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The thing we liked BEST was the attention we were given, felt very sincere and that all involved truly care about our concerns and needs.

Brad and Lindsay

We wanted to say a special thank you to Tarilee and Shelly. These two ladies were amazing during the adoption process. Tarilee answered all e-mails and returned all phone calls in a very timely fashion. She kept us posted whenever she had any new information on our adoption and helped alleviate any worries we were having. Both of these ladies were helpful in our first meeting with our birth mom. They made sure the set up was comfortable for all and kept the conversation moving. We are glad they were able to make it as least awkward as possible. Also, both ladies were at the hospital at the time of birth and were a great support system to our birth mom and us. We can't say enough great things about them. If we were to work with Act of Love in the future, we would want them to both be a part of the process! Thank you!!!!

Thankful Adoptive Parents

Thank you so much,loved the fast track .we got our baby in 2 1/2 months .Kathy Kunkle and her staff were hands on quick match , quick response, love the birthmoms ,truly an enspired agency .We are adopting with them again and again with them and Gods help we will complete our family.I love them.


Our coordinator was GREAT. We give the agency an A rating.

Sharon and Billy

I think that Act of Love Adoption Agency is wonderful and they really looked out for us! We really appreciated it and Shelly is awesome! Act of Love is a great group of people to work with! They made the process very relaxing!

D & G

This agency is great. From the adoptive parent perspective, there was a lot of paperwork to fill out initially, but they want to do all they can to find the right birthparent for you. We thought everyone at the agency was extremely kind and helpful, always ready to answer any questions you had. We were with A Act of Love for 4 months before we were placed with a newborn. We cannot say enough about the experience. They were fantastic; so much so that we plan on using them for another adoption.


I liked how much time and love was given to our birth mom. I knew she was in good hands even when we left.

Julie and Randal

We want you all to know what a blessing Act of Love has been to us, and the entire adoption experience has been so incredible! We are so very thankful that God led us to your agency and will always know that His will has been accomplished in our adoption journey. We have enjoyed getting to know some of the staff; you are all an amazing group of people that take delight in your "jobs" each day! What a blessing you all have been to us!! Thank you, Act of Love, for this difficult, but beautiful ride. It was not easy at times, but like so many have said before, "It truly was worth it!" May God continue to bless you and the families you serve each and every day.

Eric & Kelly

We chose A Act of Love after hearing an experience from one of our neighbors. I called the agency to get information and was delighted when I got a hold of Kathy. She was so amazing and helpful and put all my fears to rest! It is always so emotional when you get to this stage in life and there are so many uncertainties when it comes to planning your family. Our journey with A Act of Love was amazing from the very first phone call to the minute that our beautiful baby girl was placed in our arms! We were able to meet our amazing birth mother and her family and we felt a bond with her immediately. Our journey took us a little over a year. We had two failed adoptions where the birth moms decided to keep their babies. It was very heart wrenching and there were days where we wondered if we should continue. Every time these fears came up I would call Jill and cry on her shoulder. She would always reassure me and tell me that our baby was out there. After our baby came we new she was meant to be with us and understood why the other adoptions didn't work out. We have had our beautiful princess now for over 4 years. There isn't a day that goes by where we think of her birth mom or our family at A Act of Love. We will forever be grateful to Kathy and Jill and all of the wonder people that work at A Act of Love and most importantly our amazing birth mom who chose us to care and love for her baby! She will always be an angel in our eyes!.


I love Act of Love for so many reasons, but most of all because it's got a mom and pop feel. We are all family through this wonderful agency.

Daria and Dean
Adoption is An Act of Love

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