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The Feeling When You Find the Right Adoptive Family

Birth parents share that when they find the right adoptive parents they just “get that feeling”.  The feeling is a confirmation to them that moving forward with an adoption plan is what is right for them and their baby.

Making the plan to move forward with an adoption plan takes a great deal of thought, courage and strength.  Our adoption counselors can help you with a private adoption and help you get the legal counsel you may need from an adoption attorney.  Along with this help, they can provide you the opportunity to talk with and counsel with an expert in the adoption field.  This counsel will help prepare you as you move through your adoption plan and after.  Having the support after an adoption placement will help you as you continue to move forward in your life.

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Search for an Adoptive Family

One the biggest reliefs for a woman considering adoption for an unexpected pregnancy is finally finding the adoptive family for her baby.  Sometimes the search is quick and easy and other times it takes a great deal of searching for an adoptive family.  Having the support of a private adoption agency and an adoption counselor makes this process easier.  Women and men that make an adoption plan for their baby benefit from the experience and expertise of an adoption agency.  The adoption agency will help to ensure that the adoptive family is approved, cleared and ready for an adoption, as well as educated about the adoption process.  Adoption agency professionals will be available for support in finding, contacting and matching with a family.

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Birth Parents Looking for Families for Private Adoption

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Beautiful families are created when expectant women choose adoption and find a family to give their child a loving and forever home. **Original by EKW – beautiful adopted child

Searching for adoptive parents is easier with someone to help you walk through the process. It can seem overwhelming and like a giant task, but with one-on-one support and counseling you can find the perfect adoptive family to love and care for your precious baby.

 Adoption is all about love and creating beautiful and lasting bonds and relationships. Many on our team have personally experienced the joy and love in adoption.  Let us help and support you. 

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Growing Your Family Through Adoption: The Search For Your Birth Parents

Searching and looking for birth parents that are interested in your family and feel that your family is the right forever family is a process.  Creating a profile book that can provide a complete look at your family takes time, love and energy.  Being able to convey your love and feelings through the pages of your profile will help you in finding the right birth parents for your family.

Getting your paperwork and finances in order is critical to being ready for your adoption. The home study process will help educate and prepare you in searching for your birth parents to choose you to bring a child to your family through adoption.

Our staff has been providing successful adoption services for over twenty years.

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Private Agency Adoption

Birth parents that choose to use a private adoption agency often share how grateful they are to having an entire adoption team and counselor with them, as they walk through the adoption process.  From that first call with a loving and caring adoption specialists who listened and reassured them they could find help, to finding and choosing and adoptive family to having the support and love of their counselor and adoption caseworkers after the adoption.

Many birth parents are pleasantly surprised by the love, support and help they receive at Act of Love. See what other birth parents have said about Act of Love Click here

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Birth mom Looking for Private Adoption or Attorney

Making the decision to place your child for adoption privately with an adoption agency or attorney?

Expectant parents who are choosing an adoption plan need to carefully look at the adoption professionals that will be assisting them.  It is important to interview the adoption agency and or attorney that will be helping to complete the adoption.

Important Tips:

  1. Make sure the professionals are licensed to perform adoption services in the state where the baby is born and the state where the adoptive family lives.
  2. Check to see if they are in good standing and have good reviews.
  3. Talk with more than one person on the team that will be supporting you.
  4. Make certain that they have your best interest in mind before, during and after the placement.
  5. Ensure that they will be available to give you the one-on-one support you deserve and can provide all of the services and assistance you will need.

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Birth Parent Seeking Adoptive Family for Baby Due in July 2016 – Matched

Update:  Situation has been matched.

Birth mom S is searching to find adoptive parents for her baby boy expected to be born the end of July 2016. She seeks an adoptive family that is also pursuing an open adoption to include meeting at some point with exchanging letters and pictures via email.

AOL offers an Outreach Program separate from its full-service adoption program to assist birth parents and adoptive families in finding each other.  This program provides an opportunity for approved home study ready adoptive families that are searching for their baby to submit their profile for consideration of adoption situations.

Please share this information to help birth mom S find the family that is right for her baby.  To see further information on this specific situation click Baby boy due July 2016.

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