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Dear A Act of Love,
We have never been so happy! Madison is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for giving us the most wonderful gift we could have ever received! She is truly our little angel and act of love! You all have been so kind and caring! It is so much appreciated! You make so many people happy, keep up the great work! Thank you!

Very Sincerely, Sue, Ken and Maddy

Our adoption experience through A Act of Love was so smooth that we were amazed. The staff take wonderful care of the birthmoms all the way through the process, which was very important to us. While we were in Salt Lake City, they were in constant contact with us and with the birth mom. It couldn't have gone better, and we'll always be grateful to A Act of Love for leaving us not only with our wonderful son, but also with very positive memories of the adoption process.

Jane and Jacob

We had a goal to be matched quickly and it certainly happened going through A Act of Love! Thank you for helping us bring home the greatest blessing we could ever ask for! We will come back for another adoption and refer you to all our friends as well!


Dear Kathy,
We are sending this letter in regards to your staff members; Jessica, Emily, Cindy, and Jackie: who we believe should be complimented. When our adoption journey began we knew we would encounter a few bumpy trails along the way. And as a waiting family, we tend to be a little stressed out sometimes. It's difficult to sit back and wait for "the call" or any call for that matter, and we usually decide to call A Act of Love at least once a week, just to check in. With the many uncertainties of adoption, the staff at A Act of Love provides us with the personalized attention that we need. We are certain that Jessica and the other girls will be equally excited and overjoyed as we will be when we get the "real call".

Sincerely, Richard and Donna

We cannot say enough about how wonderful A Act of Love is. We have adopted one other time through a different agency & while we thought they did a pretty good job, it doesn't even compare to how well we have been treated & how smoothly things went with A Act of Love. We recommend them to anyone that is adopting & will most definitely use them again in the future.

Ryan & Melissa

We adopted our baby boy in 2010 with A Act of Love. I have to say these are the most amazing, professional, caring and efficient agency I have ever related too. We did a lot of research and due diligence before choosing the agency and our choice was the best. Act of love is great, they are always avaliable, we talked to the birthmom of our baby and she extremely happy and satisfied with the help and support received. By the way, we were able to spend 3 days with her, even after consent was completed and she was really comfortable with how everything happened. We would recommend A Act of Love to everyone, and are looking for the opportunity to adopt our 2nd baby with them. They made this such an easy process and they did so much of the heavy lifting through our process. They are amazing!!!

Happy Family

My name is Daria, I am 37 years old, and the proud mom of two children through adoption, Christian age 6 and James Dean, 5 months.

My journey to become a mother began ten years ago. After a year of “trying” and not being able to get pregnant, we looked to infertility testing and treatments to create our family. From clomid to inseminations and eventually IVF years passed and nothing worked. My last IVF cycle resulted in an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured my fallopian tube at 5 weeks pregnant and I almost died.

It was at this point that we started thinking about adopting a child, and I admit, at first, I was skeptical. I remember worrying if I’d bond with the baby we’d be placed with, how much money it would cost, if the birth mom would change her mind, and how long it would take to have a beautiful, healthy bundle of joy in our home. We consulted with an adoptive attorney who highly recommended A Act of Love Adoptions. She said the agency prided itself on placing families with babies normally within 12 months and did a phenomenal job of counseling birth moms and adoptive families so the right “match” was made.

It is almost 7 years since we first contacted A Act of Love Adoptions and I can say with all of my heart that this agency was God sent. Our experiences with the agency’s owner, Kathy Kunkle, and all of her staff was so positive, reassuring and smooth every step of the way in both of our children’s adoptions. I’ll never forget how Kathy came to the hospital to hold our son Christian, or how she bounced into James’ birth mom’s hospital room at 11 p.m. the night she was delivering James, just so she could hang out with us and make sure everyone was feeling great about the delivery plan. Her commitment to place healthy babies in loving homes comes from the heart, and she prides herself on knowing most of her families on a first name basis. A Act of Love Adoption’s social workers treated us with respect, patience, kindness and love. They were completely professional, yet warm, and were there to answer any questions we had along the way. Our social worker for James’ delivery actually stayed the entire time in our birth mom’s delivery room and held her hand as she brought James into this world.

I can’t thank Kathy Kunkle and her staff enough for the family they’ve helped to create. It is only by uniting us with two incredible birth moms that I have experienced, first hand, the joy and honor of becoming a mother. I’ve learned throughout this process that it matters not that our children are of our blood or look like us, but that they are of our heart. God knew what he was doing when he made me infertile, because he gave me the gift of becoming an adoptive mother to two boys who have brought more joy to my life than they’ll ever know.

I strongly encourage you to consider A Act of Love Adoptions to help you create, or add to your family, or if you’re a birth mom, to help guide you as you place your child in the loving home of people whose dream is to become parents. God bless you in your journey.


Act of Love has been amazing. They walked us through the whole process and really made us feel comfortable about adopting. These people don't just work there, they have adopted children themselves and can answer even the most obscure questions. If we ever choose to adopt again we will be back.

Nick and Brynn

This agency's staff is always helpful, kind, understanding and compassionate. Never have we worked with such a lovely group of people who love what they do!! You guys are the Best agency out there!

Chris & Melanie

We adopted our little guy Chase from Act of Love and it was the best experience possible, it was extremely fast too. They called up one day and said they had a situation and asked if we were interested; about a month and a half later we were holding a newborn from Atlanta. He is 10 months old now and we just adore him. I highly recommend this agency to anyone.

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