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Birth Parent Testimonials

My coordinator was wonderful. Everything was PERFECT. THANKS for everything.


To everyone at Act of Love, It is an extraordinary honor to have worked with you guys. I feel that I have gained a family through you guys- something I feel I never really had before. You also have given me a family with my adoptive family. The kindness you showed me when I learned about my pregnancy is what swayed my decision to place my baby for adoption. All of you showed such generosity and love. I will be eternally grateful for you guys. I am so glad I chose adoption. My baby boy is so beautiful, and I love him so much. Please be aware that your kindness can save lives!!! I love you all!!


I won't deny that when I called Act of Love Adoption Agencies I was scared and unsure of what I was about to do or if this was the agency that could help me. After calling other agencies something kept drawing my attention to Act of Love. Today I can say with all honesty that I thank God for putting them in my path during this difficult time. If it wasn't for all there support I don't think I'd be feeling this way. Its a mix of pain for having to put my baby up for adoption but happiness they found me a great family And I have no doubt in my heart that they will be great parents to my baby. And the fact that Act of Love made sure I could still have communication with him. Brings relief. I am so thankful to everyone at Act of Love for everything they've done not only for my baby but for my baby but for my 3 year old son and myself. I love Act of Love and will forever hold them in my heart.

Olivia E

I loved having your agency staff every step of the way. You were there for me & the birth father from day one, thank you!


I appreciate you all so much! I had to stay in the hospital for high blood pressure for a week before I delivered. You all made it so much better for me! Your staff is so amazing and helpful and I would recommend Act of Love to everyone! Thanks for making this adoption a great experience! I LOVE the adoptive parents!

Thankful Birthmom

My choice of placing my child for adoption was truly an act of love. I have given her the chance in life that she deserves, as well as myself. I can now feel at peace knowing that my little angel is not only loved by two families but she is well taken care of. I am grateful I have had the chance to help make someone else's family complete. I am also grateful that there is such an agency as A Act of Love to help those who are searching for answers.

With Great Love, Monica

We love you guys, you're all sweet and helpful and it's relaxing and comfortable to work with you. So much love for Traci and Shelly was awesome!

Birth Parents N&B

I just wanted to thank you for the help you have rendered to my family and I. I am very appreciative of everything you and your staff has done and will do in the future. I will forever be grateful for your services. You have definitely touched my soul and will always be in my heart! The times we have shared are precious and will always be remembered and I will surely recommend A Act of Love to anyone that is in need of a caring staff to help find a deserving child a quality home with loving parents!! Thank you!

D (Birthfather)

Before I came to A Act of Love and met Kathy, I was very confused and frustrated over all the many decisions I had to make, being single and pregnant and alone. I was given the power of choice and the genuine love and acceptance I needed help through that difficult situation. I will be forever grateful to Kathy and hold a special place in my heart for this beautiful agency.

Love, Cheri

I can't put into words how much I appreciate everything you've done. I'm so thankful that I met you. You took care of me and didn't treat me like it was just a job. And you were always there when I needed someone! Thank You, Jaime so much!!

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Adoption is An Act of Love
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