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Hispanic/Caucasian Baby Due in May – MATCHED

Birthmom, B has contacted Act of Love Adoption Agency to make an adoption plan for her Hispanic/Caucasian baby (birthmom reports a girl) due around May 9, 2013. B has reported that she is healthy and free from any major medical illness or injuries. She reports that she is taking prenatal vitamins and occasionally uses an inhaler for Asthma. She has also reported that she currently has Medi-Cal Insurance. Birthmom B denies the use of any drugs during her pregnancy and reports smoking one pack of cigarettes a week through November, 2 glasses of wine a month through December and mental illness.
Birthmom B would like a married Christian adoptive family that is willing to meet around placement, send letters and pictures and possibly phone calls through the adoption agency. If you are a homestudy ready adoptive family and are interested in receiving more information, contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com. Adoptive family will need to immediately provide a current within one year, notarized homestudy along with current criminal and child abuse clearances. Adoptive family will also need to complete all required Act of Love Adoption Agency paperwork and provide a profile to be viewed by birthmom, B.

Award-Winning Documentary – STUCK

Act of Love Adoption Agency is happy to support the award-winning documentary film, STUCK coming to Salt Lake City, on April 8th 2013. This documentary “uncovers the real-life stories of children and parents navigating a roller coaster of bureaucracy on their journeys through the international adoption sys¬tem, each filled with hope, elation – and sometimes heartbreak.” Actress, Mariska Hargitay, narrates the stories of four children fighting the red tape to get to their homes from Ethiopia, Vietnam and Haiti.
The STUCK tour bus is travelling 17,000 miles through 60 cities in 78 days to bring the story, documentary and an awareness of more than 10 million orphans living in orphanages and institutions needing and wanting the permanent, loving arms of a family. This documentary captures the real- life stories of children waiting in foreign countries to have a safe and loving home. To view a current listing of cities and theaters near you, visit www.STUCKdocumentary.com.
The movement of STUCK is also trying to secure one million petition signatures to bring awareness to the laws that govern international adoption law and “to change the landscape of international adoption, and we’re starting by taking it to the people, one city at a time.” The goal at the end of the tour is to take the one million signatures in support of changing international law to Congress during the May 17th Step Forward for Orphans.

“International adoption is a wonderful way to provide children without parents a loving, permanent family that they otherwise would not have. I am touched by this film’s compelling portrayal of contemporary, real-life international adoption stories, and I hope that it will help invigorate the debate in our country and around the world about the proper place of international adoption.”
Senator Mary Landrieu-LA

For More Information:


STUCK digital media kit www.STUCKdocumentary.com

Act of Love Partners with NCFA

Act of Love Adoption Agency is partnering with National Council for Adoption (NCFA) to help raise awareness of adoption as a positive option for an unplanned pregnancy. NCFA is looking for birthparents, adoptees and adoptive families to share their adoption story through the all-new iChooseAdoption campaign.

NCFA and Act of Love invite anyone from the adoption triad to submit their adoption story through a video and/or written testimonial. Pictures are welcome along with the written testimonial. Act of Love will be posting more stories on their blog and your story may appear on NCFA’s brand new iChooseAdoption.org website.

By providing your adoption story, you not only celebrate the beauty of adoption, but you also help young women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy gain many perspectives about the option of adoption. Act of Love is excited to be partnering with NCFA in sharing the message of adoption. Each staff member at Act of Love has been touched by adoption and each and every day Act of Love makes it our mission to provide and promote the best practice in adoption services.

To submit your story to Act of Love, please email us at adopt@aactofloveadoptions.com or contact Jill at 801-572-1696. You can submit NCFA a written testimonial or a video testimonial by contacting Lauren Koch at lkoch@adoptioncouncil.org with the subject line “Adoption Video Testimonial.” NCFA asks that you include one or two photos of yourself/your family for inclusion in your video. You can even submit a written testimonial AND a video testimonial. Please contact NCFA regarding their guidelines and permission for use policy.

Great Life Together!

Rachel and Brent had a great life together. They both had stable jobs and and just bought a house with some roommates. They were able to host parties and get-togethers, and they loved the freedom that their lifestyle offered.

Rachel took a pregnancy test and it was positive-this rocked her world. She had plans for more schooling and to continue with her work. How would she be able to take care of a baby. Rachel and Brent sat down with their families to discuss their options. Both Rachel and Brent’s families wanted to raise the baby. Rachel and Brent considered this, but felt it wasn’t fair for their unborn child.

Rachel started to do some research and began looking into adoption agencies. She found an agency, Act of Love Adoption Agency, and decided to go to their office. She was greeted kindly and was immediately able to talk to an adoption counselor. She took the paperwork home with her so she and Brent could look through it. As they talked more about adoption, it felt right to them.

