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Looking for Adoptive Family and Birth Parents

Searching for Biological Family

As children mature and grow-up into young adults, many are curious and feel a sense and need that they want to find out more about where they came from and their birth family.  Their natural curiosity leads them to begin their search.

With an open adoption, this search for family is generally much easier as there has been at least some contact from birth throughout the last 18 years.  If this communication has continued, there will be a mailing address, email address, social media contact, phone number or a way for the adoption agency to make contact.

Since the agreement for post-adoption contact is made with the birth parents and adoptive family, it is important that the adoptee begin with asking their parents to help initiate the contact.  It is also very important that all involved are prepared to meet each other.  Having had the help of a counselor who gave guidance and provided support, at the beginning of your relationships will make a big difference in the future meetings and your relationship.

It is important that all parties are as prepared as possible to meet each other.  Each person will have an idea of the other person and how they want them to react at the first meeting.   The reaction of meeting each other and idea of who the other person is may not be at all what happens.  Seek the help of a counselor to prepare yourself and take your relationship one step at a time.  Remember it takes years to build relationships along with great love and care.  Those that love you will want to support you and see you happy. Don’t be afraid to ask for the time to be prepared and for help and guidance in your new relationships.

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Adoption Situations Creating Triad Relationships

Adoption Process – Building a Loving and Healthy Relationship

Birth parents find an adoptive family and adoptive families find their birth parent and future child.  With loving the child and wanting the best for the child in mind, birth moms and dads and adoptive families form a bond to begin the journey of loving this child together.  For one, the child grew and developed within them, while for the other this child grew in their hearts.  Both longing for this child’s to be healthy and to have a lifetime of happiness.

Adoption counselors and agency staff are trained and have experience in helping to guide and build relationships.  Birth parents are searching for an adoptive family to love and accept them for where they are in their life and to love their child beyond measure.

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Be informed about building your relationship

Building Your Adoption Triad Relationship

Receiving the news that you are matched with a birth parent brings about an in-explainable exhilaration. The long awaited news can seem surreal and take you by surprise.  You may have had your profile presented dozens of times or maybe just a couple, but you have guarded your emotions to protect any disappointment you might feel if you are not chosen, as the adoptive parents for an upcoming situation.

Once you hear the news “Your matched!” and the estimated due date is now on your calendar, it is time to start building a relationship with your birth parents.  The amount and type of contact will be determined by the adoption plan.  It is important to remain flexible about when, where and how much time you will spend with your birth parent(s).  This time you spend building your relationship and learning more about your birth parent(s) will have immeasurable value to your child.  Experienced counselors and caseworkers will help to build your relationship.

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Birth Parent Support: “We get you!”

Like anything in life, being with those that understand you and “get you” is comforting.  Doing hard things in life takes courage, determination and the will to come out the other side in a place where you can move forward toward happiness and a positive life.  Whether you are pregnant with an unexpected pregnancy, recently place a baby for adoption or years down the road from placing a baby for adoption, our experienced team can help you.

Meet with staff who have personally experienced adoption.  Find acceptance, solace, acceptance and peace. Collaborate with a group of birth parents that will help you to create goals and move forward in a productive and happy manner.

Join our group with birth parents who have placed their babies in a private adoption, agency adoption, with a facilitator and adoption attorney.  Birth parents who were searching for an adoptive family and placed their baby with loving adoptive parents.


AOL Support Group is held the 1st Wednesday of every month from 7:00-8:00 p.m
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Adoption Happiness: It’s the Whole Team

happiness 2

Smile of pure happiness!

A successful adoption generally has an entire team behind it…many working behind the scenes to help families realize their dream of bringing a child to their family.  Generally, from the first call to applying for adoption services, families talk with adoption specialists to get basic adoption questions answered, as well as, specific questions about completing an adoption with Act of Love.  Local families in Utah have the opportunity to attend the Free Adoption Orientation and the adoption education classes offered by the agency.

The adoption team from application, approval to matching and post-placement involves a group of case workers, coordinators and adoption specialists that are working and providing support to ensure that each step in the adoption process is seamless and each client has a great experience.

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Adoption Situations Outreach Adoptive Family Success

Expectant women who are choosing to make an adoption plan begin their search for adoptive parents with a hope and desire to find the “perfect family” for their baby.  Through working with an adoption counselor and team, they are able to sort through and determine makes the “perfect family” for them.

Recently, due to the dedication and hard work of the adoption team, birth parents search lead them to the “perfect family” through the AOL Outreach Program.  

As birth parents begin their journey to find that “perfect family” they first review the full-service profiles of the families that match their parameters.  If their family is not found within the full-service families, Act of Love moves directly to Outreach to continue the search.  The Outreach Program provides an opportunity for home study ready families to broaden their search for the right adoptive family and gives choices to birth parents searching for adoptive parents.   Learn more about the outreach program

Act of Love believes that when provided choices, support and the opportunity to find each other birth parents and adoptive families will find each other and create the beautiful relationship of the adoption triad.

Adoptive families often comment that Act of Love takes a great deal of stress out of the adoption process due to the wonderful care of birth parents both emotionally and physically.  Services to birth parents are given way beyond normal working to hours to ensure a healthy pregnancy and successful adoption.


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Adoptive Families Celebrate

The boys 2

The boys – celebrating together!

It is common in friendships that we migrate toward those we have something in common.  Adoptive families celebrate and form relationships through adoption.  Adopted children get the opportunity to form friendships and bonds with other adopted children and celebrate with their families.

Adoption is a true “Act of Love” and brings joy and happiness to children, adoptive families and birth parents. Birth parents often share the happiness and peace they feel when they receive pictures of the children they placed for adoption.  The post-adoption communication from adoptive families provides the opportunity for birth parents to see their healthy and happy child, re-affirming their choice of adoption.

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Pregnant Again? Wanting Same Adoptive Family?

Are you pregnant and wondering if you should call the adoption agency again?  Frequently, women who placed a child for adoption find out that they are pregnant again and not certain they are in a place to parent.  Our adoption counselors are happy to help you decide if adoption is right for you, contact your previous family or assist you as you look for a new adoptive family.

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Adoption is A Act of Love!

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