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Making Your Decisions:  What type of adoption is best for you?

Knowing you want to place your baby for adoption will bring you a peace of mind and help get you moving forward with the remainder of your adoption plan.  One of the biggest decisions will be to decide what type of adoption you want to have.

What type of communication do you want with choosing your adoptive family, during the pregnancy and delivery and following the placement of your baby.

  • Open Adoption
  • Semi-Open Adoption
  • Closed Adoption

It is good to keep your mind open to learning about the different types of adoption.  Defining open, semi-open and closed adoptions is difficult because they can be whatever you want them to be.  Our adoption counselors and caseworkers can give you information and talk about the benefits and specifics of each type of adoption.  There are no two adoptions that are the same nor should they be.  Read more on types of adoptions

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Searching for an Adoptive Family: How do I know if they are a good family?

As birth parents are selecting an adoptive family for their baby, they often times have many questions.

The biggest question is usually:  How do I know if this family is a good family?

What should birth parents be looking for?

Adoptive families that have FBI, criminal and child abuse clearances – meaning they do not have a criminal record that would prevent them from becoming an adoptive family.

Adoptive families that have an approved home study that meets all the requirements of the states involved with the adoption plan. This will involve:

  • Medical reports recommending them as parents
  • Reference letters recommending them as adoptive parents
  • Financial information to show they can provide for the child
  • Methods of caring for and providing structure and discipline for the child
  • A safe home free of hazards and dangers
  • Among many other items, interview questions and home visit

Important information:

Make certain that you are working with a reputable adoption professional that is licensed to provide ALL the services for a safe and successful adoption.  Be careful of selecting a family on-line that is not working with a licensed adoption professional.  The licensed adoption professionals are there to protect you and make sure your needs and the needs of the baby are being well cared for.

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Act of Love works with adoptive families from all over the United States and works with birth parents to find the right adoptive family for them.   We work with families from Massachusetts to Michigan, Alabama and California.  More information for families from Alabama

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Adoption: What you should know about adoption

What should I know about adoption?

This is a common questions asked by expectant women who are considering their options for their child. As with any important decision, it is best to consider all of the information and factors involved with making this decision.

Most important:  You have the right to make choices for your child and to have a healthy pregnancy for you and the baby.  Make sure that the adoption provider you are working with is licensed to provide the services to take the best care of you, the baby and your future relationship with the baby.

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Adoption Situation: Born Baby Girl

Act of Love is searching for adoptive parents for a born African American baby girl.  Baby girl was born at 3:00 a.m. today, May 10, 2016.  Birth parents are seeking an adoptive family that is African American or bi-racial or who has adopted African American or bi-racial children.

Adoptive Family Requirements:

Must be home study approved with a home study current within 1 year.  All clearances:  FBI, criminal and child abuse must be current within 18 months.  Family must be African American, bi-racial or have adopted children that are African American or bi-racial.  Must be ready to travel to Georgia immediately.  Fees for the adoption will be due immediately.

If interested, contact Act of Love immediately at 1-888-767-7740.     Click for more information



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Baby Due May 2016

Act of Love is currently seeking adoptive families for an African American baby girl due in May.  Home study ready adoptive families that meet the birth parent criteria and are interested in this situation can apply to the AOL Outreach Program for approval.  Please see link below to receive further details regarding this specific situation and how to get qualified for the program.  More information on adoption situation

Birth parents are constantly searching for adoptive families for their babies.  Don’t wait to get started on your home study and approval in the adoption program.  AOL staff is happy to provide one-on-one in-person or phone interviews to help answer your adoption questions.

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Adoption Situation: July Situation Matched

Birth mom A shared her excitement with the AOL team when she found the family that was right for her baby.  She told her caseworker that their personal story of having a family touched her and brought her to the decision that they were the right adoptive family for her baby.  She finally knew the family for her baby.

A birth mom looking for an adoptive family is only one of the many steps in her process of placing her child for adoption.  It is however the step that helps her to know she is making the best decision for her baby.  Sometimes choosing an adoptive family happens quickly and other times it does not.

Birth parents take that courageous, loving step to trust that the family they choose will give their baby all of the love, joy and support they so desperately want for them.  There is no greater act of love.

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Birth parents search all over for their family.  Many work with an adoption agency that can provide them not only a family, but counseling, a safe place to live with nutritious food, medical care for a safe pregnancy and healthy baby along with the support and friendship to help them move forward the best they can.  Act of Love also offers full-services to adoptive families as they search with the adoption agency and online profiles.  Families from New York to Mississippi to Idaho come to Act of Love to help them build their families.  Call now to see how to get approved for adoption.


Recently matched adoption situation

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Adoption: Get Informed

Finding information and resources about adoption is one of the most important steps when deciding who to help you with growing your family through adoption.  Whether you live in Utah, Massachusetts or somewhere in-between choosing an adoption professional and/or adoption agency to assist you is vital to type of experience you and your birth parent(s) will have.  Make sure you check with their state licencor to ensure they are in good standing and find out the number of placements they make per year and how long they have been assisting with adoptions.

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