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Baby Boy due in June – No Longer Available

Act of Love Adoption Agency is looking for adoptive families for an outreach opportunity to assist a birthmom in Arkansas with an adoption plan. Birthmom, K is seeking an adoptive family from Arkansas, Missouri or Oklahoma for her Caucasian baby boy due in June. She would like a Christian, two parent heterosexual couple. Birthmom has reported that she has not used any drugs or alcohol. K is seeking an open adoption and is looking for an adoptive family that will be open to visits and communication before and after placement.
If you are an adoptive family from Arkansas, home study ready and interested in being considered for this opportunity, please contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com. Adoptive family will need to be prepared to complete an Application for Services, provide an original signed notarized copy of the homestudy along with supporting documentation and meet other agency requirements. The Application for Services in the Outreach Program does not require agency fees until match. For more information on the Outreach Program contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com.

Having Twin Boys

Sara was about 7 month into her pregnancy when she knew she would not be able to care for her baby. The birth father walked out of her life as soon as he found out she was pregnant, and she had no family support. She was on her own. She already had 2 busy little boys, and had just been approved for state assistance in Maryland so she could work and go to school. She was trying to create a better life for herself and her children.

Sara reached out to several adoption agencies. She then contacted Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. Her call was answered right away and immediately put her mind at ease about adoption. Sara’s biggest concern was having an adoptive family picked out by the time she went into labor. Sara had been to a clinic for her initial pregnancy test, but had not been to a doctor. By this time, she was about 8 months along. She only had a month until her baby was due! The agency helped her with her paperwork, and most importantly, helped set up a doctor appointment.

Sara looked at profiles of adoptive families. One family stuck out to her, and she knew this would be the family for her baby. She talked to them on the phone and found that they were so excited to adopt. It made Sara excited to be part of the process. She felt connected to the family and felt emotionally ready to deliver.

Sara went to the doctor. Everything looked great, and he did confirm that she was due within a month. However, to Sara’s absolute surprise, she found out she was having twin boys!! She never imagined she would be having twins! This was very overwhelming to Sara, and she was so grateful that she had an adoption plan in place. She knew that she could not take care of two babies. Sara did a conference call with the adoptive family to tell them she was having twins. The family cried because they were so excited!

Shortly after the doctor appointment, Sara went into labor. The delivery and adoption placement were perfect. Sara met the adoptive family and absolutely loved them! She was so thankful that they were ready to love and care for her two sweet baby boys.

Finding the Support

Rainey’s life was finally starting to stabilize. She had recently found a job in her Michigan town and she had been in a stable relationship for several months. Things were finally looking up! Rainey went to a party one weekend, hosted by her brother and his friends. She was having an enjoyable time visiting with friends, and making new acquaintances. The next thing she knew, she woke up in a strange room and her clothes were on the floor. She felt awful and violated.

As Rainey talked to some of her friends that were at the party, she started to piece together what had happened. Someone had slipped something into her drink and she was date raped. This was devastating to Rainey, but she knew she could bounce back and continue on with her life.

Several months later, Rainey started feeling sick. She knew something was not right. She decided to take a pregnancy test and was shocked when it came out positive. Rainey was just starting to put her life back together and now she had to worry about being pregnant.

After much thought and consideration, and with the support of her partner, Rainey started to look into adoption. She contacted Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. After all Rainey had been through, it was a relief to talk to someone who was kind and could help her situation. Rainey started the process of adoption, and found great comfort in the counseling she received. She knew that this baby would go to a very loving adoptive family, and she could continue on with her plans in life.

Rainey and her partner were able to meet everyone in the agency, as well as the adoptive family. Rainey felt very peaceful about her decision to place her baby for adoption and the adoption agency that she chose to help her with the adoption plan.

Delivery went smoothly, as well as signing the legal documents. Rainey felt that the hardest part of the adoption was saying goodbye to her friends at the adoption agency when it was time to go home. Rainey continues to receive pictures and letters from the adoptive family. It confirms her decision to place every time she sees how happy her little boy is!

