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Baby Girl Due May 2017

A Act of Love Adoptions is currently in the search for adoptive families for African American baby girl due around the end of May 2017. If you are home study ready and meet the birth mom AB criteria and interested in this adoption situation you can apply to the A Act of Love Adoptions Outreach… Continue reading →

An Adoption Agency That Cares

A Act of Love Adoption Agency is well known for the exceptional way our staff treats both adoptive parents and birth parents. When considering adoption we welcome you to call and find out how we can help you with your adoption goals. When families are considering adoption have questions concerning cost, time frame and type… Continue reading →

Free and Confidential Information & Resources

One-on-One Attention Act of Love Adoptions is available to offer you free and confidential information and resources.  We believe that whether you are facing an unexpected pregnancy or wanting to build your family through adoption you should feel comfortable, be informed and have the opportunity to make choices regarding your decision. Our experienced and loving… Continue reading →

Open Adoption Situations

Healthy Open Adoption Relationships Ensuring that each adoption plan is in the best interest of children is vital to the health and well-being of the adopted child.  Adoption counselors and professionals are experienced in creating open adoption plans that will benefit the birth parents, adoptive parents and most importantly the child.  Healthy relationships can be… Continue reading →

Continuing to Dispel Adoption Myths

Choosing Adoption?  Get the Facts. Adoption agencies and adoption professionals work hard to educate communities about the loving choice that birth parents make when they choose adoption.  Making a decision regarding an unexpected pregnancy can often times be one of the most, if not the most important decision you will be make.  The future of… Continue reading →

It’s Only a Myth – Get the Truth!

As birth parents are looking for adoptive families and adoptive families are searching for birth parents, the process can become overwhelming and confusing to navigate.  To have the best possible experience, call us today to receive FREE information and counseling.  Gaining the knowledge and having an adoption professional to help process the information is very… Continue reading →

Thoughts on Wait Time

Are you wondering about wait time? Understanding the dynamics regarding wait time for adoption is important.  This understanding can put you in the frame of mind to more easily navigate your wait time for a baby.  The staff at Act of Love is experienced and knowledgeable about the amount of time a family might wait…. Continue reading →

Looking for Adoptive Family and Birth Parents

Searching for Biological Family As children mature and grow-up into young adults, many are curious and feel a sense and need that they want to find out more about where they came from and their birth family.  Their natural curiosity leads them to begin their search. With an open adoption, this search for family is… Continue reading →

Adoption Situations Creating Triad Relationships

Adoption Process – Building a Loving and Healthy Relationship Birth parents find an adoptive family and adoptive families find their birth parent and future child.  With loving the child and wanting the best for the child in mind, birth moms and dads and adoptive families form a bond to begin the journey of loving this… Continue reading →

Building Your Adoption Triad Relationship

Receiving the news that you are matched with a birth parent brings about an in-explainable exhilaration. The long awaited news can seem surreal and take you by surprise.  You may have had your profile presented dozens of times or maybe just a couple, but you have guarded your emotions to protect any disappointment you might… Continue reading →

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