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Making A Difference

Early one morning an elderly man was walking along a beach. In the distance, he saw a small boy repeatedly picking things off the beach and throwing them into the sea. As he drew closer, the man realized that they were starfish which had been washed ashore the night before.

He watched the boy for a short time as he pondered what was happening. He then asked the boy what he was doing. The boy continued to throw starfish into the sea as he answered, “When the sun comes up these starfish will dry up and die.” The man said, “There are thousands of miles of beaches and millions of starfish. Don’t you realize you can’t possible make a difference?”

The boy reached down and picked up another starfish, pulling back, and gently arched it into the sea. He then faced the old man and replied, “It made a difference to that one!”

Birth parents are like this boy. They have a significant impact in the life of their child and the adoptive family that they choose. They make a difference that no one else can make. They are true heroes making a BIG difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Story adapted from Loren Eiseley

The Best Thing…

“I once heard a girl who decided to parent her child say, “My baby’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” I believed her. But I wanted to ask, “Are you the best thing that could’ve happened to your baby?”

I placed my baby for adoption, and I can also say he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. He transformed my life. I loved my child more than words can explain, and I still do. I believe my love for him was the first real love I’d ever felt, because it was completely selfless. It was the BIGGEST feeling I’ve known. My heart grew in my chest the moment I laid eyes on him. Had I loved him any less—one ounce less—he would be with me now! My love for him was the only thing that could enable me to break my own heart. I didn’t just feel love; I did what love dictated.” Tamra, birth mother (quote from brandonandcorrine.blogspot.com)

Adoption is an act of love. It influences, affects and changes the lives of everyone involved. If you know someone who is pregnant and looking for help and support with an adoption plan, have them call A Act of Love Adoption Agency at 1-800-835-6360. Their call will be answered by a caring person who will answer their questions and help them start their adoption journey.

Act of Love Firecrackers

Act of Love Adoptions is so grateful to our adoptive families and birth parents. It is so fun at the office to get photos of these precious Act of Love babies! Just seeing their smiling little faces brings great joy into the office. Seeing the love and sparkle in their eyes and the happiness in their smile is worth a 1000 hugs!! The adoption agency works 24/7/365 days a year to continue to provide the best possible adoption services to children, birth parents and adoptive families. The joy in adoption is like fireworks exploding in the air and the beautiful site it creates in the sky. It is an incredible feeling to know that you have deeply touched the lives of others. We invite Act of Love clients to join our A Act of Love Adoption Agency Facebook page and celebrate adoption with us!! You can also send photos to Act of Love for us to post at jill@aactofloveadoptions.com.

Lady Bug Health & Wealth!

It’s a great August day at Act of Love Adoptions!! This beautiful lady bug found its way to one of the work boards at Act of Love and spent some time “working” its way around the board. As the staff observed, it was noted that the lady bug represents health and wealth and that if a lady bug chooses to be in your presence, it will bring you good will. It was further noted that if a lady bug chooses to land on you, “something wonderful is going to happen to you”.

As this work board contains the names of all of the clients that are currently with the Act of Love Family, we want you to know that she touched each of your names. All of the Act of Love Adoptions clients are all very special to the staff at Act of Love and we send you a warm HELLO and wishes for “something wonderful to happen to you!” Back-to-School is either upon you or nearing and we extend our best wishes for a fabulous school year. The lady bug with the “A” represents #1 and you are all FIRST with Act of Love!

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My Friend Referred Me to Act of Love

LaShonda had 6 children that various family members were helping her raise. She was struggling to make ends meet and take care of her family. LaShonda very unexpectedly found out that she was pregnant again. She was completely overwhelmed at the thought of raising another child.

When LaShonda was about 6 months along, one of her friends suggested that she look into adoption. This friend had placed a baby for adoption 3 years prior, and had a wonderful experience. She gave LaShonda the phone number to Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah.

LaShonda didn’t know what to expect when she picked up the phone to make the call. She was amazed that the people she was talking to were so kind. They sent the paperwork to her, and even followed up to make sure she didn’t have any questions.

LaShonda was anxious to choose a wonderful adoptive family for her baby boy. She finally found the perfect family that she was so pleased with. She chose to talk to them on the phone, and asked them to come to Georgia to be with her for the delivery of ‘their’ baby.

LaShonda also had the support of her doctor. He decided it would be best to induce LaShonda a week early. This allowed for the agency to arrange support for her and the adoptive family to be at the hospital for delivery.

LaShonda had a beautiful experience meeting the adoption agency staff and especially the adoptive family. She had a healthy baby boy that she placed into the arms of his adoptive family. LaShonda knew she had made the right decision for this little boy. She was so grateful her friend had a positive adoption experience and referred her to Act of Love Adoptions.

