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Will I Know?

Will I know 100% for certain that adoption is the right decision for me?

Most birthparents make their decision regarding adoption over time. Many birthparents will start researching adoption and the different adoption professionals that can provide them with the services they will need. Some choose to work with an attorney or a facilitator and others choose to work with a licensed, full-service adoption agency like A Act of Love Adoption Agency.

Adoption professionals recommend that birthparents spend time researching who can help them with their adoption plan. Call and speak with several adoption professionals to see who you feel most comfortable with and who can offer you the services you will need. Speaking with different professionals will help you to gain insight into the right decision for you. Ask for references and find out if the adoption professional is licensed to provide adoption services and if they are known to provide the best possible services to their clients.

Do not overlook the services that may be the most helpful to you in making your decision. Counseling with a social worker can be very beneficial as you consider your options and decide if adoption is the choice you want to make for your baby. Not all adoption professionals offer counseling and not all plans will provide counseling that is covered by the adoptive family.

A reputable adoption professional should provide you with information and answer your questions so you can make an informed decision for your baby. Call A Act of Love Adoptions today at 1-800-835-6360 to receive information and schedule a time to talk with a counselor. You owe it to yourself and your baby to find someone that can provide you with the best possible services.

“These guys are amazing! A+++++++ Calls were always answered. They dropped everything to talk with us. They were nice and treated us with courtesy. The information provided was very helpful and accurate. The social worker treated us with respect and dignity and Traci and Laraine were so helpful with all of our problems.” Birthparents A&Y

We Want Our Baby To Have More

Andi and Dan had been married for 2 years. They were both trying to finish their GED’s so they could move on to college. Because of the situation with their education, jobs were really difficult to come by. Both Andi and Dan had dropped out of school when Andi became pregnant with their son. They knew they wanted to raise him as a family, and had no child care.

Andi and Dan both worked odd jobs and relied on assistance from the state of Michigan, where they lived. They were barely making it, and some months they were not able to even put enough food on the table. Their families were in similar situations, so they had no help financially.

At this time, Andi found out she was pregnant again. Both Andi and Dan were shocked and upset. They could barely take care of themselves and their son. How would they take care of a new baby?

Andi and Dan started to consider their options, even looking into abortion. Dan was okay with the idea of abortion, but Andi refused to have an abortion. She knew it would bother her the rest of her life. So, together they started looking into adoption.

Andi and Dan found Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off their shoulders! The agency immediately sent paperwork and profiles. Andi and Dan sent in the information, and then began speaking with an adoption counselor where they made a plan for the rest of the pregnancy. Andi and Dan could not pay their rent, and decided it would be best to go to the agency in Utah to deliver.

Andi and Dan made it to Utah and selected a wonderful adoptive family that they were able to spend time with and bond with. They knew they were making the right decision for their unborn daughter.

Andi went into labor 2 weeks early. She asked the adoptive mom to be in the delivery room with her. That was a special bonding experience. They all spent time together and became an extended family.

Andi and Dan signed the legal paperwork and placed their baby into the arms of the adoptive family. Even though it was very difficult for Andi and Dan, they knew this baby would have a very good life and never have to struggle for her basic needs. Andi and Dan also used the adoption to motivate them to finish their GED’s. Andi was able to work while Dan went to a trade school. They slowly started getting their family to a very good place. Andi and Dan are still very grateful for the miracle of adoption, and that they were able to give their baby more.

New Mom Testimony

“I am now the mother of a beautiful newborn boy due to the work of the caring team of professionals at A Act of Love Adoptions. The adoption process is not an easy one to navigate; however, the staff at Act of Love guided me through it with support and kindness. They were there with me every step of the way ensuring that each piece of the adoption puzzle came together perfectly. When I was worried or had a question, the staff at Act of Love graciously and patiently helped me resolve my concern or question. They truly cared about me and my desire to become a mother. I found the staff at Act of Love to be ethical, honest, and transparent – something that was extremely important to me. Act of Love will always have a special place in my heart because they helped me receive the greatest gift of my lifetime – my son!”

