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Adoption Requirements

1. Residence: Adoptive applicants must reside within the area that the agency can serve directly, or, in an area where the agency can procure services through another agency, social worker, or attorney with acceptable standards.

2. Age: We do not have strict age limits for determining whether prospective applicants would be good parents. More important than age are emotional stability, physical health, and life expectancy in considering families.

3. Health: A recent physical examination is required. Applicants should have reasonably good physical and mental health as well as a normal life expectancy. Prospective parents must be free from communicable diseases.

4. Health Insurance: Applicants must provide a letter from their insurance provider directly to the agency verifying medical coverage and regarding coverage for the child. We cannot place a child with a family without medical insurance because of regulations mandated by the State of Utah.

5. Marital Status: Married applicants must be married for at least one year and maintain a residence together for at least that long. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. The relationship must also be deemed by the home study process to be stable. Single parents are considered in accordance with their ability to meet the needs of a child. Having a good support system in place is important.

6. Housing: Housing and neighborhood situations should provide adequate space and living conditions necessary for the health, safety, security, and self-respect of the adoptive child and family. Specific space requirements are not important. It is not a strict requirement that the child has a room to themselves. Home ownership is not a requirement.

7. Lifestyle: Lifestyle issues are not the sole criteria by which the suitability of an adoptive applicant is determined. Consideration is given to the capability of the applicant to meet the needs of a specific child.

Adoption is An Act of Love
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