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Birth Mothers Looking For Adoptive Families

We have a wide variety of approved adoptive families that are ready to adopt and available for birth mothers looking and wanting to choose the perfect family. You will find some of the families on our website and others available by contacting us.

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As an expectant parent, you have an idea of what you want for your child and many ideas may come to your mind as you look for a family for your baby:

  • A good loving family
  • Religious views and preference of family
  • Ethnicity of family
  • Family size
  • State the family will live in
  • Post-adoption communication with family

Counselors are available 24/7 to help you now.
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Birth Mom Testimonial
“I searched through a handful of adoption agency but only one gave me that gut feeling. Act of Love staff are truly the definition of this agency. They not only helped me once but twice and both times I never had any hesitation with talking to any of them. I love how they make me feel comfortable and welcome. Throughout both pregnancies the women I’ve met were all amazing and extraordinary. They never fail to check up on me about how I am doing before and after I gave birth. I found a loving, caring and amazing family for both of my children. Talking to them and seeing them hold the baby I realize how much they already love my babies, and that put me at ease. I want to thank Lorraine, Tracy, Jaime, and Jill for helping me through my toughest time and I can actually run to and tell my problems to. I found a family from strangers I barely even know and that is the love I felt with everyone I met in this agency. My experience with them went professionally, smoothly, no pressure and comfortable”.
Thank you again -J

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