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Special Place in my Heart

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The Greatest Gift Testimony

I am now the mother of a beautiful newborn boy due to the work of the caring team of professionals at A Act of Love Adoptions. The adoption process is not an easy one to navigate; however, the staff at Act of Love guided me through it with support and kindness. They were there with me every step of the way ensuring that each piece of the adoption puzzle came together perfectly. When I was worried or had a question, the staff at Act of Love graciously and patiently helped me resolve my concern or question. They truly cared about me and my desire to become a mother. I found the staff at Act of Love to be ethical, honest, and transparent – something that was extremely important to me. Act of Love will always have a special place in my heart because they helped me receive the greatest gift of my lifetime – my son!  – Grateful Adoptive Mom

Call today to learn about the adoption process.  We are here to listen and help you.

Birth Parents call – 1-800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 – 24 hours/7 days a week

Adoptive Parents call – 1-888-767-7740

Your call is safe and confidential

Birth mom shares her story


A True Gift

Skylar Gifts-150x150I was thinking the other day how incredible it is to have been able to bless the lives of an entire family by placing my son for adoption. My two boys bring so much love and joy into my own life, and from time to time I realize, and “re-realize,” that I have given a family this same love and joy by choosing adoption.

If you are considering adoption, call now to

learn more about adoption and talk with

women like Skylar who have chosen adoption.


Adoption is a true gift and giving your baby a loving family with the opportunities you wish for him or her.  Follow this link to read more about the true gift

Extremely Blessed

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“We feel extremely blessed to have become parents for the first time and especially right before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We received the best Christmas gift of our lives.”

 Adoptive Parents C & G


Happiest of Holidays to our Act of Love family!

Act of Love receives so many wonderful cards and photos this time of year.  The staff at Act of Love enjoys receiving all of the well wishes and the beautiful photos of the children and families this time of year.  We wish you all the happiest of Holidays filled with joy and good cheer.

                                                                    – Warmest Regards & Love – Your Act of Love family

Read more about C & G’s adoption journey



Getting the Adoption Application Started

Are you wondering when you should get started with the adoption application?  Do want to know if completing an adoption application will commit you to an adoption agency?  Do I still have to place my baby for adoption?  Is it too soon?

Call us today at 1-800-635-6360 anytime 24/7 to get these and other questions answered by adoption team.

Completing an application with an adoption agency does not commit you to making an adoption plan for your baby. The sooner you complete the application, the sooner you can start receiving the help and resources for your unplanned pregnancy.

Call 1-800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094
For your convenience our adoption team is available 24/7.

Click here to find out more about the application and adoption


Adoption Situations – Born Baby Girl

Birth parents C & A are making an adoption plan for their born baby girl.  This couple is seeking a loving adoptive family immediately to place their baby girl with for adoption.  C & A are looking for a local, Utah family that lives from Logan to Utah County, as they are wanting an open adoption.

If you are a home study ready family and are interested in this possible situation, please email Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com.  Also, please visit the website at www.aactofloveadoptions.com to find out how to become approved in the Outreach Program and be considered for this situation and the many others that Act of Love frequently receives.

Click here for information on the adoption situation

Updated Adoption Situation for January 2016 Baby

The situation for the Hispanic baby boy that is due in January 2016 has been matched.  The matching process is such a beautiful process to be a part of, to witness the true peace and comfort the birth parents find when they know they have found the family that will love, nurture and give the very best to their child.  The pure joy and happiness that an adoptive family feels as they have waited for years to have a child to hold, love and give the world to.

During this Holiday Season, we hope that you all find joy, peace and comfort in your lives.  If you are considering adoption, please contact Act of Love.  We can help create families with adoptive families and birth parents at many different stages in their process. We help many birth parents after their baby is born and they chose to make an adoption plan and assist adoptive families in our full-service and outreach programs.  Visit the website for more information.

Birth Parents call 1-800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094  – 24 hours/7 days a week

Adoptive Families call 1-888-767-7740

Adoption Situation

Get help now!

Are you worried about how you will have the means to take care of yourself?  Do you have children that you need to provide housing, food and care for?  Unexpected pregnancies can put you in a financial position that you may not feel you are able to handle.

Let our adoption agency team help you!

Call now!  1-800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094

You can also email us at actofloveadoptions@yahoo.com or chat with us during the day a www.aactofloveadoptions.com.

We are ready to help you manage the stresses of an unexpected pregnancy and help you with resources.

Learn about adoption agency resources

Adoption Agencies Help Meet Your Needs

  • How will I get my rent paid?
  • Who will help me with my utilities bills?
  • What am I going to do for food?
  • How will I get to the doctor?
  • Will there be someone there to listen to me?
  • Who cares about me and my baby?

If you are like many women with an unexpected pregnancy, you are probably asking yourself the same questions.  Maybe you have someone that helps you once in a while or you are able to get a ride to the doctor, but you need an deserve the help that adoption agencies can give you.


Call us today any time day or night at 1-800-835-6360 or if you prefer communicating by text 801-450-0094.  You will be pleasantly surprised when you speak with our caring and experienced adoption staff.  Let us help you to have a healthy pregnancy and share the different types of adoptions that we can offer you.
  • open adoption adoptions
  • semi-open adoptions
  • closed or confidential adoptions

There are many options available to you and you get to make the choices.  Our counselors will be there to give you the one-on-one support that you need and are only a phone call away.


Find out about Christina’s thoughts by clicking here


Adoption Situation Update – Baby Boy Due in January 2016

Updated information for baby due in January 2016.  Expectant mom C is seeking an adoptive family for her baby boy.  Profiles will be shown as they become available.  Find out more about the Outreach Program, so you can be approved and have your profile presented.


Read more about baby due soon.

Are you pregnant and not sure what your options are?

Finding out you are pregnant usually happens when you realize that you are not feeling well. Maybe you have been emotional, sick to your stomach, realize you missed your period or just feeling different. The emotional stress that comes along with an finding out you are pregnant when you weren’t expecting it can sometimes be hard to handle.  Let us help you!

You can get help and you do have options. Give yourself the time and information to make the decision that will be the best for you and your baby now and in the future.

“Act of Love has a wonderful service for people that can’t have children or financially support one. We had a great experience with them and made great friends along the way. We Love everyone there! They make you feel like you are one big family! And everyone is very supportive! God Bless you all at Act of Love, you are doing amazing things for all the right reasons!!!! Thank you Act of Love!!!!!” Birth Mother K and Birth Father J

Find out more about options here


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