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Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes

HAPPY Valentine’s Day Act of Love!! We can’t think of a place with more LOVE to share this message than Act of Love Adoption Agency. We LOVE Act of Love and are so thankful that you brought us all together to make our family!! We know that you provided our birthparents with so much LOVE and SUPPORT. Our Mommy and Daddy told us about the love and care that was given to our birthparents and that makes us so happy! We know that while they were pregnant with us; our birth moms had a warm place to live, healthy food to nourish her while we were in her tummy, a doctor to make sure we were healthy and staff at the adoption agency that helped them to make their decision to bring us to our family. Our hearts are full of gratitude to you and our Mommy and Daddy for making sure we were all taken care of!! We know that after our birthparents had us they also had a warm place to stay and healthy food to eat, and adoption agency staff to talk with during their confinement period, so they could get back on their feet. Mommy and Daddy told us how important it was to them to make sure we were ALL taken care in the very best way.
Mommy and Daddy told us that their hearts were so full of LOVE for us and our birthparents. Mommy explained that we all grew in her and Daddy’s heart as we grew in our birth mommy’s tummy. We are still able to show our birthparents how much we all love them as we send letters and pictures to the adoption agency and the staff at Act of Love is able to send those letters and pictures to our birthparents. We have sent pictures of many things to show the LOVE and HAPPINESS in our family: playing with Legos, dressing up like a princess, our birthday parties and holidays, reading bedtime stories, and HAPPY days like Valentine’s Day. We hope our birthparents know just how much we love them and we hope Act of Love knows just how much we love them too!!
Hope you enjoy this note and picture. Happy Valentine’s Day Act of Love!!
Nick and Kate

Most Precious Gifts

Christine and Jacob had been together for several years. They lived in a tiny apartment in Idaho with their cute 2 year old son and were working hard to provide him a stable life. Jacob was having a difficult time finding a job at the very same time that Christine found out that she was very unexpectedly pregnant. Christine and Jacob were so stressed trying to figure out what they should do and how they could possibly care for a baby in their current unstable circumstance.

The couple started talking to their families about the idea of adoption. Christine’s family was extremely supportive of the idea, but Jacob’s family was unsure about the idea. Christine and Jacob started researching adoption agencies and contacted Act of Love Adoption Agency, in Utah. Christine and Jacob’s main request was to quickly have adoptive family profiles to look at. They wanted to choose a family that they could connect with and get to know in the few short months before their baby was due. Act of Love helped Christine and Jacob get the necessary adoption agency paperwork done, and provided them with profiles. Christine looked at the profiles, then Jacob looked at the profiles and Christine shared the profiles with her family. As they got together to talk about which family should be chosen, they realized they have all chosen the same family: Mark and Eve. The process of selecting an adoptive family confirmed to Christine and Jacob that placing this baby was difficult, but the right decision.

The adoption agency staff helped Christine and Jacob connect with Mark and Eve on the phone and Christine and Jacob were able to tell them they had selected them to adopt and raise their baby. Mark and Eve had waited so long for a phone call like this. They were emotional and so full of joy! Their reaction was so sweet for Christine and Jacob to listen to. Christine and Jacob continued to have many phone calls with Mark and Eve. They had a great connection and felt like family.

Christine unexpectedly went into labor two weeks early. Mark and Eve quickly reached the hospital and joined Christine and Jacob. Christine also requested that her caseworker and social worker from Act of Love Adoption Agency be at the hospital to her to help her with her adoption plan.

Christine and Jacob were surrounded by so many people who loved them as they signed their legal paperwork and placed their baby boy into the arms of Mark and Eve. Jacob also placed his cross necklace, his prized possession, his only possession of value, with this sweet baby boy as a token of his love.

Wonderful Role of A Birthfather

To watch a sweet, tender adoption take place is a privilege. This beautiful story happened during an adoption with A Act of Love Adoption Agency, in Utah. What made this adoption so sweet and tender? Well first of all, the love and respect that the birthparents had for one another was a special treat to witness. Throughout a difficult pregnancy, the birthfather lovingly and patiently took care of his girlfriend. Because of pre-eclampsia, the birthmother was suffering from extremely high blood pressure and had to be monitored both in and out of the hospital. She spent several weeks in the hospital, (which she did not enjoy) and he was right by her side, offering words of love and encouragement. Through it all, the birthfather attended to her needs and helped buoy her spirits. He always looked for the positive and would say repeatedly, we are so blessed. Through several weeks of the birthmother’s bed-rest and need for constant blood pressure readings, the birthfather kept his attitude positive and his care unwavering. He would even check in between his weight lifting sets while he took a break to work out for a few minutes.

