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We adopted our little guy Chase from Act of Love and it was the best experience possible, it was extremely fast too. They called up one day and said they had a situation and asked if we were interested; about a month and a half later we were holding a newborn from Atlanta. He is 10 months old now and we just adore him. I highly recommend this agency to anyone.


After talking to several agencies, I chose A Act of Love because they answered all my questions, provided references and as a single adoptive mom, were always supportive and never made me feel that I couldn't be successful in adoption. I also liked the support they provide to birthmothers. Throughout the process they helped with all my questions and concerns and were available anytime I needed to talk. I have recommended this agency to others and would chose them again if I decide to adopt a second child. They really make you feel like part of their family during this journey.


The staff worked together so well and made us feel comfortable and we know how hard they were working for us! They went above and beyond helping us through the process as an adoptive couple. The adoption happened very quickly and they took the time to follow-up with us. A Rating!!!


Great, they were great with our birthmoms. They seemed to support them in anyway they needed. Sometimes birthmoms were not honest with information, but AAOL gave us what information they had. Felt rushed on some things but overall very supported. They helped us get through all the paperwork and made sure things were done properly.


We really liked the customer service! The staff was very kind, courteous, and receptive to our needs.

John & Sheila

I wanted to thank you and the team for being amazingly friendly, supportive, and understanding. You really were our cheerleaders and our biggest advocates. We had an experience with another agency in our local area that was really disheartening and you all pulled us back up and got us excited about the prospect of adoption again with your everyday smiles and thoughtfulness. We never had the opportunity to meet most of you, but I feel like I know you all! We have become walking advertisements for Act of Love and we continue to recommend you whenever we have the opportunity to do so! We just can't say enough about you and we can't thank you enough. Adopting our baby girl was one of the best things we ever did. Thank you Act of Love!

Happy Adoptive Couple

We most liked the services of the support of our birth mother and the support during placement.

Myriam and Nicholas

The thing we liked best about Act of Love was the feeling of being in a place where everyone wants to help you and is understanding of your feelings and needs. Thank You!

New Parents!

I have adopted twice through A Act of Love. Both adoptions were successful. The case workers and counselors were very good at communicating with us throughout the process and everything was as presented. They are one of the only adoption agencies that tries to work with you if you are requesting a certain sex baby. Their wait times are less than most as well in our experience. Our local agency was predicting a 2-3 year wait for a baby girl. We were holding a baby girl through A Act of Love in 10 months the first time, and in 5 months the second time! Every adoption will have challenges, as adoption is a hard process for the birth parents. Be prepared for some things to go not quite as you would have imagined in your dream scenario. But, the counselors helped us through it all and now we have two gorgeous, sweet additions to our family that I am so thankful to the Birth Mom's and A Act of Love for!


We liked the courteous staff and quick results.

Matthew and Monica
Adoption is An Act of Love
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