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New Jersey Families Adopt from Act of Love

A common question for adoptive families in New Jersey:  Can AOL place with families that live in New Jersey?

The answer is YES.  AOL places with many families every year from New Jersey, as well as several other states in the US.  The adoption agency’s non-profit status allows New Jersey families looking for a placing adoption agency to receive adoption services and placement from AOL.  Act of Love is licensed by the state of Utah as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit adoption agency.  AOL provides private domestic adoption services to families seeking full-service adoptions and to individuals and adoption professionals in need of individual adoption services.

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Pregnant and Asking: Why me?

Are you one of the 200 million women around the world that learned you are pregnant. Whether you live in Hawaii or any other place in the world, you are not alone and there are resources available to help you. Statistics show that 2 out of 5 women who become pregnant have an unintended birth or an abortion.

Give yourself and your baby the best by finding out all of your possible options before you make a decision that you can not change.  Give your baby the best possible chance at a happy and healthy life.  Learn how you can stay connected with your child through open adoption.  Open adoptions give women like you a positive option for an unintended pregnancy.  Learn more from women in Hawaii who chose adoption

The adoption agency’s clients understand that our staff is available to help provide them with information and resources as they make decisions and choices for themselves.

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Singh S, Sedgh G and Hussain R, Unintended pregnancy: worldwide levels, trends, and outcomes, Studies in Family Planning, 2010 , 41(4):241–250.


Looking for Resources for Unplanned Pregnancy?

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Nevada or any other state, you might be wondering what help is available, if you are “giving your baby up for adoption”.  Adoption agencies are able to provide resources and information about help for women that need assistance during their pregnancy. Each state has different laws regarding living expenses that are available to birth parents that are making an adoption plan.  You may have found yourself in a situation that you no longer have a safe place to live for you and your baby or that you need help with food, so you and your baby can be healthy.

With an adoption plan, the adoptive family can usually help you with reasonable living accommodations.  Contact us today at 1-800-835-6360 to learn more about resources that may be available to you.  The adoption agency’s staff can answer your questions.

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Unplanned Pregnancy in California

Finding resources for an unplanned pregnancy whether you live in California or any other state is an important part of making decisions for an unexpected pregnancy.  Having good information and the time to make the best choices for you and your baby will help you in your decision making.

Adoption agencies can provide one of the most important resources of options counseling to those facing making decisions for their unborn baby.  Adoption professionals that provide best practice adoption services ensure that potential birth parents explore all of the options available to them.  Having these services can provide confidence and peace in the decisions that are made.

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Adoption Information: Where to Start

Many couples begin their married life with the hopes and dreams of having a family.  Some start trying to have a family right away, while others tend to build their careers first.  For some, having babies and a family comes easy and for others it does not.

Where to Start:

Searching for information about private domestic adoptions can sometimes feel overwhelming and you may not know where to start.  Act of Love Adoptions has over 22 years of operating experience and is staffed with a team who have personal and professional adoption experience.  Let us help you to learn more about adoption and choose the path that is right for you.

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Adoption Situation: Born Baby Girl – No Longer Available

Act of Love is currently matching an adoption situation for a baby that was born in Utah, on March 11, 2016.  Birth parents are seeking adoptive families for immediate placement that would be interested in providing a forever, loving home to their baby girl.

Approved AOL profiles are currently being reviewed and will continue to be reviewed until birth parents have selected the adoptive family they feel will be the right family.  Adoptive family must be home study approved and ready for placement of a baby.

Act of Love frequently matches adoption situations.  Find out how to become qualified for AOL adoptions.  Call 801-572-1696 or 1-888-767-7740 to learn more about adoption qualification.

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Adoption: parameters and choices

As birth parents prepare to select the adoptive family that is right for their baby, they discuss the parameters and type of family with the adoption agency counselor.  Choosing the parents for their baby may take some time.

Choosing adoptive parents is an important step in the adoption process, as finding the right family will bring a peace of mind and certainty to the decision to place their baby for adoption.

Meeting the adoptive parents and the relationship that is built will play an important role in the birth parents decision to move forward with the adoption.  Birth parents want to know that their child will be loved unconditionally and without judgement.

More than the usual situation

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Adoption Situation: Baby Due May 2016

Act of Love assist birth parents, in private domestic adoptions,to help them in their search to find the right adoptive family for their baby.  Currently, AOL is reaching out to home study ready adoptive families interested in adopting an African American baby due in May.

Home study ready adoptive families that are approved in the AOL Outreach Program can be considered for this situation and other available Outreach Adoption Situations.   If you are interested in learning more and having your birth parent profile considered, please contact an adoption specialist at Act of Love to learn how to become pre-qualified for adoption.

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Need a Home Study or Relinquishment Services?






ACT OF LOVE ADOPTIONS offers an Outreach Program and Services for Individuals and Other Agencies.  Families that are looking for a home study and/or post-placements for private domestic adoptions can receive those services.  Act of Love offers full-services to its clients, as well as individual services to adoptive families and birth parents.  Post-placements and home studies can be scheduled and completed quickly.  Our licensed social workers have completed 100’s of home studies.

Act of Love is well versed in adoption practices and works throughout the United States with many other adoption professionals.  Being a leader in the adoption arena and over 20 years of experience, makes Act of Love an agency that can best serve you.  We are here to help you.

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