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Our “Bonus Baby”!

“We’ve always referred to Shayne as our “bonus baby”! He is our youngest and third child. All three of our children are adopted. We feel very blessed that God choose us to be Shayne’s parents. He keeps us smiling every day. He has a wonderful sense of humor which leads to him being very social… Continue reading →

Support Birth Mother Baskets

Act of Love is reaching out to offer support to Birth Mother Baskets, an organization that supports birth mothers who have chosen an adoption plan for their child. Birth parents so selflessly choose adoption for their children and show an unconditional love that is beyond what anyone can imagine or define. They are making a… Continue reading →

What Should I Do?

Clair was working, going to massage therapy school and had just decided to leave a relationship that she had been in for a couple of years. She had felt like it was time for her to move forward with her life and reach the goals that she wanted to achieve in life. For the past… Continue reading →

The Ties That Bind Transracial Families

All families are unique, but blended transracial families become a more interesting example of how love and commitment can bind even the most different of people. Families who adopted from a different race and culture (often referred to as blended families) include not just people of different personalities but people who have different skin and… Continue reading →

The Sparkle in Their Eyes!

Such a happy visit at Act of Love! It was hard to tell who had more of a sparkle in their eye, the beautiful fourteen-year-old girl or her father that recently visited Act of Love Adoptions. The impromptu visit from this amazing adoptive family was such a happy time. The incredible smile and happiness from… Continue reading →

Celebrating Adoption With Your Family

Adoption is most definitely not an alternative, albeit inferior way, to build a family, something you turn to when natural birth is not possible. Act of Love Adoptions believes that adoption has its own brand of magic and wonder. No matter how a family is built – by birth, by adoption or a combination of… Continue reading →

African American Baby Girl Due in June

Act of Love has been contacted to help find a family for an African American baby girl that is due around the middle of June. Baby will be born in Utah. Birthmom, M, would like a Christian adoptive family that is willing to continue communication with her through email twice yearly until the child reaches… Continue reading →

Adoption for parents in their 40′s

As they say, “Life begins at 40”. But can parenting begin at 40? Absolutely! Just ask the parents who embarked on the adventure called parenting and who bucked the notion of being “too old to be parents”. Some of these are first-time parents while others have grown children. Some have chosen to put off parenting… Continue reading →

Addressing Some Fears and Concerns About Open Adoption

More and more, birthparents and would-be parents are choosing open adoption as part of their birth or adoption plans. However, there are still lingering fears and concerns about open adoption so that some birthparents or would-be parents are reluctant to go that route, especially for domestic infant adoptions. According to a 2008 study by the… Continue reading →


I am so lucky to have had the honor to help introduce a beautiful birth mom, Lily, to the adoptive family she had chosen for her baby. The experience was so beautiful and very touching – beyond being able to express in words. At first, I think we were both a little nervous! When I… Continue reading →

Adoption is An Act of Love
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