To speak with individuals that have worked with Act of Love Adoption Agency, contact Act of Love for a client referral list. Act of Love has many past adoptive families and birth parents that are willing to speak with individuals that are considering adoption with Act of Love. Call today to speak with a caseworker that can get you started in the adoption process.

Baby’s Name

One of the most exciting moments when a baby is born is giving them their name. The name that will help define them for life. Many birth parents and adoptive families have a name that they have selected that is a special name to them, a family name, a name chosen together or just a name they like. Both the birth parents and adoptive family can name the baby the name they have chosen.

For birth parents, the sweet tender moment of seeing their baby born, giving them their name and saying hello is the beginning of their ability to being able to say goodbye. This is a time that every birth parent needs to have an opportunity to consider, as they make their adoption and hospital plan. Some birth parents choose for this time to be part of their hospital plan, some choose to the name the baby with the adoptive parents and some would prefer the adoptive family to select the name. There is no right or wrong way to select the babies name and no one certain hospital plan that works for every situation. These choices are given to the birth parents as they plan for their baby’s future.

Each year the top names change and new and unusual names are selected. It is interesting to note the top names for the year 2013. The top five names for girls in 2013 were: 1. Imogen 2. Charlotte 3. Harper 4. Isla 5. Amelia

The top five names for boys in 2013 included: 1. Asher 2. Declan 3. Finn 4. Atticus 5. Oliver

Selecting a name is a special and important part of a baby’s birth. Take your time and do not feel pressured to select a name that just does not feel right to you.



What is adoption?

What is adoption?

Adoption is many things to many different people. The interesting thing is how many people have actually been touched by adoption.

To many birth parents it means a chance to get a plan in place for their lives, a chance to finish school, whether it is high school or college, a chance to give their children the very best lives possible, and a chance to start over after sometimes very difficult situations. It means expanding their extended family by choosing a loving adoptive family for their baby. It means changing the lives of an adoptive family who has waited so long for a baby. It means doing something that no one else can do. Birth parents are angels.

To adoptive families, adoption means a miracle. It means waiting so long for something they long for. It means that only a special person, a birth mother, can fulfill their dream of having a family. It means heartache through infertility and miscarriages. Adoptive families share the most blessed gift of a child with the birth parents.

Adoption is all around us. Friends, neighbors, family members. Sometimes adoption is very visible, and sometimes it is a quiet story shared in a moment of need. Adoption is a gift. Adoption is an answer to prayer. Adoption is family.

Exploring the Costs of Adoption

When you start to seriously consider adoption, it is vital to understand the fees you will be paying to an adoption agency such as A Act of Love Adoptions. For accredited and reputable agencies such as A Act of Love, any fees and costs involved are for expenses for the adoption and services rendered. These are vital services that provide you with the advice and guidance you need as you navigate the intricate adoption process. Providing these services help ensure that you have a successful adoption and meet legal requirements.

Some of the professional services with A Act of Love Adoptions include:
– Counseling services for parents. Agencies provide essential counseling to help adoptive parents become emotionally, physically and financially prepared to be parents. This involves helping you through the home study, counseling you about dealing with issues involving your child’s behavior, health and wellbeing, as well as giving you insights on how you can deal with post-placement issues surrounding your extended family and circle of friends. The agency also holds seminars and counseling sessions as you prepare to care for an infant. Aside from these, the agency also renders professional services related to post-placement supervision and case management.
– Counseling services for birthparents. In the meantime, the adoption agency will also focus on helping the birthparents with a plan for their pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards. Birthparents also have the opportunity to receive counseling through the emotional and physical components of a birth plan. The adoption agency provides vital support to ensure that the birthparents are able to positively move on after this experience.
– Other services for birthparents. Depending on the kind of adoption you and the birthparents choose, the agency remains as the point of contact between birthparents and the family, such as keeping in touch through letters and pictures.
– Expenses of the birthparents. For domestic infant adoptions, prospective parents agree to assist with the costs related to the pregnancy and birth of the baby. This can include medical care – regular check-ups with the doctors, pre-natal vitamins and medication, costs of delivery and recovery. It can also include related expenses such as maternity clothing, transportation, housing,utilities and food. Prospective parents cover these costs knowing that they are already taking care of their baby inside the birthmother’s womb.
– Services provided for the child. This can include medical examinations by a pediatrician, documentation such as producing the original birth certificates and any other medical costs.
– Legal advice. This involves legal counsel during the adoption process, as well as legal advice as birthparents and prospective parents finalize the adoption by the termination of the birthparents rights.
– Operational costs of the agency. The overhead needs to be covered to keep the agency running and able to provide their vital services to those seeking to adopt.
– Advertising costs. Adoption agencies connect birthparents with prospective parents. To do this, the agency will advertise services for both the birthparents and prospective parents – including ads in newspapers, websites and the yellow pages.

