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Adoption Situation – Baby Boy Due August 2017

Expectant Mom H is seeking adoptive parents for her full Caucasian baby boy due next week. August 2017. She is searching for an adoptive family to provide a forever loving home for her precious baby boy. She is looking for a semi-open adoption plan to include letters and pictures twice a year through email. If… Continue reading →

The Unintended Destinations of Unplanned Pregnancy

A Act Of Love Adoption staff put their best efforts in supporting women and their loved ones while she is navigating an unplanned pregnancy. We believe that adoption should be discussed along with all the options for a pregnancy. We care deeply that those who feel unsure about their pregnancy are given resources and support,… Continue reading →

Adoption Situation – Baby Boy Due July 2017

Expectant mom E is seeking an adoptive family for her African American baby boy due in July 2017. She is looking for adoptive families that live in Utah and willing to an extremely open adoption. Click to learn more about this adoption situation If you are a home study ready adoptive family and interested in… Continue reading →

Adoption Situation: Healthy 2 Year Old Boy – Matched

A Act of Love Adoptions is currently searching for a family in Utah for this precious 2 year old full Caucasian boy. Birth Mom is seeking adoptive families for immediate placement that would be interested in providing a forever, loving home to her 2 year old boy. Birth Mom D is requesting for a very… Continue reading →

Adoption Situation Update: Born Caucasian Baby Boy – No Longer Available

No Longer Available! Birth Mom C has asked A Act of Love adoption agency to find a forever loving same sex family to adopt her precious baby boy. Birth Mom C is requesting for a same sex family living in the Pacific Northwest or surrounding area. She is also requesting an open adoption. Baby boy… Continue reading →

Adoption Situation: Born Baby boy – No Longer Available

No Longer Available! A Act of Love Adoption Agency is searching for same sex adoptive parents for a born Caucasian baby boy. Baby boy was born March 2017. Birth mom C is seeking same sex couples to adopt her precious baby boy. Adoptive Family Requirements: Must be home study approved with a home study current… Continue reading →

Selecting An Adoptive Family

Going into adoption I knew I would have some tremendous choices to make. The responsibility of selecting an adoptive family for my unborn child was great. Of course, there were fears. Would I choose the right family? How will I know? Would they respect me as a person? Through all of these feelings I felt… Continue reading →

Adoption Agency Wait Times

What is the average wait time with your adoption agency? We get asked this by many of our adoptive parents. This should be an easy question to answer, but it all varies with each individual family. Adoptive parents have the ability to choose certain criteria they will accept in the back ground of the child… Continue reading →

Baby Girl Due May 2017

A Act of Love Adoptions is currently in the search for adoptive families for African American baby girl due around the end of May 2017. If you are home study ready and meet the birth mom AB criteria and interested in this adoption situation you can apply to the A Act of Love Adoptions Outreach… Continue reading →

An Adoption Agency That Cares

A Act of Love Adoption Agency is well known for the exceptional way our staff treats both adoptive parents and birth parents. When considering adoption we welcome you to call and find out how we can help you with your adoption goals. When families are considering adoption have questions concerning cost, time frame and type… Continue reading →

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