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Many Opportunities

Samantha was 19 years old. She had just recently graduated from high school in Michigan and found herself in an abusive relationship. It took several times trying to break up, but she was finally able to get herself away from her abusive boyfriend. After several months, Samantha realized she was pregnant. She had plans to go to college and move into her own apartment. She knew she could not support a baby.

With the support of her family, and especially her cousin, Samantha decided that placing her baby for adoption would be her best decision. She wanted her baby to have everything she could not provide, and she still wanted to go to college. Samantha called several adoption agencies. She got answering machines, or people who were so business like that Samantha was second guessing her decision. Then Samantha called Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. This phone called was answered totally different than the rest of the agencies she called. Her call was answered right away by a warm and caring person. The staff was genuinely interested in helping Samantha find the best option for her. Samantha knew she found the right agency! She was able to talk through her decision to place her baby with an adoption counselor. The wonderful counselor walked Samantha through her options of parenting her baby or placing her baby for adoption. After this discussion, Samantha KNEW that placing her baby was right!

Samantha filled out her paperwork and selected a wonderful adoptive family. She also chose to go to Utah to stay in the adoption agency housing to have her baby. She took her cousin with her as her support.

Labor and delivery went very well and Samantha was able to place her baby boy into the loving arms of the adoptive family she had chosen. Samantha was so grateful to know that he would be well taken care of and that she could go to college and get her degree. Samantha was so grateful that Act of Love Adoption Agency answered her call and was so kind. She was also so happy with the wonderful on-going counseling she was able to receive.

Grateful for Agency Support

Lisa and Jared had 3 small children. They were both out of work and had to keep borrowing money from family members. Because of this, they were not on very good terms with many of their family members. Lisa found out she was pregnant again. Lisa and Jared had no idea how they would support another child.

They started exploring their options and contacted Act of Love Adoption Agency in Sandy, Utah. This worked great for Lisa and Jared because they lived in St. George, Utah. Lisa and Jared started working with their caseworker and counselor. They picked a wonderful adoptive family that also lived in Utah.

Lisa and Jared decided it would be best to drive to Sandy, Utah to have the baby. They wanted to be near the agency and close to the adoptive family. It was also better for them to have a little distance from their families.

Lisa, Jared and their children were staying in the adoption agency housing. They met several times with the adoptive family and were so happy with the bond they were creating.

Lisa went into labor. Everything went smoothly with the delivery. Lisa had even asked the adoptive mom to be in the delivery room with her.

Lisa and Jared signed all the legal documents and placed their baby girl in the arms of the adoptive family they had come to love. Lisa and Jared were able to both get jobs and create a stable situation for their children. They continue to keep in contact with the adoptive family through pictures and letters.

Privacy – My Choice

Camille was a great girl. She had a four year old daughter and they lived with her aunt. Camille worked a lot of hours and very hard at her job to help support her aunt and daughter. She lived in a small town in Georgia where everyone knew each other and all about their personal lives. Camille didn’t love this part of living in a small town.

Camille had a short relationship with a boy she grew up with. He moved away and they lost contact with each other. Many months later, Camille realized that she was pregnant. She tried to find her friend, the father of this baby, but he was nowhere to be found. Camille was in denial about the pregnancy herself, so she kept working, taking care of her daughter, and putting off telling her aunt about the pregnancy.

Camille knew she needed to get into a doctor. She set up an appointment and at that same time, she decided that placing her baby for adoption would be the best choice. Camille called Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah and was so happy to find some help! She started to talk to a counselor. She made her first doctor appointment and they told her she was due within 3 weeks and would need to have a C-section! Act of Love Adoption Agency started to work very quickly to have everything ready for Camille.

Just a few days later, Camille called her caseworker at Act of Love Adoption Agency to say her water had broken. She headed to the hospital where they decided the C-section would be done within a few hours. The adoptive family, as well as the adoption agency staff were in Georgia to support Camille with her adoption plan. Only 1 friend knew about the pregnancy. Not even her aunt knew. Camille wanted to keep her privacy because she felt it would be best for her emotionally if no one was aware.

Camille chose not to see the baby, but was so happy with the support of the adoption agency. The adoptive family immediately fell in love with their baby girl! Camille met with the attorney’s office to do all the legal paperwork. She was able to quickly get back into her normal routine of work, and activities with her daughter and aunt. Camille was so glad that adoption was an option for her and her baby!

Baby Girl Due in June

Act of Love Adoptions is helping birthparents, M&P, with an adoption plan. M&P are looking for adoptive parents for their Hispanic/Caucasian/Native American baby girl due around the middle of June 2013, in Utah. Birthparents are looking for a loving, active Christian adoptive family in their 30’s for their baby girl. Birthparents would prefer a family that does not have children, but will consider adoptive families with an adopted child.