Finally, the baby reached 35 weeks gestation and the doctor felt it necessary to deliver the baby. Because of her severely high blood pressure, the mother was at risk of having a stroke. Because she loved her baby so dearly, she did everything that the doctor required and stayed in bed without standing, only to use the restroom. She faithfully went to the doctor’s office daily to have her blood pressure taken and non-stress tests done on the baby. She was given steroid shots to help the baby’s lungs develop. Upon delivery, the baby was born healthy and at a very good weight. The baby did not need to be in the NICU and was breathing just fine on his own. It was a miracle of love!

Equally as wonderful was the adoptive couple. These loving adoptive parents treated the birthparents with the utmost respect and gratitude. They all got along so beautifully and it was evident that these four people loved each other as they loved the baby. The hospital photographer snapped photo after photo of the “two moms” and the baby and the parents all together with the baby. The feeling in the room was peaceful and loving. They all talked about their hopes and dreams for this little boy as he grew. Having agreed upon an open adoption, they talked about a time when they would all be together for a visit in the near future. They also talked about how grateful they were for each other.

The birthparents hearts are heavy, but that are filled with gratitude for the adoptive parents. They love their baby and they know that placing him for adoption was the right thing to do at this time. They are filled with anticipation as they think about the future and know that they will see him again. They are looking forward to the first letter and pictures that will accompany it. They have some healing to do and know they will be able to because of the good hands they have placed him in. Watching this adoption process unfold has truly showed everyone around that the placement of a child is truly an act of love!

HAPPY Act of Love Adoptee!!

From: A HAPPY Act of Love Adoptee!!

Hey guys,

I wanted to say thank you so much for finding me a new friend! I am very excited to meet my new friend, and I am so grateful to you and your whole team for making families. My mom wants me to tell you that I am doing great! I am walking around the house and creating havoc wherever I go. But because I’m so cute, no one seems to mind a bit. 🙂
Hope all’s well with you and your families.

Many Act of Love adoptive families and birth parents seek the services of Act of Love Adoption Agency after receiving a referral from a friend, doctor, hospital, relative or co-worker. There are many Act of Love families around the United States who meet regularly with each other in their metropolitan or rural areas to celebrate adoption! Act of Love has been providing adoption services since 1993 and has assisted in over a 1,000 adoptive placements.

Birth parents and adoptive families tell Act of Love how comforting it is to receive a “good word” about their adoption experience with Act of Love Adoption Agency. They also speak frequently to their family and friends about Act of Love Adoption Agency and the top-rate adoption services that are available. Act of Love staff is available 24 hours/ 7 days a week, on weekends, Holidays and early mornings!! The loving staff at Act of Love is dedicated to providing the best professional adoption services. The staff and Act of Love Governing Board is composed of birth parents, adoptive moms and dads, big sisters of adopted children, grandparents of adopted children and friends of birth parents and adopted children. The beautiful personal and professional adoption experiences along with the education and skill of the Act of Love staff provides for the very best adoption experience!

Act of Love Adoption Agency is a pioneer in adoption for allowing adoptive families and birth parents to CHOOSE their adoption plan. Founder and CEO, Kathleen Kunkel, built Act of Love around the principles that birth parents and adoptive families should be very involved in creating the adoption plan that works for them. CHOICES at Act of Love allow birth parents and adoptive families to either CHOOSE an open adoption or closed adoption; a hospital plan that allows the birth parents to have their time in the hospital with the baby and the adoptive family if they CHOOSE or not, to have on-going visits or to receive pictures and letters sent through the adoption agency. Each client is treated with dignity and respect and given the opportunity to make CHOICES and decisions that best fit for them.

For further reviews on Act of Love Adoption Agency, visit the My Adoption Agencies website at www.myadoptionagencies.com .

Moving Forward

Birth mother Anna was an outstanding young woman. She came from a stable family situation, and lived on her own. She was working and going to school, hoping to finish college and become a teacher. She had a steady boyfriend, Ben. They had a great relationship and were planning a great life together. Anna found out she was pregnant. This was very unexpected and upsetting to Anna. It would change her plans to finish school and have a successful career doing something she loved.