Leading the Way for Your Extended Family to Understand Adoption

When you decide to adopt, one of your goals as a parent is to ensure that your child grows up in a loving environment. As you are busy preparing to meet the requirements for adoption, you should also look towards how you can help your family understand and accept your act of love in adopting a child.

Oftentimes, even the most well-meaning loved ones or friends can say and do insensitive things that can hurt you and your child. Even in today’s enlightened times; there are still people that do not completely understand your choice to adopt or the circumstances upon which you came to that decision. This ranges from judging the birthparent that chose adoption to hearing stories about adopted children or making your family and your child feel uncomfortable. The struggle becomes more real for parents who decide to adopt transculturally.

Here are some ways to navigate this complicated path towards full and happy acceptance of your decision to adopt:
– Try to understand where your loved ones are coming from. The road to understanding is a two-way path. Make the effort to get to the bottom of their apprehensions or refusal to accept your decision. If you dig deeper into a loved one’s objections, you may be surprised to see his own struggles that lead him to act that way. Instead of being quick to take offense, learn to take things in stride and see that sometimes some statements are made because people don’t quite know how to talk about it and are curious about the circumstances that led to your adoption.
– Help them understand where you are coming from. As you try to understand your relatives and friends, lovingly show that this is one of the best decisions you have made and that your family has been changed for the better because of this decision. Even if your child did not come from your own body, he is your child in every real sense. Gently remind them that the decision to adopt is yours and your spouse’s to make. It is not something that you put up for voting among relatives and friends.
– Counter misinformation with information. Oftentimes, the objections and fears loved ones may have springs from misconceptions. As such, educate your loved ones so as to enrich his knowledge about adoption. One aspect of this is to teach them the appropriate language to use. For instance, instead of using “given up” or “put up for adoption”, you can say that the birthparents chose adoption for the child. Instead of saying that you are the adoptive parents, they can simply refer to you as the child’s parents.
– Be firm but compassionate when dealing with hurtful comments. Make it known that you will not disregard hurtful comments, especially ones directly addressed to your child. You can use the sandwich method, which uses two positive, affirming statements that bookend an assertive statement in the middle. You can begin by recognizing a positive point about your loved one, then call out the negative behavior. You can end this by asserting another positive insight about the loved one. For instance, if you are struggling with a loved one who keeps on giving criticisms about your child’s appearance (due to his different ethnic background), you can say, “I understand that you desire what’s best for my child. However, your comments about his appearance are hurtful to him. I will not allow him to have to hear that kind of harmful talk from people he loves. Why not build a strong, loving relationship with him by celebrating his cultural heritage? I know that you are a loving and understanding person and I know you are able to take those steps towards appreciating my child for who he is.”
– Prepare yourself and your children from possible encounters. Get into the habit of assuring your children of your unconditional love and reminding them that what made you into a family is a wonderful gift that all of you are blessed with. With this foundation by which your children can stand on, they are more prepared to deal with insensitive remarks and thoughtless actions.
– Model a positive response for your children. Your positive response to criticisms or thoughtless remarks will be an example to your children of how they will respond when they meet the same kind of actions. You can employ humor to diffuse tense moments as you strive to positively influence others about adoption.

For more support and insights about preparing your extended family for adoption, look to your adoption agency for more resources and training. A Act of Love Adoptions is an adoption agency that helps parents become more prepared and equipped for dealing with all things covering adoption.

