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Thank you for expressing an interest in our adoption programs. Act of Love is one of the most successful and progressive adoption agencies serving birth parents and adoptive families throughout the United States since 1993. Founder & CEO, Kathy Kunkel has been involved with adoption for thirty-five years.  Act of Love has been providing adoption services for over two decades and our staff is committed to providing excellent individualized adoption services.

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There are many advantages to pursing adoption through us
  • One positive aspect is shorter waiting times to adopt an infant along with your ability to set parameters for your adoption  within your comfort level.
  • Your parameters may include gender, health of the child, the post-adoption contact you prefer along with other important choices.
  • Our Fee Disclosure allows adoptive families to see the actual expenses involved in their adoption and which fees may be refundable or transferred within Act of Love.
  • Many families have told us that our disclosure and education of expenses involved with an adoption have brought them a peace of mind.
  • Act of Love has an excellent track record for bringing families together and building lasting relationships.
We are a charitable, non-profit licensed adoption agency

Act of Love is a charitable, non-profit licensed adoption agency serving families without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, ethnicity, or national origin.  Act of Love is seeking families who are wishing to adopt children of all ethnicities.

One of the comments adoptive families often tell us is that we take a lot of the stress out of the adoption process because of our special care for birth parents. We are available to adoptive families even if services are required before or after normal working hours. Having enough information to make an educated decision about your adoption plan is important. With this in mind, we seek to honor everyone involved. We understand a birth parent’s desire to know their child is being loved and cared for by people who value and understand the adoption process. It is one of our foremost goals to help adoptive families, birth parents, and the community to understand and value adoption as a vital, loving, and wonderful way to build families.

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Please fill out a packet request form or call 888.767.7740 for more information. Reach us through email at adopt@aactofloveadoptions.com to receive further information regarding our Full-Service Program or for Outreach Programs outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com. You may also view upcoming situations at www.aactofloveadoptions.com/adoption-situations.

Thank you again for your interest.

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