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African American Baby Girl due in July – Matched

Act of Love has been contacted to help find a family for an African American baby girl that is due around the first part of July. Birthmom, G.L., would like an adoptive family that is African American or who has adopted African American children. She is asking for pictures and letters to be sent through the agency around the child’s birthday until age 18.

Birthmom reports that she is healthy and free from any major medical illness or injuries. Birthmom reports some prenatal care and limited medical records are available. She reports that this is her 5th pregnancy and that all of her children are healthy and developmentally on-track. She also reports that she is taking prenatal vitamins and has no present or past use of illegal drugs or tobacco. Her report includes a small amount of alcohol consumption the end of December.

If you are a home study approved adoptive couple that meets the requirements above and are interested in being considered for placement of this baby, please contact Act of Love Adoptions at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com to receive further information regarding the Outreach approval process. If you have not started the home study process, but are a local Utah family or your home study will be finished immediately, you may contact Act of Love at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com to possibly be considered for this situation. Only approved Act of Love Outreach adoptive families can receive further information and details available for this situation. The Application for Services in the Outreach Program does need to be completed, but does NOT require a fee until match.

Adoptive family will need to be prepared to complete an Application for Services, provide an original signed notarized copy of the home study along with supporting documentation and meet other agency requirements to become approved for Outreach situations. The Application for Services in the Outreach Program does NOT require agency fees until you are matched. For more information on the programs available, contact Act of Love Adoption Agency at outreach@aactofloveadoptions.com.

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