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A Great Day!

It’s a great day at Act of Love Adoptions when we receive pictures of beautiful, happy children!! Seeing the smile of a child warms the hearts of the many staff at Act of Love. Each staff member works tirelessly each day to help birth parents and adoptive families to make adoption plans for these children. It is such an extraordinary feeling to be part of the adoption work that takes place each day at Act of Love Adoptions. Helping others as they navigate through a challenging time in their lives and seeing each client as they come out the other side in a better place, makes the work at Act of Love very satisfying. Clients have the peace of mind knowing that the adoption process was hard and that there may be challenging days ahead, but knowing that there will still be special care and love to assist everyone as they move forward in their life. Act of Love Adoptions provides full services to all clients.

The staff at Act of Love is skilled and trained to work with the needs of both birth parents and adoptive families. If you are seeking help with adoption services, contact Act of Love today to speak with a counselor or case worker to discuss how we can help you.

His 2nd Birthday!

“To know you is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful. To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do.”

“Dear Friends,

We are writing to you as today is a very special day in our home. It has been one year since our sweet baby boy was placed in our arms. Our family is choosing to call today his 2nd birthday; the day he was born into our family. Life has been better, over the past year than we could have ever imagined it could be.

On this important date, we would again like to thank you for all you did for us and for all that you do for so many families. You are very special people. Thank you for everything you’ve done…for being the special people that you are…thank you so very much.” Very Grateful Adoptive Family

Caucasian/Hispanic Baby Due in April – No Longer Availalbe

Birthparents, A&J, have contacted Act of Love Adoptions to make an adoption plan for their baby that is due around the middle of April. A&J are looking for a Christian, married, local adoptive family in Utah that will be able to attend doctor visits and have frequent visits to build a relationship prior to the birth of the baby. Following the placement, A&J would like to have pictures and letters by mail or on a blog several times a year and have additional visits on occasion at the adoptive families discretion.
Birth mom reports that she is healthy and free from any major medical illness or injuries and that she began prenatal care in the first month. She also reports that she has used some alcohol during the pregnancy, no drugs and no tobacco. Medical records have been requested and will be available to the adoptive family.

If you are a home study approved adoptive couple that meet the requirements for this situation, please contact Act of Love Adoptions at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com and a case worker will be in contact with you.

Adoptive family will need to be prepared to complete an Application for Services, provide an original signed notarized copy of the home study along with supporting documentation and meet other agency requirements. The Application for Services in the Outreach Program does not require agency fees until match. For more information on the Outreach Program contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com.

Thank You!!!

To Our Act of Love Family,

Thank you so much for helping our family find our sweet baby boy. It has been great working with everybody. We love how much you guys care about all the birthparents and adoptive families. We know without a shadow of a doubt our family would not be without your help and love.

Thank you!!! Tom, Hilaree and boys

With Great Relief

Birthparents, Allie and Tom, found themselves just days before delivering and not knowing what to do. Allie was in school and Tom was looking for a job. They did not have their own place to live. Tom’s dad was letting them stay with him until they were able to save some money and move out.

Tom remembered a friend had told him about A Act of Love Adoption Agency. His friend and girlfriend had placed a baby through them and he had told Tom how great they thought the staff was. They decided to call the agency and see if it was too late to talk about adoption. A little frightened and very nervously, they made the call.

After talking on the phone briefly, two staff members left their meeting and went to visit with Allie and Tom. From the first few minutes on, Allie and Tom knew they were making the right choice and using the right agency to place their little baby girl for adoption. As they completed their paperwork, they talked with the staff about adoptive families. The staff members had brought along many profiles of adoptive parents anxiously awaiting a new baby. Allie and Tom spent some time with the two staff members and then spent the rest of the afternoon together narrowing down their choices. They finally made a list of their top three! The Act of Love counselor and caseworker came back that evening with great news! Allie and Tom’s number one choice was thrilled and more than willing to be the adoptive parents to this baby girl.