Preparing to Bring Your Baby Home

Are you looking at a domestic infant adoption, but are somewhat overwhelmed at the possibility of finally becoming a reality? Choosing adoption to build your family is a magnificent act of love. It will, however, need a lot of preparations on your end.

Here are some simple ways to help you prepare yourself and your home for your baby’s arrival:
– Find support in your area. Sometimes, family and friends may not be your best source of moral support in your decision to adopt, particularly if they are not on the same page as you with regards to adoption. You can look for a support group composed of parents who chose to adopt in your city. This support group can be an excellent resource as these parents give you practical insights about their experiences with regards to working with adoption agencies (such as A Act of Love Adoptions), preparing for the home visit, caring for the baby and more. You can also get your full dose of encouragement as you see these parents love and raise their children in a caring environment. To find a support group, you can look at newspaper advertisements, social networking sites and search websites for such groups in your area.
– Attend parenting seminars, especially those dealing with babies. If this is your first time as a parent, you need to be prepared as you take on the vital responsibility of caring for a baby – knowing how to bathe, change and feed him, performing critical emergency measures such as CPR or what to do when your baby gets sick. You can find parenting classes at community centers or local hospitals. If you opted to work with an adoption agency such as A Act of Love Adoption, you can inquire about any available workshops.
– Get your baby’s medical history. Be sure to ask for your child’s medical information, especially the birthparents’ medical histories so that you can be put on alert about possible allergies or to take preventive measures towards certain types of chronic illnesses that may run in the family such as diabetes.
– Check to see if your baby is included in your health insurance cover. If you don’t have insurance coverage, now is the best time to get covered, so that your baby’s healthcare needs are covered. If you already have coverage, you may need to enroll your baby within 30 days of placement to ensure that he is included in the coverage.
– Educate yourself about your baby’s cultural heritage. If you are adopting transculturally, now’s the time to saturate yourself with knowledge of his culture – its traditions, distinction from other cultures, special days and history. You can celebrate and appreciate your child’s cultural heritage together through his growing up years. You should also know about any medical needs your baby may have, such as any remaining vaccinations.
– Prepare the nursery. Once you have legally confirmed the adoption, you can start with the cleanup of the room designated for the nursery and its decorations. Buy furniture and décor with your baby’s needs in mind. Your local baby needs store can help you get the basics. Ask about the safety of any adornments for baby’s room. For instance, teddy bears may look cute inside your baby’s crib but its sewed on plastic eyes or nose can pose a choking hazard.
– Prepare other family members. If you have friends and loved ones, now is a good time to teach them about the right way to deal with your family situation. Educate them about appropriate adoption language that they will use as your child grows up. One of the best gifts you can give your child is to provide him with a loving environment, which includes your loved ones and friends. If you have pets, make sure that your baby is safe from their curious investigations.
– Make a plan about how you will get in touch with the birthparents. If you are opting for a semi-open or open adoption, agree with the birthparents as to how and how often you will communicate, if you haven’t done this already.
– Schedule some time off and consider alternatives for child care. Get some time off to bond with your baby. Check on how many days of leave you are eligible for due to your adoption of a child. You should also think about child care, if both parents are planning to work outside the home.

“Beginning 2014”

Happy New Year!! 2014 is here and Act of Love Adoptions is so excited to ring in the New Year and to help all of the many Act of Love clients with their adoption needs.

Act of Love looks forward to “beginning 2014” serving children, birth parents and adoptive families. Serving children, building families and assisting birth parents to make the best plan they can for their children keeps the staff at Act of Love focused and striving to be the best.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” — a quote from an amazing mother and friend..

The dedicated staff at Act of Love works around the clock, weekends and Holidays to meet the needs of its clients. The staff understands the emotional and tender moments that adoption brings and is ready to provide the support necessary to make the adoption process a beautiful experience.
Act of Love is ready and willing to assist you with your adoption needs. Please contact us for your adoption needs.

Happy 2014 to our courageous birthmothers, beautiful babies and hopeful adoptive families! May 2014 be a prosperous and happy year!

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