Act of Love Hosts NCFA

Act of Love Adoption Agency and Mrs. Judy Dunford had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Chuck Johnson, president and CEO of National Council for Adoption this past Friday evening. Mr. Johnson shared the upcoming public awareness campaign, iChooseAdoption that is due to launch the week of Mother’s Day. Several local adoption agencies, adoptive families, birthparents, adoptees and adoption attorneys gathered to welcome Mr. Johnson and share their touching adoption journeys and stories.

“We are delighted to partner with Act of Love Adoption Agency to raise awareness about the positive option of adoption, and we thank Mrs. Dunford for her hospitality in co-hosting this event for us,” said Chuck Johnson, NCFA president and CEO.

National Council for Adoption has been promoting and advocating for adoption and families for the past 33 years. Act of Love Adoption Agency has supported NCFA for many years through membership and conference attendance. NCFA supports adoption agencies through promoting best practices, research, education, and legislation. The support of NCFA is unwavering as they move forward each day to support birthparents and children find permanent, loving adoptive families.

Please visit the National Council for Adoption website at https://www.adoptioncouncil.org to give a 100% tax-deductible donation to help support adoption.

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My Time to Share

Laura was of Russian descent, but was born in the United States. When she found out she was unexpectedly pregnant, and the birth father wanted no involvement, Laura knew that placing her baby for adoption was her best option. Her heritage was very important to her, and she wanted to place her baby with a Russian family.

Laura called Act of Love Adoption agency in Utah, and told them her request. They had an adoptive family that matched her criteria! She saw their profile and immediately fell in love with them! She knew this was the right decision for her baby girl. She wanted her baby girl to have a safe, loving home that she was not ready to provide at this time in her life.

Laura decided to work with Act of Love Adoption Agency, in Utah for her adoption plan. It was such a positive experience. She had a great coordinator that was a great support and she had a great caseworker and adoption counselor. She was also able to meet with the adoptive family and spend some time sharing her hopes and dreams for her daughter. Everything was in place!

Soon, it was time for Laura to give birth to her baby girl. The delivery went smoothly and Laura felt great. She asked the adoptive family to come to the hospital. The family came to the hospital and they all started visiting. Laura shared her feelings about not being able to raise her daughter at this time and was able to write a letter to be shared with her daughter when she was older. They all took pictures together for the baby’s life book and for Laura’s journal. This special time meant so much to Laura and her adoptive family.

The adoptive family felt so much love for Laura and their new baby girl. They were all surrounded by so many people at the hospital and the adoption agency that truly wanted what was best for all of them. The adoption turned out perfectly, and Laura had complete peace that she made the right decision.

A Call to Action: Help birthmothers like Miranda

Miranda was just 15 when she found out she was pregnant. With little support from the birthfather or her own parents, and feeling scared and alone, Miranda turned to a pregnancy counselor who shared the option of adoption with her. After receiving counseling Miranda eventually concluded that choosing adoption was the best choice for her baby, and decided to make an adoption plan for her son.

Two years later, Miranda is in college and has an open adoption with the couple who adopted her son. She is confident in her decision and grateful that her son will grow up with plenty of opportunities that she simply couldn’t offer him as a teenage mother.

Miranda’s peers couldn’t understand why she would “give up” her baby. In her conversations with them she tried to explain the beauty of adoption and wanted them to see adoption the way she saw it: she was giving her son a better life. Fortunately, Miranda didn’t let her friends influence her decision, but the reality is, most young women facing unintended pregnancy are unsure of what to do and are surrounded by peers, teachers, family, and others who simply don’t realize that adoption is an option.

You can change this. National Council For Adoption is an adoption advocacy nonprofit based in Alexandria, Virginia. In fact, A Act of Love has been a member of NCFA for 8 years. NCFA has led the fight for countless pro-adoption policies, attitudes, and practices, such as:

• Promoting adoptive and foster parent recruitment and training for children in foster care;
• Reducing red tape and raising adoption incentives to increase adoptions out of foster care;
• Building the intercountry adoption system to provide families for abandoned children around the world;
• Advancing pro-adoption policies, attitudes, and practices in developing countries and worldwide;
• Presenting adoption as a positive option for unplanned pregnancy and honoring birthmothers as good mothers;
• Making adoption more affordable through the adoption tax credit;
• And much more!

