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Act of Love Provides the Freedom to Make Choices

Freedom and Choices.  Living in the United States affords us the ability to make choices and decisions for ourselves.  As Americans, we celebrate the 4th of July each year to remember our rights and freedoms.

Choices and freedom are at the very foundation of Act of Love Adoption Agency.  AOL was founded, in 1993, by Kathy Kunkel to provide one-on-one attention to birth parents that are searching for adoptive parents and adoptive families who are looking for their baby to have the ability to find each other and create an adoption plan that works for everyone.

The experienced Act of Love team of birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees is always ready to help you.  The dedicated and caring staff is available 24 hours, 7 days a week including weekends and holidays.  We value the the adoption triad and support each member of the triad.

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Searching for Adoptive Family for Baby Due September 2016 – Matched

Act of Love is assisting birth parents searching for adoptive parents for their baby expected to be born the end of September 2016.  If you are a home study ready adoptive family and would like to be considered for approval in the Act of Love Outreach Adoption Program, please contact us immediately.  You can call 888-767-7740 or email to outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com for information regarding the application.

Please share this situation with other adoptive families that may be interested in adopting a baby.  Act of Love has been successfully working with birth parents for over 20 years and providing excellent one-on-one services to all of its clients, as they search to find each other.  Contact the adoption agency today to find out more about getting pre-approved for the Act of Love adoption programs.

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Birth Parents Seeking Adoptive Family

Looking for help for you and your baby?

We are ready to help you now and take you under our wing to make sure that your needs for yourself and your child are met.  Our staff has the experience of over 20 years and knows how to give you the personal one-on-one attention that you deserve and need.  The adoption team is ready to listen to your questions and provide the support you need, as you make decisions and plans for your baby.  We understand that this can be a confusing and difficult time and we can help get you in a place to be able to think about the choices you want to make.

Call 24 hours/7 days a week 800-835-6360 or Text 801-450-0094

Our adoption team and counselors want to help you find the right adoptive parents for your baby.

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Adoption Situations: Tips for Successful Adoption

Common Question:  What should I do to help improve my chances of being chosen as adoptive parents by a birth mom? 

Deciding to pursue the adoption process is a huge commitment both emotionally and financially.  It is important to work with reputable adoption professional(s) to help ensure that your interests and the interests of the birth parents are protected.  Everyone involved deserves best practices along with respect and individual attention and support.

Act of Love Adoption Agency has been a fully licensed adoption agency in the state of Utah for over 2o years.  The team that will be assisting you with your adoption experience can bring you the value of years of working with birth parents and adoptive parents.  The adoption agency has completed and help build over 1000 families.  Another benefit is the adoption counseling and support that has been provided to well over 1000 birth mom’s and birth dad’s, as they search for an adoptive family.

Act of Love gives its clients one-on-one support!

Call us today to find out more.

Birth Parents call 800-835-6360 or Text 801-450-0094  24 hours a day/7 days a week

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Adoption Situations: Do I Meet the Requirements?

Know the Process

With all of the varied requirements for adoption approval, it is important to become informed and knowledgeable about your adoption process.  As birth parents search for an adoptive family, they want to know that the family they are selecting to place their baby with is all approved and ready to adopt.

It is devastating to a birth parent that has selected a family only to find out they are not approved for adoption and will be unable to adopt the baby.  The process that birth parents go through to get to the point of looking for adoptive parents is a long process and once they are at that point they want to be assured they will be matched.  Birthmothers are looking for adoptive parents everyday.

Call today to speak with an adoption specialists and get ready for adoption approval!


Meeting adoption situation requirements

Do I Meet the Requirements for an Adoptive Family?

What do I need to know to become an approved perspective adoptive parent?

Beginning the search to finding an adoption agency or adoption professional can seem overwhelming and confusing.  Educating yourself about the adoption process before you choose an adoption agency or professional can be very helpful, as you navigate the process.  Knowing the right questions to ask and having a general idea of what the answer should be will give you confidence and confirmation to make a good decision.  Talking with an adoption professional that cares and really listens to you is important.

A good agency will provide perspective adoptive parents with an orientation to give basic adoption information and answer adoption related questions.  Knowing the requirements for each adoption agency and/or professional to becoming an approved adoptive family with them will give you an idea of whether or not you have found the best place for you.

Our experienced team is ready to talk with you.

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Our birth parents are always looking for the right adoptive family.

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Adoption Situations: Knowing your adoptive family is the right family

Seeking and finding a loving family for your baby might happen right away or sometimes it can take some time. When birth parents talk about finding their adoptive family, they all have the same thing in common…”I just knew it was the right family – I had a feeling and it just feels right.”

We are ready to help you find your adoptive family.  We will help you search until it feels right.

Call 800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 24/7 to speak with an adoption specialists.

AOL has been successfully providing adoption services for over two decades.  Our clients share that they felt loved, important and well taken care of before and after they gave birth to their baby.

Birth Parents have an Extraordinary Love

Birth Parents: Wanting to find the perfect family

“I want to find the perfect family to adopt my baby.”  

“Finding the perfect parents” is a common statement made by expectant women who are choosing to make an adoption plan for their baby.  Many birth mothers and fathers begin their search for the right family and adoption agency by searching on-line.  Google searches for “looking for parents for my baby”, “searching for family for my baby” or “birth parents seeking adoptive families” are common on-line searches.  “Looking for best adoption agency” or “adoption agency near me” are also common ask google questions for those considering adoption.

If you are ready to talk with an adoption professional, give us a call.  Our caring and experienced staff is available 24/7 to listen to your needs and questions.

Call 800-835-6360 or Text 801-450-0094

email to help@aactofloveadoptions.com

Visiting the Act of Love website will provide you with some our waiting adoptive families that are pre-screened and approved to adopt.  We have other families that are screened and waiting not listed on the website.  Call now for a complete listing of our waiting families.

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Pregnant Again: Get in-touch with your first family

Unexpectedly Pregnant for the Second Time

If you are experiencing being pregnant for a second time and too scared or embarrassed to call the adoption agency, don’t be.  Adoptive parents are usually in a place and very excited about having another child and providing the opportunity for the child to be raised with their biological sibling(s).

Many women choose adoption for a second time and choose to have the same adoptive parents for their child.  Sometimes birth parents would prefer to have a different family and sometimes adoptive families are not in a position to adopt another child.  If different families are chosen, often times the two adoptive families of the biological siblings will make arrangements to be in-touch with each other, so the children can stay connected.

Other times, birth parents realize that a child they are currently raising would be in a better place, if he or she were able to join the adoptive family of their baby and the adoption agency is able to help bring them together.

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Pregnant Again: Can I have my same family?

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Pregnant: Want a family for my baby

Being pregnant and not being sure if you want to “keep your baby” or “give your baby up for adoption” is a big question for 1000’s of women each day.  You are not alone with having questions, concerns and worries.

Let our adoption specialists help you.  We have over 20 years of experience

and understand the concerns women have with an unexpected pregnancy.

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