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Mom I’m Pregnant

As a teenager or young adult, most women do not want to disappoint their parents, especially their mother. Telling your mom you are pregnant is probably one of the hardest things to do. But, the longer you wait, the more agony you will be in. It is like carrying around a 50 pound backpack that…

Unplanned Pregnancy – Brave And Courageous

You are brave and courageous and always have been. “As I was going through the adoption process, there were people who kept telling me how brave and courageous I was for placing my son for adoption. They told me that things will get better, and the hurt that I felt at that time and will…

Need to Keep Your Pregnancy Confidential?

Having someone to talk with and confide in is critical, when you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Our team can help keep your pregnancy private and be that confidant to support you. Telling your family and friends you are pregnant can sometimes be very difficult and you may feel you have no one to trust….

Pregnant? How Do I Get Answers?

Many women when they find out they are pregnant can experience a very stressful and emotional time in their life. Questions can race through your mind and consume your thoughts like: How can I possibly carry this baby to term? What will happen to my sports career? What will my family and friends think? Will…

Here to Help You!

Everyone wants and needs to feel like they are safe, understood and loved.  Working with our agency can give you one-on-one support and counseling, so you can make the decisions that are right for you.  With over twenty years of experience and a staff with extensive, personal adoption experience, we want and know how to…

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