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Birth Parent Testimonials

I will forever be grateful to you all. You have done so much. You are all so kind, and we love your energy! My coordinator is an amazing person, I'm so glad we met, she helped me get through it all.

Grateful Birth Parents

These guys are amazing! A+++++++ Calls were always answered. They dropped everything to talk with us. They were nice and treated us with courtesy. The information provided was very helpful and accurate. The social worker treated us with respect and dignity and Traci and Laraine were so helpful with all of our problems.

A & Y

Simply stated, THEY CARE. But even that doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s hard to find the words to tell someone how amazing this agency is without sounding like they paid you to say it. They'd actually have to pay me to stop talking about them first! From the moment I called, to the moment I placed my daughter into my adoptive family's arms, they were there. Choosing this agency was the best decision I ever made. Like any adoption there were moments when you're trying to find a family that you feel best fits you, but once you find them, you just know. Before choosing adoption, like anyone, I had a small view of what took place in an adoption, I knew there were different types of adoption, like open, closed, and semi-open, but what I didn't realize is the impact that choosing adoption made on not just me, but the family I chose as well. It is because of A Act of Love that I am confident in saying "I chose adoption for my child, and have been blessed by the experience". This agency is like nothing I've known before; they love on all their birth moms and help till it hurts. Everyone at this agency has impacted my life, From Kathy the founder, to Angie my coordinator, and everyone in between. We shared stories, memories, and laughs that would make you cry, they are my family now. I am SO thankful that there is agencies like this out there, no matter what state you live in, to what adoption plan you choose; they're right next to you the entire way. If there was any way of giving them more than 5 stars on a review I would do it.

Praying for you always, Noelle

We appreciate the support I have received from you guys. It was exactly what we needed. Thank You!

M & B

Our experience was real good and we appreciate everything that Act of Love did for us. Their staff was wonderful and very courteous of our needs. I had my baby early and they were there helping me right away. They made a hard time easier by their kindness.

W & L

The thing that got me to decide which agency to use is how kindly I was treated when I first called. I had a negative experience with another agency.


I want to thank you for your encouraging words and respect. Meeting Jill in person was an awesome experience. Listening to her words gave me so much strength in my adoption decision. I'm lucky our paths crossed. I hope our road doesn't end here.

Grateful Birthparent

I just wanted to thank you for the help you have rendered to my family and I. I am very appreciative of everything you and your staff has done and will do in the future. I will forever be grateful for your services. You have definitely touched my soul and will always be in my heart! The times we have shared are precious and will always be remembered and I will surely recommend A Act of Love to anyone that is in need of a caring staff to help find a deserving child a quality home with loving parents!! Thank you!

Thankful Birthfather D

I felt so cared for and thought about and loved. I was treated so well. I truly felt loved and cared for. So personal and so loving. I would most definitely come back.

Sarah S

Thank you Act of Love for everything you have done for us. We had a very hard decision to make but you made it possible for us to give our little girl a great life. You made us feel like part of a family...for that we will always keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

W & S
Adoption is An Act of Love
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