Anna and Ben took their time thinking through their options and talking to their families. Their families would support them in any way possible. Anna and Ben decided to start looking into adoption. They looked at many adoptive family profiles before they found one that struck them both. John and Susan were the perfect family for their baby. At this point, they knew that adoption was the right option for their baby boy.

Anna and Ben did a conference call with John and Susan, and there was an instant connection. John and Susan asked Anna if they could come about a week before her due date to spend some time with her. Anna loved the idea! She wanted Susan to go the last doctor visit with her, and be with her for delivery. These were things that Susan would never experience herself, and Anna wanted to give her the opportunity to know what it was like.

John and Susan made their travel plans, and the time soon came for them to travel to Utah from New Jersey. Susan went to the doctor with Anna, and Anna and Ben and John and Susan were able to spend time together. It was really important to Anna to have a connection with John and Susan, and really get to know them.

Anna went into labor during the night and John and Susan met them at the hospital. Delivery went well and a beautiful baby boy was born. Anna and Ben were able to spend the time in the hospital with the baby, as well as John and Susan. They were so touched to see this beautiful little family start to bond.

Completing the paperwork was hard for Anna and Ben. They were emotional, but they knew they were giving their son great opportunities in life. They placed their baby in John and Susan’s arms with much love.

Anna has continued on in college and is so grateful that she chose a wonderful family for her baby. Anna and Ben have continued their relationship with John and Susan through their correspondence. Adoption has been a beautiful experience for all of them.

Another Birthday Wish

Dear Kathy,

Our adoption journey started in 2007. We began the process with another agency and we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally in March of 2010 we got the call we were anxiously waiting for. We had been chosen by a birthmother. We made phone calls to everyone we knew – everyone was so excited and happy for us. We couldn’t believe it. We were going to finally be parents! However, the next day, we got another phone call telling us the birthmother decided to keep the baby. To say we were crushed was an understatement. We had waited so long and now the opportunity we had waited for wouldn’t be given to us.
We were very disappointed, and struggled with what to do. We made the decision to part ways with the adoption agency. We began the next journey with A Act of Love in the fall of 2010. A colleague’s daughter knew someone at A Act of Love and gave us the information. After thinking things over, we started the process again with the hopes that maybe this time things would turn out better for us.

Within 2 months of having our paperwork in, we had already been presented with possible situations. We couldn’t believe the timing – this was something completely new to us because we’d only come close one time before this. Maybe things really would change this time around! We were told about another situation at the beginning of March, and on March 23rd, we got the call that would change our lives forever:
(From Kara’s journal) I got a phone call right before work but I didn’t answer my cell in time. I heard the little jingle letting me know a message was left and went into the hallway to hear the message. It was Jill from Act of Love and she wanted me to call her back. I called her back but couldn’t get through to her. About 15 minutes later I talked to her and she wanted to know if we still wanted to pursue the situation that had been presented to us. I told her yes and she told me she’d call me back with some updates. A little while later, Jill called again. She wanted to know if I could talk and if my husband was available. I told her he was at work and she told me she could call him and we could all talk together. So, she called him (and he NEVER answers his phone at work) and he answered! Jill told him who she was and that I was on the phone too, and then she said “Congratulations. Melissa picked you. He was born last night and weighed 6 pounds 1 ounce and was 18 ½ inches long! She wants to see you as soon as possible!”

What a whirlwind day and week, but one we will be forever grateful for! We were given a most precious gift and we were completely overjoyed. Wyatt has been such a blessing in our lives. We can’t remember what life was like before he joined our family. We are truly lucky to be his parents and even more grateful for the gift of adoption. Our journey doesn’t end there; we plan on starting the process again this fall!!

Thank you for helping us on our adoption journey!

Steve, Kara, & Wyatt

Two Very Special Girls

About two very special girls:

Our family’s adoption journey expanded in late December of 1996 when my husband, Mike, and I brought home a beautiful Filipino daughter and her darling half-brother. Maria was eight when she came to us and Ryan was 14 months old.

One of the first people outside of family that Maria met was Kathy and Dieter Kunkel’s daughter, McKenzie. Kenzie had joined her family at age 6. Kenzie is Korean. Like Maria, she joined a family with Caucasian parents. Perhaps partly because these precious girls were adopted transracially and are close in age they became fast friends. Definitely, their personalities clicked. They are both strong willed and determined women with a lot of energy.