NCFA is now working hard to raise awareness about the positive option of domestic infant adoption through their iChooseAdoption campaign. In early 2013, NCFA will launch an all-new iChooseAdoption campaign, complete with a full redesign of iChooseAdoption.org, a comprehensive social media component, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, brand new television and radio public service announcements (PSA), and a print campaign that will include the distribution of posters to high schools across the United States.

iChooseAdoption.org will also feature an agency search function as well as a crisis pregnancy hotline from 7am-2am ET so that young women can reach someone who is trained to talk about adoption.

The overall goal of this project is to enable women facing unplanned pregnancy to consider adoption more freely, understand her options and choices in order to make a fully informed decision, and increase public understanding of and appreciation for infant adoption and birthmothers. Adoption Agencies like Act of Love Adoptions are joining with NCFA to offer choices to birthparents.

Your investment in NCFA’s iChooseAdoption campaign will ensure that more women like Miranda receive timely, accurate information about the positive option of adoption. Your gift will be used to help launch the campaign, such as providing high schools with posters and resources about adoption, and create a social media campaign to reach young people right where they are – on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can make a life changing difference in the lives of young women like Miranda and their children. Can we count on your support today? Visit NCFA’s website, www.adoptioncouncil.org where you can make a safe, secure, and tax-deductible online contribution.

On behalf of NCFA and birthmothers everywhere, A Act of Love thanks you for your support.

A Good Plan

Jackie was in a place in life where she was really struggling. She had lost her job in Philadelphia several months back, and was in the process of losing her apartment. She had a 2 year old son named Jamon that she could barely care for. It was difficult buying groceries, diapers and finding childcare – just meeting his basic needs. Jackie was not sure how they were going to make it. She didn’t want to end up living in a shelter in Philadelphia with Jamon, so she started to seriously consider what her options might be.

Jackie came across Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah and called them. She was immediately able to talk to an adoption counselor, who helped her so much! Jackie learned about the help that she could receive in making a good decision for Jamon and came to the decision that Jamon needed to be placed with an adoptive family. She wanted to keep in contact with the adoptive family so she could always have the peace of mind that she made the right decision for Jamon.

Jackie started the adoption process. She filled out paperwork and got all of Jamon’s medical records. It was time to start looking at adoptive families for her little boy. She was nervous about this part of the process. However, Jackie started looking at profiles, and immediately knew which family was right for Jamon. She talked to the family on the phone, and decided she was ready to take the next step forward.

Jackie and Jamon met the adoptive family, and began spending time with them. The first day they all met at the office and the next day at a park. The adoption agency helped Jackie to make a slow transition over the following days with Jamon into his new adoptive family. The adoption counselors helped both Jackie and Jamon with the process to help the process go smoothly. Jackie new that the adoption counselors would still be with her as she started her new journey and that they would still be Jamon and his new family as they continued to learn about each other and their love for each other grew.

Jackie signed her legal paperwork for the adoption. She had her adoption counselor and a new plan in place to move forward with her life. Jackie knew she had the support of the adoption agency and the adoptive family, as everyone was on her side. She had the confidence that she was making a good decision.

Jackie continues to write letters to the adoptive family, and receive pictures of Jamon. It was a difficult decision for her to place Jamon, but she knew she gave him a better life. Jackie was able to continue on and finish school and put herself in a stable place. Jackie is very grateful for the miracle of adoption!

Bound Together

Desirie had her life under control. She was a flight attendant based in the Bahamas and had 2 beautiful children. She had a great boyfriend. Things were going great. Then, Desirie found out she was pregnant. As soon as she told her boyfriend, he left her saying he was not ready for the responsibility of a baby and she needed to figure this out herself. Desirie had no one to turn to. She was able to work for a short time, until her doctor said she couldn’t fly and be on her feet.

Desirie had no family around to help her, and she had no idea what she should do. She prayed and meditated, and ended up calling Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. She told them her situation and they were happy to help her. After doing paperwork and talking to an adoption counselor, Desirie felt it would be best for her and her 2 children to relocate to Utah for the birth of the baby.

Desirie felt good about her decision to place and she chose a wonderful adoptive family. She met with them and they went to the doctor with her. The time came for Desirie to have her baby and she asked the adoptive mother to be in the delivery room. It was a sweet experience that bound the two of them together.

