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Expectant Moms Looking At Adoption

When you find that you’re an expectant mom and looking at adoption you may have reservations. Not knowing where to turn, who to talk to. We are here to help you with answers. Call 800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 24 hours/7 days a week. We have worked with expectant moms looking at adoption for over 23… Continue reading →

Pregnancy Counseling

When it comes to pregnancy we all have questions whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned. A Act of Love Adoption Agency has an excellent pregnancy counseling staff in place that can help you with your questions. Call 800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 24 hours/7 days a week. We are a non-profit adoption agency that will… Continue reading →

Pregnant: Looking For Adoptive Families

Women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, find that A Act of Love Adoptions can make the process of finding adoptive families easier and less stressful. Call 800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 24 hours/7 days a week. When considering adoption it is important to know that you can work with a team of professional adoption specialist… Continue reading →

Unplanned Pregnancy Hotline

With an unplanned pregnancy you may face questions that you need help with, we have a 24 hour hotline available to you 7 days a week. Call 800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 24 hours/7 days a week to talk with women who have chosen adoption for their child. If you are considering adoption as an option… Continue reading →

Choosing Adoption

Choosing adoption for your unborn child is an incredibly selfless act. You are choosing life for your unborn child. As a birth parent there are many questions you may have concerning adoption as well as challenges. How will you deal with the emotions of adoption? How can you get support when you need it? Will… Continue reading →

Unexpected Pregnancy Now What?

After realizing that you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy many thoughts may cross your mind. Why me? Now What? Many women experience an unexpected pregnancy in their lifetime. Many have to consider their options. Whether you find yourself with the obstacles of an unexpected pregnancy at 18, 25 or even 35 the emotions the thoughts… Continue reading →

Adoption: The Miracle of Choice

This past year I recognized, first hand, the power of the choices I had in adoption. The decisions I made, as a woman unexpectedly pregnant, forever impacted my life and the lives of others. I received a call saying there was a match with my Adoption Registry. After 23 years, from the time I placed… Continue reading →

We Want Your Adoption Quotes

A Act of Love Adoptions would like to hear from you! With Valentines right around the corner we would like to see your favorite quotes concerning adoption, family, love and children. Post your favorite quotes ones from others, or ones you have written. Please let us know who is-the author. Our favorite quote is one… Continue reading →

What type of adoption is right for you?

When considering an open, semi-open or closed adoption you may have some reservations. Working with an adoption agency can help with the privacy concerns when considering an open or semi-open adoption. A Act of Love Adoptions will help you with your correspondence when choosing an open or semi-open adoption. Below is an open letter from… Continue reading →

Pregnant and Scared

Many women find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy, overwhelmed with questions and concerns running through their mind. Scared and not knowing what is right for them or even who they can talk to. You may find it helpful to discuss the questions you have concerning your pregnancy, our staff is available to help answer those… Continue reading →

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