During the grade school years, we had joint shopping ventures and sleep overs. One night the girls slept in Maria’s large walk in closet. At about 1:00 a.m. they decided that hot chocolate sounded good. Dad convinced them otherwise and suggested that they go back to bed. There were cooking adventures (and messes in the kitchen) home-work assignments and day dreaming about the future.

When they were little girls we had Barbie dolls of various races for them to play with…and a big wooden house for the dolls to live in. There were brunette Barbies, blond Barbies, brown Barbies and oriental dolls with black hair and a Polynesian Barbie. We celebrated the beautiful differences and similarities between these petite girls. They both could be described as “girly, girls” who enjoy experimenting with hair styles, make up and fashion.

The girls enjoyed “daddy daughter dates” with our church youth with their dads. There were school fairs and field trips. We enjoyed family trips to Disneyland and the Beach. Our two families went on a vacation to Southern California together one year. The girls looked forward to Halloween days, dressing up always being a favorite activity. Roller skating and bikes to ride around the neighborhood were favorites.

I remember taking them to a haunted house. It was Maria’s first experience with this particular tradition and her big sister Miranda went in after her when we could hear Maria screaming. Something had touched her arm, and out Maria and Kenzie came running. I don’t know about Kenzie, but Maria has never been in a haunted anything since.

Middle School brought with it new challenges, growth and interest in boys. We live in an area with a lot of Caucasian people and fewer numbers of people of different races. There were two Caucasian boys who would join arms and try to block the girls from passing them in the hallway at school. One day, Kenzie and Maria charged right through them and continued on their way. These boys did not really know what ethnicity the girls were, just that they both looked oriental. They called them “the mean Japanese girls” thereafter. Okay boys, you might want to study up on people of various oriental backgrounds. We still laugh about that today.

Then the High School years began. Each girl had individual interests and abilities but the friendship still flourished. Through academics, hair styling, art classes, cheerleading, dating and spending time with each other, and other friends, they grew up.

Kenzie and Maria are each married now to nice young men. This picture was taken recently at a movie theater. Both families were having “girls’ night out” at one of the Twilight movies. We all ran into each other there. Here are our beautiful girls all grown up. Now, Kenzie is a mom to a two month old baby boy. Her adventure as a mom is beginning.

Sometimes it seems like yesterday when we were working with the girls on book reports and Maria wore braces on her teeth; such fun and so many wonderful memories. What would we have done without our smart, darling girls who are now bright, independent women?

If you are adopting, your journey is just beginning; it doesn’t end when you are placed with a child. If you are an adoptive parent you know from experience what I mean by that.

I hope you have much joy in your journey!

Cindy Bylund
Education Specialist
A Act of Love Adoptions

Adoption Again

Birth mother, Joan placed a baby with Act of Love Adoption Agency in Utah. Several years later, she found herself in an abusive relationship. She was struggling to take care of her children and provide a stable life for them. She also found out she was pregnant. She knew immediately that she wanted to work with Act of Love again, and place her two children with the same adoptive family.

Joan started the paperwork process for the adoption agency and decided that she wanted to make her adoption plans in Utah. She had the support of her older daughter and her daughter chose to go through the adoption process with her. They grew very close during the process and enjoyed spending the time together. They were well taken care of and received great counseling and medical care through the adoption agency.

Joan chose to meet with her previous adoptive family and confirmed that she wanted them to adopt this baby as well. It was a beautiful reunion and the adoptive family was so excited and grateful that Joan would choose them as the adoptive parents to this child. They were able to spend time together visiting and talking about all of the joy these children have brought to their lives. They talked about the bond between all of them and the bond they will always have.

The time quickly came for Joan to deliver. She asked the adoptive family and her daughter to be in the delivery room, as well as her support from Act of Love. It was a beautiful time for Joan. She delivered a beautiful baby boy that she asked to have placed in the arms of his sweet adoptive mother. Again, they were able to spend time together and share the birth of this beautiful baby boy.

Joan did her legal paperwork and decided she needed to get home to her other children. She and her daughter were able to share this beautiful adoption experience together, and they treasure their time together and the memories that were made.