A day later, Allie had the baby. She and Tom were so relieved to have a plan in place for their baby. They spent the entire day holding and loving their baby. They gave her their own name which they wrote on the birth certificate. It was a day of love and emotion. They knew they were making the right decision but it was difficult because of the love they felt for her. They talked openly throughout the day about what her life would be like with them versus with the adoptive couple they had selected. They knew she would be able to have so many more opportunities in life with her adopted family. They also knew that they were young, inexperienced in parenting and unable to cover their own living expenses at this time. They needed to get themselves in a much better position and then think about starting a family together.

On the day of relinquishment, the tears flowed. It was a difficult part of the day but both signed without hesitation because they both knew it was best. They had decided they would like to meet the adoptive family in about two weeks when Allie felt better. The adoptive family was very agreeable. Then as Allie and Tom were leaving the hospital, they decided they wanted to meet the couple who was at the hospital with the baby.

Upon seeing each other, they hugged and wept and hugged some more. They spent two hours together getting to know each other. They laughed and cried and expressed their gratitude and love for one another. It was a very beautiful exchange and a time that all four of them will treasure. As the adoptive parents left the hospital with the baby the next day, they snapped several pictures for Allie and Tom. It made Allie and Tom feel good to see them all together with such big smiles on their faces.

Two weeks later, they all met at a park and took pictures and had a picnic. Everyone left with the confirmation that they were all meant to be together! Later that day Tom sent an email to Act of Love saying, “I can’t tell you how much you guys have helped us. You guys are awesome. We want to always stay in touch. We appreciate all you do for us, you are really great people.”

If you are pregnant and wondering what to do, call A Act of Love to help you with your adoption. Your adoption plan is kept confidential and this agency offers top notch customer service. You won’t be disappointed if you make the call!

Adoption Was the Right Choice!

Sarah and Steven were very young, just 15 and 16 when Sarah found out she was pregnant. Both of them were in shock. They thought this could never happen to them. They were extremely nervous to tell their parents, but they knew they needed help.

As Sarah and Steven were deciding how to talk to their parents, they were considering all their options. Their first thought was to get married and raise their baby. But as Sarah and Steven looked at their situation, they realized that they had no way to financially support a child. They also needed to finish high school.

Sarah and Steven started doing some research online and found A Act of Love Adoption Agency. They both felt complete relief as they read the website. They knew this was going to be the best option to give their baby a good life. They also knew this would be a good option to discuss with their parents.

Sarah and Steven were able to talk to their parents about the pregnancy and their desire for their baby to have a good life through adoption. Their parents agreed with them, and became their biggest support system for adoption. They even helped look through adoptive family profiles.

Sarah and Steven received great counseling, and were able to meet the adoptive family they chose. This helped prepare Sarah and Steven for the delivery of their baby. They felt at peace with their decision and knew that adoption was the right choice.

Sarah and Steven had a beautiful baby boy. And although it was emotional, their parents supported them through all of the legal paperwork, and in placing their baby into the open arms of the adoptive family. Adoption was a beautiful experience for both Sarah and Steven and their families.

Is it too late in my pregnancy to make an adoption plan?

This is a question that many birth parents ask when they call Act of Love for the first time. The answer is ‘No!’ We can help birth parents at all stages of pregnancy or after birth to prepare to make an adoption plan.

At A Act of Love Adoption Agency, our phone is answered 24 hours a day, 365 day a year- even on holidays! We provide this service so birth parents can call us at any time. We are available to talk to you and help you with your adoption plan.

Act of Love has women call at various stages in their pregnancy. Some call after just finding out they are pregnant. Most women take some time to let the idea of being pregnant settle in, and then call Act of Love. We also get women who call us at the end of their pregnancy. Women will call us from the hospital that have just given birth. Act of Love is very good at working these situations through very quickly and providing the support that birth parents need! We can work with any type of adoption situations. Our adoptive families are prepared and waiting for a phone call.

It may take a lot of courage to pick up the phone to call someone who can help you. We want to assure you that Act of Love will help you, love you and support you through your entire adoption plan. We have great caseworkers, counselors and adoptive families to help you with a safe and confidential adoption plan! The choices are yours and the YOU make the adoption plan. Adoption is A Act of Love and we would love to be of service to you! So, no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, call A Act of Love Adoption Agency at 1-800-835-6360.