Birthmom reports that prenatal care began in March and that she is free from all major illness and injuries. She reports drinking a couple glasses of wine, but that she does not smoke tobacco nor use drugs. Birthparents are requesting that pictures and letters be sent through Act of Love as well as meeting prior to birth and around time of placement.

If you are a home study ready adoptive family and interested in being considered for this opportunity, please contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com. Adoptive family will need to be prepared to complete an Application for Services, provide an original signed notarized copy of the home study along with supporting documentation and meet other agency requirements. The Application for Services in the Outreach Program does not require any agency fees until match. For more information on the Outreach Program contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com.

NCFA Supports Women

Please join Act of Love Adoption Agency as we partner with National Council for Adoption to help support women with confidential information and choices as they make their decision regarding an unplanned pregnancy.
The brand new iChooseAdoption website allows women to search for information on adoption in a private and secure manner. This new program allows women access to adoption information through real-life adoption stories. Birthmothers, adoptees, and adoptive families share their personal journeys with adoption through social media educational tools. This information provides an opportunity for women to make decisions about their future and the future of their child.

Visit the iChooseAdoption website https://ichooseadoption.org/ to learn more about adoption, find answers to “Frequently Asked Questions”, hear from women who “chose” adoption and how adoption changed their life and the life of their child, listen to adoptees and adoptive families who share their love for those who chose adoption and find resources to help with an adoption plan.

This website also encourages individuals to share their adoption story with others. See these wonderful stories at www.youtube.com/adoptioncouncil. For a Twitter feed www.twitter.com/iChooseAdoption.

Act of Love is proud to have the opportunity to promote the great work that National Council for Adoption does EVERY day along with Act of Love. Act of Love celebrates the Heroes in adoption and the unconditional love that each woman who chooses adoption shows their child.

For information on making an adoption plan, open adoption plans, pregnancy counseling, housing assistance, relocation, medical assistance, financial assistance with pregnancy related expenses and support with your decision; contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at www.aactofloveadoptions.com or 1-800-835-6360. Call today and speak with an adoption professional who is here to help you.

Beautiful Delivery

Christina was trying to get on her feet after a difficult breakup with her husband and a divorce in process. She lived in the same state as her children, because she was working on getting custody of them. This meant that she also was far away from the support of her family.

Christina was finally able to find a job to help support herself and her children. She also found a really nice guy that she started dating. They had a short whirlwind relationship and decided to go their separate ways. It was a few months later that Christina discovered that she was pregnant. She was still trying to create a stable life for her children, and had received custody of them. She wasn’t sure how she could possibly support a baby.

Christina pondered her decisions. She even talked with her midwife about it. Christina came to the decision to place her baby for adoption. She contacted Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah where she lived. She was immediately surrounded with kindness and support and met with an adoption counselor.

Christina finished her paperwork and found the perfect adoptive family. Since she was able to finally get into her own apartment, Christina wanted to do a home birth with her midwife. She delivered her other 2 children at home and wanted to have the same experience with this baby. She found a family that was supportive of this choice and she asked them to be there for the delivery.

Christina was also separated from her husband but was still legally married to him. Since Christina was still married, her husband was considered the legal father of her baby. Her husband consented to the adoption and wanted to see the best for Christina. This was a big relief to Christina!

Christina went into labor. Her midwife came and was with her through the entire labor. The adoptive family came when Christina was ready for their support. She also had staff from the adoption agency with her. Labor and delivery was painful but beautiful. Christina was so happy to place her beautiful baby girl into the arms of her loving adoptive family.

Christina is still grateful for the support and love the adoptive family continues to show her as she receives pictures and letters from them!

I Can Choose My Adoptive Family and Openness Plan

Melody was a birth mother who placed 2 babies for adoption through Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. Melody was very happy with the services she received from the agency, and was pleased with the families her babies were placed with.

Melody made some very specific adoption plans. She gave the agency the criteria for the adoptive families she wanted each of her babies to be placed with. She really didn’t want to make the decision about the family by herself. She asked the agency to narrow down the families according to her criteria. After it was narrowed down to a few families, she asked a social worker from the agency to look over the adoptive family profiles with her. She asked some questions about the families and picked the family she felt good about for each pregnancy.

Melody was a very private person. She chose not to tell her family about her adoption plans for her babies. She also felt it was in her best interest to have a more closed adoption. That was something about the adoption process that Melody was grateful for: that she could choose how open or closed she needed her adoption to be for her emotional well being.