You Create Your Open Adoption Plan

If a tailor-made open adoption is what you are seeking, A Act of Love Adoption Agency is the right place for you! With A Act of Love, you can decide how open you want your adoption to be. You can create your plan, talk with A Act of Love’s counselors and together with the adoption agency, put your plan in motion. Some birthparents want a very open adoption, but they do not want to live in the same state as the adoptive parents. With A Act of Love, birthparents can choose from adoptive parents who live in many states throughout the country. Arrangements can be made by the adoption agency to meet where it is most convenient for all involved. Recently, A Act of Love worked with some birthparents from Utah who wanted an out of state adoptive couple. The couple they selected lived in California. Upon being matched, the adoptive couple flew to Utah and spent the weekend getting to know the birthparents. They exchanged phone numbers and set up the next time to meet. When the birthmother went into labor, she called the adoptive couple and they immediately made arrangements to drive to Utah to spend time with the birthparents and their new baby! It all worked out beautifully and everyone continues to be happy with their very open adoption.

Not every open adoption is this open. In fact, just a handful of birthparents choose a wide open adoption, but that option is very available to those who choose it. Once the birthparents set their parameters, A Act of Love presents the situation to the families who are willing to do the same. Only families that agree to follow through with that type of openness will be presented to the birthparents.

A Act of Love also has requests from birthparents to relocate to other states. This request is also considered. The adoption agency will do everything they can to honor that request, as long as the laws in the states they are working with allow them to do so. All adoption laws in the states involved will need to be followed. So, if you are considering an open adoption, semi-open adoption, very open adoption, closed adoption or any other type you can think of, A Act of Love Adoption Agency is the agency to call. Their friendly and helpful staff understands adoption because their own lives have been touched by adoption. A live person can be reached around the clock and is ready and willing to talk with you about your plan. Their birthparent hotline is 1 800 835-6360. Call them today and get started with the right adoption plan for you!

Many Happy Wishes!

Dear Kathy,

As you celebrate this wonderful milestone, please know that our family is a family because of you. Your ‘act of love’ was starting Act of Love and, for that, my beautiful children and I will be eternally grateful.

As a single mom, my adoption journey was long and difficult: two and a half years – two devastating fall throughs. Then my adoption social worker suggested a Utah adoption agency she’d heard about from former clients. It was Act of Love Adoption Agency.

So I called and spoke to Carlene. She explained the process. I explained that I had lost a great deal both emotionally and financially during my other two situations, and I could not afford to put up any money prior to being matched with a birth mom. Carlene suggested I enroll in your Outreach program which required no fees upfront. This program seemed perfect. I could still be considered for adoption situations without the financial risk.

So as I began filling out the paperwork, I started looking at your website. There I saw a situation that seemed interesting, so I called the contact person, Jill. She was so sweet and understanding and shared her experience with adoption, which was, in some ways, similar to mine. That original situation turned out not to be for me, but then Jill mentioned a different one for me to consider. It was a 15 month old boy whose mom was making an adoption plan for him. Jill connected me with Tarilee, and the two of them allowed me to be presented to his birth mom. About a week later I received a call from Tarilee telling me that another family had been chosen to adopt that little boy. Despite being disappointed, I was touched that Tarilee would take the time to call when she could have just as easily sent an email. It was at that point when I hung up the phone that I knew – Act of Love was going to be the adoption agency that would help me become a mom.

About a week later, I saw a listing on your website for a birth mom due with twins in January. I immediately emailed Tarilee to see if that situation had a chance of making it to Outreach — and it did! I then asked if that birth mom would consider a single mom, and Tarilee checked with Laraine who said she might.. and that’s where the great part of our story begins.

On December 20th I gave them the go ahead to show my profile book, along with others, to the birth mom expecting twins. And on December 23rd, I received the call that changed my life forever. It was Laraine and Tarilee and Melissa and they had the best news possible — Sarah had chosen me. I was finally matched — I was going to be a mom to not one, but two babies! Two weeks later I was on a plane to Utah. That night I met Sarah and her dad along with several members of your staff. The next night I met you and was able to thank you in person.

And now, 11 magical months later, I want you to know that we think of you and your awesome staff everyday. My children are thriving! They have a wonderful world of family and friends who love them more than life itself. And I have two beautiful, amazing children thanks to your Act of Love. We can’t thank you enough for bringing out family together!

Happy 60th Birthday!

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