles are currently being reviewed and will continue to be reviewed until birth parents have selected the adoptive family they feel will be the right family. Adoptive family must be home study approved and ready for placement of a baby.

Act of Love frequently matches adoption situations. Find out how to become qualified for AOL adoptions. Call 801-572-1696 or 1-888-767-7740 to learn more about adoption qualification.

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Pregnant? Get help now!

Unplanned pregnancy help and counseling is a phone call away. Our loving staff is available to listen to your needs as well as provide you with personal, one on one full adoption services.

Many questions may come into to play when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Are you worried about how you will have the means to take care of yourself? Do you have children that you need to provide housing, food and care for? Unexpected pregnancies can put you in a financial position that you may not feel you are able to handle.

Let our adoption agency team help you!
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You will be pleasantly surprised when you speak with our caring and experienced staff. We are ready to help you manage the stresses of an unexpected pregnancy and help you with resources.

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“Everyone at Act of Love was very helpful no matter the reason I called or what time of day or night. I was always treated with care and respect. I was given a lot of helpful information on options and receive what I asked for quickly. My coordinator, Jessica, answered me promptly, no matter what time I needed her. She was amazing in meeting my needs and my kids needs. My counselor gave me help on how to cope with problems I may have in the future and helped my with community resources. She offered counseling in the future when I may need it. I felt protected. I hope to someday come back and volunteer and work for A Act of Love. I felt like I had a family with me thru the whole process.”


Unplanned Pregnancy Help

When the unexpected or unplanned pregnancy happens what do you do? You may need help! You may have questions! You may need to talk with a counselor to go over your options. A Act of Love Adoptions can help, speaking with a counselor to discuss your options and help you with resources in your area can help you emotionally.

Millions of women face unplanned pregnancies every year, in fact half of all pregnancies are unplanned in the United States.

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy you do have options. You have the option of adoption, parenting and abortion. This can definitely be the most difficult decision of your life. Only you can decide what is right for you. Most women often find it helpful to talk it through with someone else. The holidays can increase the stress on you and your baby.

There is help with your unplanned pregnancy!

A Act of Love Adoptions has a 24 hour help line available so that you can discuss your options and help you with resources in your area. Speaking with a counselor that has been through exactly what you are going through right now can make all the difference!

If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and feel that you have no one to talk with give us a call 1-800-835-6360 your call is confidential and you will be treated with respect, support and compassion.

See additional information concerning counseling for your unplanned pregnancy.

An Adoption Agency That Cares

A Act of Love Adoptions is well known for our special treatment and attention we provide to our birth parents as well as our adoptive parents. We have been going the extra mile and providing the extra support, counseling, information and love for 23 years.

We help our adoptive families go through the approval process and create a profile so that they are ready to adopt when birth parents are ready to choose an adoptive family. Helping create the connection is a great feeling and we do all that we can to help with the building of that relationship.

We help our birth parents looking to adopt, with counseling and support to help them through their pregnancy. Providing our birth parents with adoptive parent profiles to choose from helps with the connection.

If you are considering adoption and looking for an adoption agency that cares we are here for you.

Adoptive Parents Call 1-888-767-7740 or See Adoption Services
Birth Parents Call 1-800-835-6360 or See Adoption Process

Birth Mom Testimonial

“Act of Love was amazing. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I got great service and everyone helped me with my needs as best they could. Friendly people and easy process. Would not have it any other way. Would recommend to anyone looking to adopt their little angel out.”

Alaska Pregnancy Help and Resources

In Alaska many women visit our website on a regular basis for help with their unexpected pregnancy.

When you find out you are pregnant you may have many questions and or concerns with your options. We have counselors that can help you with your options for your unexpected pregnancy Call for help and resources in your area.

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