Rachel and Brent told their families that they had decided to place their baby girl with an adoptive family. Their families tried to talk them out of it, but Rachel and Brent said they felt peace with this decision. Their families agreed to support them in the process of adoption.

Rachel and Brent started looking at adoptive family profiles. They looked at many profiles before they found the family they knew should raise their baby girl. They showed their families the profiles–they loved this adoptive family as well. Rachel and Brent decided to start talking to the adoptive family. They did phone calls, then Skype calls. They connected with the wonderful adoptive family they had selected and shared many conversations with each other.

Rachel was a few days overdue before she finally went into labor. The adoptive family flew to Utah from Mississippi to meet their baby girl. Rachel and Brent had peace through the whole adoption process. It was a little more difficult for their families, but they were supportive of Rachel and Brent. Rachel and Brent love the adoptive family as well as the sweet baby girl they placed for adoption with them.

Unexpected Pregnancy

Sarah had led a difficult life. She had been in a drug rehab program, which she successfully completed. After rehab, she was able to secure a job, an apartment, and custody of her children. She also had a great supportive boyfriend, Mike. Life was finally starting to stabilize for Sarah and her children. Things were going smoothly until Sarah found out that she was very unexpectedly pregnant. She and Mike were not in a position to raise a baby and meet all the baby’s needs. They pondered and discussed their options. They finally decided to look into adoption.

Sarah made a phone call to Act of Love Adoption Agency. Her call was picked up quickly, and Sarah had an immediate sense of peace. She spoke to a very kind woman who explained the adoption process to her, answered her questions, and mailed out a packet of paperwork and information. Sarah and Mike received the packet and knew that adoption was right for them and their unborn baby.

A wonderful adoption counselor came and met with Sarah and Mike. Their adoption journey began. They started looking at adoptive family profiles, and carefully considered each family they looked at. Both Sarah and Mike knew that Scott and Lisa were the right family for their baby girl. They spoke on the phone, and their decision was confirmed.

Sarah went into labor and had a healthy baby girl. As soon as Mike and Sarah saw their sweet baby, they wondered if adoption was the right choice. It would be so hard to place her with a family. However, they decided to have Scott and Lisa come to the hospital to meet the baby. As soon as Scott and Lisa walked in the room, there was peace. They held this sweet baby girl for the first time. As Mike and Sarah watched Scott and Lisa become emotional, they knew that placing their baby was still the right choice. They would give her a better life than they could provide for her right now.

The adoption agency completed the paperwork with Sarah and Mike and Sarah and Mike placed their baby girl in the open arms of Scott and Lisa. Their adoption experience was so beautiful and they look forward to each picture and letter they exchange!

Best Decision

Tia and Jason had a rocky relationship. They lived in Virginia, but Jason was ready to move back near his family in Minnesota. Neither of them had stable jobs, and were struggling to make ends meet. Tia found out she was pregnant. This was so unexpected and came at such a challenging time in her life. Tia had just decided to go back to college and continue with her education and now she was very unsure if she would be able to. Tia and Jason had no idea what to do. They considered abortion, but neither of them felt that was the right decision for them, so they decided to look into adoption.

Tia and Jason started by calling Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. Someone anwered their call right away, late at night. The adoption process was explained to them, and the paperwork was sent out. Tia and Jason were so grateful that caseworkers from Act of Love followed up with phone calls to help them with the paperwork. As soon as the paperwork was complete, Tia and Jason were ready to look at profiles.

They immediately loved an adoptive family that had a little boy. They could see through the pictures that the adoptive family had provided how happy their little boy was and they were able to read about this adoptive family. They felt this would be the right home for their baby boy. They made the phone call to tell the adoptive family they were selected. The family and their son were so excited and starting making preparations for another baby boy.

Tia went into labor and delievered a healthy baby boy. The family traveled from Washington D.C. right away to be with the baby and to support Tia and Jason. The Act of Love staff was able to support the adoptive family and Tia and Jason as they spent time together at the hospital, took pictures, and created some wonderful memories. Tia and Jason placed their baby in the loving adoptive families arms.

Tia and Jason tried to work on their relationship, but things were not working out. They were so grateful they made the decision to place their son in a home with a mother and a father to raise him. They went their seperate ways, but each continue to receive and send pictures and letters to the adoptive family through Act of Love Adoptions.

“I Love Cami and Ben”

Cami and Ben had been together for many years. They had a 4 year old that Cami’s grandmother was caring for, and they had a 2 year old that they placed for adoption with Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. Cami and Ben had just moved to a new town in Arizona hoping for a fresh start when Cami found out she was pregnant again. This wasn’t part of their plan to start over! They immediately knew they needed to call Act of Love Adoptions again, even though is was a hard call to make.

Act of Love was so responsive to Cami and Ben–they were amazed! Cami and Ben’s only request was that this baby be placed in the same home as his older sister. Act of Love was able to call the adoptive family, Whitney and Tyler, who were SO excited to be able to adopt again! Again, this amazed Cami and Ben. Phone calls and emails were exchanged as Cami prepared to have this baby boy.

