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Before I came to A Act of Love and met Kathy, I was very confused and frustrated over all the many decisions I had to make, being single and pregnant and alone. I was given the power of choice and the genuine love and acceptance I needed help through that difficult situation. I will be forever grateful to Kathy and hold a special place in my heart for this beautiful agency.

Love, Cheri

I can't put into words how much I appreciate everything you've done. I'm so thankful that I met you. You took care of me and didn't treat me like it was just a job. And you were always there when I needed someone! Thank You, Jaime so much!!

M & A

It's been 7 years since I placed my baby for adoption. I thank you so much for the awesome support. I had a hard time at first meeting the adoptive parents at first. I didn't want to change my mind. I knew this is what was best for my baby. I kept in contact with them throughout the years. This weekend they came to my hometown and I was able to meet them They are awesome. I couldn't have picked better parents then I did. My baby is blessed to have them. My heart feels eased now that I was able to hug them and thank them for all they do. I thank A act of love for helping me find them.

So happy

I was searching to find the answer: I did not know which direction to go. I had made many phone calls and the feelings I had gotten were so cold. I needed help when I finally found A Act of Love. It was such a relief to know someone cared and was willing to help me with my decision. With A Act of Love I felt like an individual. I can never thank you enough for how you have helped me through this difficult decision. My relationship with Kathy and her staff is very close, she is my best friend.

Lots of Love, Felicia

I was given the help I needed in a timely, professional manner. I couldn't ask for more!


My experience at Act of Love was very relaxing and comfortable. They always kept me busy so I wouldn't be bored and Shelly made me feel like I was home. I also felt so loved. They also checked up on me to make sure I was okay. When I met my adoptive family I just fell in love with them. Laraine made me realize what I really wanted in a family. I can tell Laraine anything! They tried their best to get me what I needed. I just wanted to thank Act of Love.

Thankful Birthmom

It's been about seven weeks since my husband and I put our baby up for adoption. We went through our own personal storm of course, but it’s a decision I do not regret. When our adoptive family's profile was delivered to us, we weren't really sure. It's not natural ever giving up a child; it shouldn't be. But what made us sure - was seeing the simple signs that the couple was good people. Meeting them was awkward, but the family gave the vibe of kindness, something humanity needs; what the world lacks. They were kind, caring, loving, people looking for their baby, which I was carrying. They already were well over qualified, going through the courses with CPR training and home studying. When we met them they were so enthusiastic to be there. Their hearts were already attached to what life I was carrying. I felt selfish to request to keep the baby to myself for a day after the delivery, but I have the right to be. What happens after labor is the curious part, because after your mind is going through so much just to get away. Thinking we'd be booted out of his life. But we found out we were able to bring home baby pictures, and through our personal storm was the bright sun shine of light. Because after leaving, we knew the kind of people they were, we had seen them parenting their own adopted daughter. And now we get to rest easy knowing our son will know he was never a burden, but will have two families that love him dearly. Though I might not be there with him, I know they'll reassure him our hearts are hugging his. I'll forever remember his cries, baby coo's, and him grabbing our fingers looking up at us. And when/if he is ever ready, we choose to be found. While in Utah, where A Act of Love is, they had someone to drive us, not only as a chauffeur but as a friend to cry with. In the end you're brought to your breaking point, but Act of Love Agency tries to make is as easy as they possibly can for you; they become damn near family too! I walked away with confidence my son was going to grow up safe and someday will be able to go to college if he chooses to because of our decision. And when our son ever becomes ready to meet his brothers, we'll all be here waiting.


I would like to thank all of you at Act of Love who helped my son and I through the adoption process. You guys made a difficult decision as painless as I suppose it could be. I know adoption what was in my baby's best interest. You all did a fantastic job helping me pick the right family for her and I'm still excited about their name choice! (The same name I had already chosen!) It was meant to be. Thanks Again Everyone!


Everyone at Act of Love was very helpful no matter the reason I called or what time of day or night. I was always treated with care and respect. I was given a lot of helpful information on options and receive what I asked for quickly. My coordinator, Jessica, answered me promptly, no matter what time I needed her. She was amazing in meeting my needs and my kids needs. My counselor gave me help on how to cope with problems I may have in the future and helped my with community resources. She offered counseling in the future when I may need it. I felt protected. I hope to someday come back and volunteer and work for A Act of Love. I felt like I had a family with me thru the whole process.


Simply stated, THEY CARE. But even that doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s hard to find the words to tell someone how amazing this agency is without sounding like they paid you to say it. They'd actually have to pay me to stop talking about them first! From the moment I called, to the moment I placed my daughter into my adoptive family's arms, they were there. Choosing this agency was the best decision I ever made. Like any adoption there were moments when you're trying to find a family that you feel best fits you, but once you find them, you just know. Before choosing adoption, like anyone, I had a small view of what took place in an adoption, I knew there were different types of adoption, like open, closed, and semi-open, but what I didn't realize is the impact that choosing adoption made on not just me, but the family I chose as well. It is because of A Act of Love that I am confident in saying "I chose adoption for my child, and have been blessed by the experience". This agency is like nothing I've known before; they love on all their birth moms and help till it hurts. Everyone at this agency has impacted my life, From Kathy the founder, to Angie my coordinator, and everyone in between. We shared stories, memories, and laughs that would make you cry, they are my family now. I am SO thankful that there is agencies like this out there, no matter what state you live in, to what adoption plan you choose; they're right next to you the entire way. If there was any way of giving them more than 5 stars on a review I would do it.

Praying for you always, Noelle
Adoption is An Act of Love
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