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    Considering Your Options

    Is Adoption the Right Choice for You

    • Talk with an experienced adoption professional

    For Personal One-on-One Care

    TEXT TO 801-450-0094, CALL 1-800-835-6360,

    Email actofloveadoptions@yahoo.com



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    Choosing Adoption

    Safe and Confidential

    • Complete an application for adoption services
  • 3

    Get Your Needs Met

    Taking Care of You & Your Baby

    • Medical Care
    • Housing
    • Adoption Counseling
    • Food
  • 4

    Create Your Adoption Plan

    You Choose

    • What is important to you in an adoptive family
    • What type of contact do you want with the adoptive family
      • Meet in person
      • Talk on the phone
      • Skype
      • Send emails
      • Share pictures on social media
      • Send pictures and letters through the agency
      • No contact
    • Who will be involved in your plan
    • How do you envision your plan
  • 5

    Choosing Your Adoptive Family

    • You can select your family or have the agency select your family
  • 6

    Preparing Yourself For Birth & Placement of Your Child

    • Counseling with a caring & understand adoption professional
    • Getting your support system in place
    • Making a plan for the placement of your child
  • 7

    Creating Your Hospital Plan

    • Who will be at the hospital
    • Do you want to hold your baby
    • Do you want adoptive family at the hospital
  • 8

    Placing Your Baby for Adoption

    • Signing adoption paperwork
    • Continuing to build the relationship with adoptive family
  • 9

    Moving Forward with Your Life

    • Making a plan for your housing, work and schooling
    • Continuing with your support system
    • Getting physically fit
    • Taking care of your emotional needs
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