Desirie placed her baby girl into the loving arms of the adoptive family and filled her own arms with her two children. She was able to start to recover physically and emotionally and was ready to go home. She was able to go back to work as a flight attendant. Desirie and her children continue to stay in contact with the adoptive family.

It Was Right Now!

When Amy found out she was pregnant, she knew the baby needed to be placed with an adoptive family. It didn’t mean the decision was easy for her, but she knew it was the right decision. She was struggling to take care of her 2 children, and relied on assistance from the State of California. She wanted this baby in a home where all his needs would be met, and he would be loved and cared for.

Amy found Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah and called them. She was so relieved to talk to an adoption counselor and talk through the stress of her situation. She was even more relieved to look through adoptive family profiles. She loved the families she saw, but one family se really liked. She talked to them on the phone and asked them to raise her baby boy. The adoptive family was so excited!

It was just a short time later that Amy went into labor. Her wonderful adoption counselor was able to be with her right after the birth of a sweet baby boy. Then it was time to meet the adoptive family. The adoptive family came into the hospital room, and immediately something didn’t quite feel right to Amy. She didn’t say anything as they visited for a short time. The adoption counselor walked the adoptive family out of the hospital, and then came back to Amy’s room. Amy expressed her hesitation about the family. Her counselor just smiled and told her that the adoptive family walked into the hospital room and immediately loved Amy, but had the strong impression this was not supposed to be their baby. Amy wondered what would happen now.

The adoption counselor quickly got more adoptive family profiles from the agency. These were families that were new to the agency. Amy looked through a couple of profiles, and then saw one that caught her eye. She knew in her heart that this was the right family for her baby boy. Amy talked to the family on the phone, and immediately sensed a difference in the two families! She asked this adoptive family to travel to California to pick up their baby. They were thrilled!

Amy met the new adoptive family, and it felt totally different than the first time! She knew this was the right family for her baby boy, and believed that God had his way of showing her and the first family that the situation wasn’t quite right. She followed through with her adoption plan, and loves getting pictures and letters! The first adoptive family she had chosen was placed soon with their beautiful baby girl and they all knew that everything had happened like it was suppose to happen.

This Couldn’t Happen To Me!

Jill knew that something strange was going on with her body, but she couldn’t quite figure it out. Several months went by, and she realized that she was pregnant. She never thought this would happen to her. She and her boyfriend had always been so careful, and a baby was not part of their plan. Jill finally told her boyfriend, Jason, that she was pregnant. He was in shock as well. Jill and Jason seriously considered abortion, and even went in for an appointment. However, Jill was too far along for an abortion.

Jill and Jason knew they needed to make a plan for this baby. They considered parenting, but knew they were not ready for that. They had both just finished high school in Oregon and moved out on their own. They were working to try to create a good, stable life. Jill and Jason decided to start looking into adoption. Months started to pass. They researched online, and read everything they could about adotpion, but they still weren’t sure where they should turn for help. Jill was young and nervous and only went into a clinic for a pregnancty test. She took good care of her body, but wasn’t sure about seeing a doctor.

Jill started having terrible stomach pain. Jason immediately took her to the emergency room and they discovered that Jill was in labor! Jill and Jason knew they needed some help. Jason decided to finally make the call to an adoption agency. He picked up the phone and dialed the number to Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. He just came across their phone number online. Jason was amazed at how quickly his call was answered. He was even more amazed that this agency could help Jill through an adoption plan, yet she was already in labor!

Act of Love Adoption Agency worked things through very quickly. Paperwork was faxed and emailed, and as Jill and Jason started looking at adoptive family profiles, they were amazed at how many wonderful families were waiting to adopt! One family stuck out to them and they knew this was the family to raise their baby.

Jason was able to focus on Jill during the delivery as Act of Love Adoption Agency put everything in place for the adoption to happen. Finally, a healthy baby boy was born and Jill and Jason were able to meet the anxious adoptive family. The adoption was beautiful, even though it all happened very quickly. Jill and Jason were so grateful they were able to pick up the phone at the last minute and received the help they needed with an adoption.

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