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We liked the courteous staff and quick results.

Matthew and Monica

Everyone at Act of Love was super nice. We had a great experience. Everything went smoothly and we have a beautiful baby girl thanks to all of their hard work.

Celina & Mario

Absolutely every loving and caring person at A Act of Love is God sent. The second I walked in to their offices in Utah, I knew these were the angels who would help me find my sweet little baby girl. They were patient and helpful throughout the initial processes, and were family by the time my daughter was born. They cared as much for me as they did the beautiful birth mother, who I was able to spend an entire week, while waiting for the birth. I am so very grateful for that time we spent together. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for each and every one of the people at AAOL, and thankful for their love, support and guidance.

Adoptive mother DD

We liked the sincere dedication to adoption.

Chad and Jessica

We loved working with Laraine & Traci while getting our baby. They are wonderful!

R & J

My husband and I were blessed with two, beautiful children through the miracle of adoption. Both adoptions were facilitated through A Act of Love, and we cannot say enough about the staff of the agency. Every, single person we came into contact with was kind, compassionate, professional, efficient, informative and effective. We could not imagine traveling this journey with any other agency!


The thing we liked BEST was the attention we were given, felt very sincere and that all involved truly care about our concerns and needs.

Brad and Lindsay

We wanted to say a special thank you to Tarilee and Shelly. These two ladies were amazing during the adoption process. Tarilee answered all e-mails and returned all phone calls in a very timely fashion. She kept us posted whenever she had any new information on our adoption and helped alleviate any worries we were having. Both of these ladies were helpful in our first meeting with our birth mom. They made sure the set up was comfortable for all and kept the conversation moving. We are glad they were able to make it as least awkward as possible. Also, both ladies were at the hospital at the time of birth and were a great support system to our birth mom and us. We can't say enough great things about them. If we were to work with Act of Love in the future, we would want them to both be a part of the process! Thank you!!!!

Thankful Adoptive Parents

Thank you so much,loved the fast track .we got our baby in 2 1/2 months .Kathy Kunkle and her staff were hands on quick match , quick response, love the birthmoms ,truly an enspired agency .We are adopting with them again and again with them and Gods help we will complete our family.I love them.


Our coordinator was GREAT. We give the agency an A rating.

Sharon and Billy
Adoption is An Act of Love
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