After placing her 2nd baby for adoption, Melody was able to work with her doctor to get on birth control. However, after a year and a half of being on the birth control, she found out that she was pregnant. She was in shock and denial that this could happen to her again.

Melody knew that she needed to call Act of Love Adoption Agency for help. She was nervous to call for a third time, even though it was much unexpected. Melody was greeted with love and respect. Her caseworker and social worker said they would love to help her through the adoption process again. Melody was relieved to have the help she needed in a much unexpected circumstance.

Adoption affects us in so many ways. Melody never thought she would experience it 3 times but was so happy to know she had a support system that could help her make good decision for the children she loves dearly.


Today we celebrate all of the birthmothers who made the courageous and loving decision to give their children life!

Birthmother’s Day was created in 1990, in Seattle, Washington by a group of birthmothers to “honor and remember” all of the mothers that have chosen adoption for their children. Secondary, to honoring and remembering these courageous woman; is to provide adoption education to give other women a choice and information when making a decision with an unplanned pregnancy.

Act of Love Adoptions CELEBRATES and HONORS all of the birthmothers on this day! Today and all days these brave women represent the unending love they have for their children and a positive option to an unplanned pregnancy. We CELEBRATE you – our HEROS!

Continued Confidence

Two years ago, Tina found herself in a difficult circumstance. She had 2 small children and a longtime boyfriend. They had both been laid off of their jobs within the last several months. Bills were piling up in their Pennsylvania apartment. Tina had no idea how they would make it. She considered moving back with her family in Arizona, but felt it was not a good decision for her. She and her boyfriend, Zach, decided they needed to look at giving their unborn baby more in life than they could provide right now. They made the unselfish decision to look into adoption.

It was not an easy phone call for Tina to make, but she reached Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah and was immediately comforted in her decision to place her baby for adoption. Tina and Zach chose a wonderful adoptive family and felt an instant bond with them.

Tina and Zach decided that it would be best for them to meet the adoptive family they chose from Utah and start to get to know them. Their experience in Utah was so wonderful! They had a great coordinator that took them grocery shopping, to the doctor, to counseling appointments, and to meet with the adoptive family. They received great counseling from the adoption agency that would help them even after they placed their baby for adoption.

Very early one morning, Tina’s water broke. They went to call their coordinator to take them to the hospital, but Tina knew they weren’t going to make it! They called 911 and paramedics rushed to the apartment and loaded Tina into the ambulance. Tina delivered a healthy baby girl on the way to the hospital!

Everything went smoothly with the adoption. Tina and Zach felt some sadness as they placed their baby girl in the open arms of the loving adoptive family. Tina and Zach knew they had made the right decision. Now, they continue to stay in contact with the adoptive family, and love to see their little girl grow through pictures and letters they receive from the adoption agency. They have both been able to receive further education and have great jobs. Making the decision to place their baby for adoption was a difficult one, but through the continued counseling that they have received from Act of Love; they have the comfort and confidence that they made a great decision for all of them.

Taylor’s Second Chance

Taylor was going through a very difficult time in her life. She had her 4 children removed from her home by the state of Utah and they were living with her family members. Taylor desperately missed her children and wanted the very best for them. She was also trying to get out of an abusive relationship and remove herself from an environment filled with drugs. On top of all of this, Taylor was just a few weeks away from delivering a baby. She knew things were in turmoil in her life and she wanted to give her baby boy the very best life possible.

Taylor found a local Utah adoption agency, Act of Love, and decided to give them a call. Taylor had never been treated in such a kind manner. She was used to being battered and abused, but Act of Love said they would do everything possible to help her. Taylor was so relieved. She started going into the adoption agency for counseling and seeing a doctor regularly. She was able to choose a wonderful adoptive family. Taylor’s biggest need was housing. Act of Love was able to help Taylor find housing close to her family, so she could still have visits with her children. Things were finally starting to stabilize for Taylor.

Then one night, Taylor started to bleed. She called her caseworker at Act of Love, who immediately responded to help Taylor. An ambulance was called, and Taylor was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency c-section. Taylor’s previous c-section scar had ruptured and could have cost her, her life from to the loss of blood. Due to the concern of her adoption caseworker and quick response of those around her, Taylor received the medical care she needed and bounced back very quickly.

Taylor had a healthy baby boy that she lovingly placed with a wonderful adoptive family. Placing her baby gave him a wonderful life, and gave Taylor the opportunity to overcome the drugs and abuse in her life. She was able to get on her feet and had a second chance to work toward bringing her children back into live with her.

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