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Adoption Situation Risks

Understanding the Risks in Adoption

In adoption, it helps to keep a positive attitude and vibe. This positive attitude will naturally shine through in your prospective parent profile, in your communications, meetings with a potential birth parent and in interviews during the home study.

However, being positive does not mean that you do not have the foresight to make preparations in case an issue arises as you go through the adoption process. Being prepared can be beneficial in helping you navigate the adoption process.  Working with an experienced, reputable adoption agency will provide you with many benefits in mitigating adoption risks.

Your adoption caseworker is ready to answer any questions and will be with you every step of the way.
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Adoptive Families: Where to Start?

Where do I start…

The next step for couples who have decided to build their family through adoption, is to figure out who is going to help them in this process.  The process of figuring out who that will be can become overwhelming and seem daunting.

Let us help you…

Act of Love has provide excellent domestic adoption services for over 22 years and we want to help you make this process easier.  If you are looking for information, want your questions answered or just want someone to listen to your needs, our staff can help you.  AOL staff has the knowledge and an adoption team with personal adoption experience allowing for a unique perspective and the ability and compassion to truly understand your journey.

Helped 1000’s of families like you…

Over the last two decades AOL has helped 1000’s of families and birth parents to find each other.  We were one of the first to provide open adoptions and have been successful in helping to build the relationships that most benefit adopted children.

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Get Help Now with Unexpected Pregnancy in Utah

Finding out you are pregnant when you weren’t planning for the pregnancy can rock your world and leave you feeling like you have no where to turn.  Sometimes you may not be ready to talk to the biological father, your parents, family and friends and feel overwhelmed.  We can help provide you with information and resources whether you are in Utah or outside of Utah.

Having a friendly adoption counselor and coordinator to talk with can help you get things straight in your mind before you talk with those closest to you.  Our staff has years of private adoption experience and is available 24/7 to listen to you and provide support.  We have talked with 1000’s of birth parents as they decide what is best for them and their pregnancy.  Call now at 1-800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094.

The support you need may just be someone to listen to you or you may need help with counseling, housing food, transportation and medical care.  Act of Love is a private domestic adoption agency that can provide all the services you need, the way you want.

Birth parents have good things to say about Act of Love.  For more testimonials

“Thank you act of love for everything. My coordinator was an very caring person and very helpful during the arrival of my Baby – and I have to thank her very much and from the deepest part of my heart. Thanx” Birth parents J & R│Utah

“The thing I like best about the agency and services was: “My coordinator. She was such an important part of this process and I don’t think I would have gotten through it without her. She is Awesome! You Guys are Great! Keep up the good work…” Birth Parents R & J│Utah

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Pregnancy Resources in Arizona

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona or another state, there are many resources available to you.  It is important that you consider all of your options before making the most important decisions for your baby.

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For information and resources:
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“I have worked with this agency twice. They have been the most of help and they have been my back bone in the hardest choices made in my life. Traci and Loranne are the most amazing people to work with. They remember who are and they remember you’re situation. This agency doesnt show judgement towards you and they become a family to you. They also show true passion in their mission and compassion to their clients. I love them and would never think about going to any other agency.”  Birth mom N│Arizona

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Resources & Care for Unexpected Pregnancies in Idaho

Pregnant women from Idaho and all around the U.S. contact us for help and resources with their unexpected pregnancy.  If you are pregnant for the first time, pregnant and parenting other children or have already placed a child for adoption, call us we want to help you.

For Resources & Adoption Information, contact us today.
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We also have  adoptive families contacting us that are wanting to add a child through adoption to their family.  They are willing and ready to help provide the resources to take care of the birth mother of their child.  Families know how important it is for you to receive :

  • safe & comfortable housing
  • healthy food
  • good medical care and transportation

Families want you and your baby to be healthy!

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“The best part was getting to know all of you, we never felt like a number. We felt very comfortable with all of our phone conversations. We really appreciated all of the phone calls. We were very impressed with how well the birth parents were taken care of and cared for.” Adoptive Parents K&T│Idaho

Adoption Situation for baby Due March 2016

Act of Love Adoptions is helping to search for families, for baby due around March 2016.  If you are a home study ready family and would interested in becoming qualified for this situation, please follow the link Find out more about baby due March 2016. 

Call to speak with an adoption specialists about the Outreach Program and Available Situations.
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Birth parents contact Act of Love frequently searching for an adoptive family to adopt their baby.  Get started today to become qualified for adoption.  Act of Love has many programs available for full-service and private adoptions.  We are ready to help you with your adoption needs.

Benefits of AOL Outreach Program

Home study ready families and families completing a home study with Act of Love Adoptions have the option for another avenue to find their birth parent and baby.  This program allows families who have completed the home study process with their adoption agency or a home study with Act of Love a no commitment, minimal fee opportunity to widen their search to find a match with a birth parent.

The Act of Love Outreach Program is amazing.  The staff was so friendly and helpful when we called to inquire about a situation.  They walked us through the process and gave us personal on-one-on attention.  We had been working with another adoption agency for years without any success and it is such a blessing to have found AOL and our baby!  –  Recent Adoptive Family

Their personal knowledge of adoption and years of experience made the process so much easier! We worked with other adoption agencies and did not find a staff that is so compassionate, caring and ALWAYS available.  They really do care!  – Happy New Adoptive Parents

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I Can’t Believe I am Pregnant

Pregnant and confused?  Not sure what to do next?  Want more options?
Call now to talk with an adoption professional that truly cares about you!
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Private and Confidential

“I was searching to find the answer: I did not know which direction to go. I had made many phone calls and the feelings I had gotten were so cold. I needed help when I finally found A Act of Love. It was such a relief to know someone cared and was willing to help me with my decision. With A Act of Love I felt like an individual. I can never thank you enough for how you have helped me through this difficult decision. My relationship with Kathy and her staff is very close, she is my best friend.”                 Lots of Love, Felicia

Before you have an abortion, consider adoption!

Are you looking to be parents and to find the right adoption agency?

Many adoptive families spend a great deal of time and energy searching for the adoption agency that is right for them and can provide them with  one-on-one attention.  If you are like many families, you have a notebook scribbled with numerous questions and answers from several adoption agencies, smiley faces next to the answers you like and more ??? for the unanswered questions.   You have searched google multiple times, talked to family and friends for references and spent a great deal of time pondering your decision.

Finding the adoption professionals that you believe will be the best for your family, in your search to grow your family through adoption is vitally important.  Call us today to get one-on-one personal attention and speak with an adoption specialist to get your ??? answered. We are here to help you and want to be available to support you on your adoption journey.  1-888-767-7740 — 8-4 MST — Monday -Friday

“We had a great experience with A Act of Love after spending years waiting with another agency. We were losing hope, but A Act of Love gave us hope and we were chosen by a birth mother quickly. Our birth mother was great and our son is perfect.”

       –  Adoptive Family Rob and Jen
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