Turn to Act of Love

Stephanie was a 19 year old living in Michigan. She had recently graduated from high school and had big plans to go to college. She had a good job and was planning to move into an apartment with her cousin, who she was very close to. Stephanie had a lot going for her. She started dating a guy who was absolutely wonderful at first. As their relationship progressed, he started becoming physically and emotionally abusive. Stephanie knew it wasn’t a good situation and broke up with him.

Shortly after breaking up, Stephanie found out she was pregnant. She was devastated for two reasons. First, she didn’t want to be connected to the abusive birth father for her whole life, and second, she knew it would change her plans to go to college.

Stephanie did some soul searching, turned to God for help, and did a lot of talking with her family. Stephanie decided that placing her baby for adoption would be the best choice. She wanted to give this baby every opportunity in life, and still be able to finish her college degree. After making some calls to adoption agencies, Stephanie came across Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. She started working with a wonderful adoption counselor and caseworker, and decided it would be in her best interest to deliver her baby in Utah.

Stephanie chose to have her cousin come to Utah with her as her support person. However, Stephanie was very surprised at how close she became to her coordinator from the agency. Her coordinator took her to the doctor, to her counseling appointments, grocery shopping, on outings, etc. Stephanie had her coordinator be there for delivery as well.

If you find yourself contemplating how to handle and unexpected pregnancy, call A Act of Love Adoption Agency at 1-800-835-6360 to talk with someone. We have great adoption counselors, and many people that will help you and support you in your adoption plan.

Outreach Placement

Many wonderful moments…This beautiful family was placed with their sweet baby girl from the Act of Love Outreach Program. Jerry & Laura are so happy and blessed with this adorable little one. They worked diligently to get their paperwork and home study requirements complete to be approved in the Outreach Program. The Outreach Program is wonderful for birth parents and adoptive families. The program allows for birth parents to continuing searching for their adoptive family and an opportunity for home study ready adoptive families to search for their child.
The staff at Act of Love celebrates with this beautiful baby girl as she joins her adoptive family. The birth parents rejoiced and smiled as they had found the home for their daughter. Adoption is such a beautiful experience for all involved.

For more information about the programs at Act of Love, Birth Parents call 1-800-835-6360 and Adoptive Families call 1-801-572-1696.

My Friend, Andrea

I was answering our phone line a few weeks ago. The line rang and I answered it, excited to find out who was on the other end. I heard a small, nervous voice ask if I remembered her. Her name is Andrea and she worked with Act of Love Adoptions to place her baby for adoption a couple of years ago.

I had a great talk with Andrea. She was on a break at work, and was really nervous to call A Act of Love Adoption Agency for a second time. She was worried that we would be disappointed that she found herself pregnant again. Andrea explained to me that she was taking all the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy, yet it still happened. She was emotional and not sure what she should do.

As Andrea pondered her situation, she knew she needed to call Act of Love Adoptions again. Andrea has connected with our agency again, and is even working to place this baby in the same home as the other child she placed. They will be full siblings and have the opportunity to grow up together. This put Andrea’s mind at ease, and she knew she made the right decision to consider adoption again.

Act of Love Adoption Agency works with birth parents who are looking into adoption their first time, or who have placed before. We have wonderful caseworkers and counselors to help you and support you in your adoption journey.

The Miracle of Adoption

I have done adoptions for over ten years. I have laughed and cried more than I can count. I have come across so many amazing birth parents, adoptive families, babies and adoption professionals. People ask me what my job is and when they find out I work in the adoption field, the response is almost always the same: “How did you get into that?! I bet you see so many amazing things!”

Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe the adoption process. Birth parents make the most selfless decision I have ever seen, and adoptive families who have experienced heartache and grief experience a miracle they could never provide on their own. So, the reward of adoption is seeing the process come full circle. It is seeing birth parents choose an adoptive family that they feel connected to and become extended family. It is watching an adoptive couple try to express their appreciation and love to birth parents by giving them a meaningful gift and sharing a hug. So many times these birth parents have never received a gift- ever. It is sitting with birth parents and crying with them as they relinquish their rights to a precious baby. It is hearing these birth parents express their desire for their baby to have every opportunity in life. It is seeing a beautiful, perfect baby brought into the world and loved by so many people. This is the true blessing that adoption is.

Beautiful Adoptive Family

Act of Love Adoptions loves hearing from our adoptive families!! It is such a special day when our adoptive families send us photos of their precious families. Each adoptive family and birth parent holds a special place in the Act of Love family. Watching these precious children grow and seeing their smiling faces is so such a wonderful feeling. The love and joy that radiates from these photos is a testimony of the wonderful family they have together. Thanks for sharing your family!

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