The time came and Cami was induced. Whitney and Tyler were asked to be at the delivery. The hospital was a special time for Cami and Ben and Whitney and Tyler. Not only was this sweet baby boy born, but Cami and Ben were able to see Ellie, their 2 year old daughter that they placed with Whitney and Tyler when she was born. Ellie came into the hospital room excited and confident, wearing a shirt that said, “I love Cami and Ben.” Cami and Ben were so touched by this small gesture. They had no doubt that Whitney and Tyler would love and take care of this baby boy. They continue to exchange pictures and letters through the adoption agency and have a wonderful relationship!

Agency Assist for Caucasian Boy – MATCHED

Act of Love Adoption Agency has been contacted to assist birthmom N find an adoptive family for her baby that is due in the next couple of weeks. Birthmom is Caucasian and she has reported that birthfather is Caucasian. Her health report includes a history of bipolar disorder, herione use (is on Methdaone now) and cocaine use. The adoption agency does have prental records available. The adoption will be finalized in New Jersey with the adoption agency/attorney that is assisting birthmom N.

Birthmom N is seeking a heterosexual 2 parent family who is Catholic. She would like a meeting at placement, on-going photos and letters and the possibility of some agency supervised future visits. The fees for this adoption including finalization in NJ are estimated to be around $40,000. Birthmom has reported that she has Medicaid.

If you are a homestudy ready adoptive family and would like further information on this situation, please email to outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com.

A Beautiful Open Adoption

As a birthmother waited patiently for the adoptive family and their new baby to arrive at our office, she talked about her feelings on the adoption. She expressed her gratitude to A Act of Love for helping her find the perfect adoptive couple for her child. Over the last several months and looking at many family profiles, she had selected them. Then, through Skype calls and telephone calls she began to love and trust them. Once she met them in person, she became very close to them.

Sharing experiences, such as doctor visits together; helped bond the birthmother and the adoptive parents she had selected. Seeing the joy on their faces as they were able to see the baby on the ultrasound screen, helped the birthmother in her process of knowing that this child would be so loved and taken care of. Each time she met with them, she felt closer to them and she knew they loved and cared for her as much as they would her child. This is a wonderful gift that an adoptive family can give to a birthmother — the knowledge that not only is her baby loved but she is loved as well.

When the family arrived in the office after their first night of having the baby at home, they all laughed at the lack of sleep they had experienced. The adoptive mother lovingly handed the baby to the birthmother who cuddled the child. Pictures were taken and talk of the birth and the hospital stay came naturally. It was an easy, enjoyable and non-stressful visit. It was a beautiful time for all of them to spend together before they said goodbye.

When the time came for the final goodbye, tears were shed and beautiful promises were made. The common bond they had formed was the love for each other and this beautiful baby, who was given life and now had a wonderful life ahead. As with so many adoptions now, the openness they will share will continue to increase the bonds of love and will allow this child to know how many people love her. Questions she has about her birthparents can be answered, the wondering about her heritage needn’t happen. She will be able to have information about her biological family.

A Act of Love Adoption Agency offers birthparents the opportunity to create the type of open adoption that they feel the most comfortable with. As with the adoption in this story, birthparents can choose to have a very open relationship with the adoptive couple. Act of Love then presents profiles of adoptive parents willing to have the same openness as the birthparents are requesting. Not every birthparent chooses an open adoption, but it is a choice.

For more information on adoption, contact A Act of Love Adoption Agency at 801 572-1696 for online at aactofloveadoptions.com.

A New Start

Kristin had placed a baby with Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah 3 years ago. She had moved all over the country with her boyfriend, Eric, and they ended up in Wyoming for his job. Kristin felt like they were finally going to settle down and start a life together. Not too long after Eric started his new job, the company went bankrupt. This disrupted all the plans Kristin was making. Eric became depressed and suddenly moved out, taking almost everything with him. Kristin had no way to support herself, and did not have a close relationship with her family.

At this same time, she found out she was pregnant. Kristin was in shock. This could not have happened at a worse time. She contacted Eric to let him know about the pregnancy, and he wanted nothing to do with it. Kristin was completely alone. She decided to call Act of Love again. She was so relieved that the adoption agency was willing to help her place this baby with a loving adoptive family.

Kristin’s situation became dire. An amazing coordinator from Act of Love Adoptions drove to Wyoming and helped Kristin pack up the few belongings she had left. Together, they drove to Utah. This was a fresh start for Kristin. She immediately started looking for a job. She found a position in an animal hospital, and was so excited! She loved animals! She slowly started to get back on her feet, but was still not stable enough to care for this baby.

She talked to the first adoptive family she placed with. They were so excited to be in a position to adopt again, and were so accepting of Kristin. Kristin’s mind and heart were at ease for the first time in many years.

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