Heartfelt Thank You

“Dear Act of Love,

We wanted to write a quick letter to thank you for all the help and support that we received throughout our adoption process. We still can’t believe how smoothly everything went and that now we have an incredible baby boy. The agency was so helpful & we truly enjoyed working with everyone. We are thankful for how quickly everyone worked to get everything ready for us so we could bring our sweet baby boy home with such short notice. Shelly and Tarilee were not only good to us, but to our birth mother and we are so thankful for that. Our birth mom needed so much love and we are so grateful that she was well taken care of, during what was probably the most difficult part of her life. Without the help of so many people at the agency, we wouldn’t have our little one here and for that we are eternally grateful.

We are adjusting quite easily to having a baby. He is such a good baby, he is pleasant and happy. He sleeps and eats well and is healthy. We couldn’t have asked for a better or more adorable baby. I am lucky that I get to be a stay at home mom and I love being able to see this little boy learn and grow every day. He and I fill our days with reading, listening to music, going for walks, and watching soccer. Joe loves to come home and hold & talk with him. We are thoroughly enjoying being parents. It is amazing how much your perspectives change when you have a baby, we already feel like we have grown so much in these last few weeks.”
Once again thank you for all of your hard work and for helping us to build our family.”

Joe and Shanna

Caucasian Baby Girl Due in February – Matched

Birth mom, N.D. has contacted Act of Love Adoptions to assist her in making an adoption plan for her Caucasian baby girl that is due around February 14, 2014. The gender of the baby is unknown at this time. N.D. is looking for a married couple that is active members in the Latter Day Saint Church. She would like to meet the adoptive family prior to the birth of the child and spend time with them, as well as have them attend the doctor’s visits. Her desire is to have fairly open post-adoption contact, including visits early in the child’s life.

She is in need of a significant amount of financial assistance due to hyperemesis gravidarum (which means excessive vomiting during pregnancy) that has required her to stay on bed rest. N.D. began her prenatal care in early August and is taking prenatal vitamins and vitamin D. She states that she has applied for Medicaid. Birth mom reports that the most substantial injury or illness that she has encountered is a back injury. She does not report any alcohol, drugs or tobacco use. She reports that she is prescribed 20 mg of methadone twice a day for her back injury to prevent the addiction to pain medication.

If you are a home study approved adoptive couple that is an active member of the Latter Day Saint Church and are able to meet the other requirements for this situation, please contact Act of Love Adoptions at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com and a case worker will be in contact with you.

Adoptive family will need to be prepared to complete an Application for Services, provide an original signed notarized copy of the home study along with supporting documentation and meet other agency requirements. The Application for Services in the Outreach Program does not require agency fees until match. For more information on the Outreach Program contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com.

Putting Your Child’s Needs Above Your Own

“A birth mother always puts the needs of her child above the wants of her heart.”
-author unknown

Each special birth mother that comes to Act of Love comes with the faith and love that they are providing the very best for their child. She knows in her heart that she must find the best place for her child to be loved and nurtured. It takes a brave and courageous woman to seek the help to make an adoption plan.
It is important to find the adoption agency that that will put the needs of this child and birth mother first. The services that are offered to this birth mother should be services that will meet her needs as she plans for the future of her child and for her needs after the placement.
Looking for the best services during the pregnancy such as; counseling, housing, medical, food, transportation, and legal advice to assist her with her adoption plan will be necessary. Finding an adoption agency that offers the support of a counselor to help her walk through each step of the adoption process and for her to trust, will make the experience much easier. Agencies that offer the support of a case worker and individual coordinator to make doctor visits, grocery shopping and hospital support will help to lower the stress that a birth mother may feel during this time. Seeing a friendly face to offer reassurance and help the birth mother feel more comfortable will assist with her being able to complete her adoption plan.

Birth mothers are HEROS and are able to make the most difficult choice in life: to give their child life and the promises of a bright a future. There is no greater gift than putting the needs a child above the wants of your own heart.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to find an adoption agency that offers first rate services, please call 1-800-835-6360.

is An Act of Love

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